American Dad! Apocalypse Soon – Fight In The Yard Walkthrough & Tips To Beat The Dog

Got stuck on the level called Fight in the Yard? We are here to help you with this American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Fight in the Yard Walkthrough & Tips

In this post, we have shared the details of the team that we used to beat the Fight in the Yard Level in American Dad! Apocalypse Soon. In this level, you fight the mini-boss; the robot dog who is a melee unit with physical & enhanced damage attacks. His attacks are way powerful that a Roger with no proper gear dies in one hit. Thankfully, there is a simple way to beat this level. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content: – American Dad! Apocalypse Soon – Fight In The Yard Walkthrough. Video: –

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon – Fight In The Yard!

Requirements: –

  • Roger’s Place – Level 4

At level 4 of this room, you can recruit or build a team of (4) Rogers. So if you are on level (3), then upgrade this room.

  • Two Ranged-Attackers
  • Two Rogers equipped with energy/engineer weapons

The Two Ranged-Attackers – Rogers

In our team, we added two ranged-attackers(equipped with the gun/gunslinger weapon). The ranged-attackers attack from a distance, behind melee and engineer type units. You have to build them in a way that they deal massive damage(+critical hits) on the enemy.  And, here’s the detail of duo: –

Roger 1: – Warsspeed(Name does not matter). 

  • Weapon – Royal Jewel Shotgun – Uncommon Weapon – Warrior
  • Dodge = +166
  • When attacking, has 1 11% chance of dealing 70% damage to a group of enemies
  • When attacking, it has a 19% chance of increasing its Crit by 20%. Last 10 Seconds

  • Armor – VIKING ARMOR – Rare Armor
  • Armor = +870
  • Crit = +156
  • When taking damage, has a 23% chance of restoring 11% of its health within 4 seconds


  • Accessory – Ring – Simple Signet 
  • Damage: 75-103
  • Crit: +316

Roger 2:  Narcissus(Name does not matter)

  • Weapon – Flare Gun – Uncommon Weapon
  • Crit +84
  • Damage – 211 DPS
  • When attacking, slow down the target movement speed and attack speed by 12%. Lasts 1.5 second

  • Armor – Space Sheriff Uniform – Gunslinger
  • Health – 5331
  • Damage: 530-552
  • Dodge: +226
  • When attacking, it has a 27% chance of increasing its dodge by 45%. Lasts 10 seconds

  • Accessory – Simple Signet
  • Energy DMG: 36-49
  • Dodge: +336

The idea behind using the gears with high damage and dodge stats was that if the two characters who lead from the front dies quickly, this character could consume some more time so that Warspeed gets to inflict massive damage. But in the battle, this strategy did not work because the dog died before hitting these two attackers – thanks to the front-line Rogers.

In short, build the two attackers with massive damage and critical hit stats. Now, let’s learn the main Rogers.

The Two Energy-Type Rogers

You have to build two Rogers equipped with energy-type gears. And, we have listed two specific energy-type weapons: –

  • Healing – the gear that restores the health of an ally
  • Resurrection – the gear that revives the dead ally

Roger 3: -Jonass(Name does not matter)

  • Weapon – Unicorn Scepter – Engineer – Legendary Weapon
  • DPS – 332
  • CRIT: +278
  • Effect – Once in a while, restores 855(+0 of the energy charge) an ally’s health for 4 seconds.

  • Armor – Future Cop Armor – Uncommon Armor – Warrior(To soak more damage, equip the armor with high HP stats)
  • Health: 7282
  • Armor: +941
  • Energy Armor: +138
  • Effect: – When taking damage, it has a 20% chance of reducing the damage done by enemies by 30%. It lasts 10 seconds.

  • Accessory – Simple Signet -Ring – Rare
  • Damage: 75-103
  • Dodge: +262

  • Amulet – Rare Amulet – Exotic Stone Necklace
  • Armor: +297
  • Health: +1095

Roger 4: – Bartleby(Name does not matter)

  • Weapon: Engineer – Uncommon Weapon
  • DPS – 214
  • Energy Charge – 180
  • EFFECT: – Once in a while, resurrects/revive an ally with 1215(+360 of the Energy Charge) health.

  • Sapper Armor – Warrior – Rare
  • Health: 8410
  • Armor: +1214
  • When taking damage, it has a 23% chance of increasing its energy armor by 30%. It lasts long for 10 seconds

  • PLAIN RING – Rare 
  • Energy Damage: 31-42
  • Crit: +218

  • Exotic Stone Necklace – Uncommon
  • Health: +151

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Fight in the Yard – The Strategy: –

Dog run towards the team as the battle starts – he will attack the healer – and in a hit, the healer will die. After that, the second Roger will resurrect or revive the dead ally(Healer). Now, the healer is back on the battlefield – and, the dog will attack him again. Meanwhile, the ranged-attackers are dealing massive damage to the dog. Since the healer is back again, the dog will take more time to hit the second ally. The goal is to keep the dog busy while ranged-attackers are inflicting damage. And, the best way to apply this strategy is by equipping the above-mentioned gears to the two Rogers.

From where we got these gears? From the quests and the chests obtained by getting victories. We have not spent a single penny yet – so as a f2p player, it’s easy to clear this level if you build a proper team. Also, see –

You can watch the video above for more details. Also, share your team build for American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Fight in the Yard Level.

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