Eternal Love M Class Guide – Best Class In The Game!

Eternal Love M is a brand new MMORPG from ZlongGames that offers a variety of classes. Let’s have a look at our Eternal Love M Class Guide – Best class in the game!

ZlongGames, the publisher of the Second Galaxy Game, has just released a brand new MMORPG called Eternal Love M on mobile app stores. The game offers breathtaking graphics, lots of classes to play, challenges to take, game modes to play, and much more. In this post, we are going to break down the class part – all the classes in the game excel in a particular effect; support, tank, DPS, etc. You may be wondering what is the best class that you should pick. So let’s not waste any time and get this answer! Eternal Love M Class Guide – Best Class in the game.

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Eternal Love M Classes: –

  1. Phantom – Control/DPS
  2. Zithon – Support
  3. Majesty – Ranged DPS
  4. Phecda – Tank
  5. Kitsune – AoE Support

There are five classes that you can choose at the beginning of the game. And, the best thing is that the game gives you five character slots so that you can try each class. Also, it lets you delete the character class anytime from the character selection screen. We will learn about the character deletion in the below part.

At character level 50, you can change/transfer the class.

How To Delete Character Class?

  • Head to the character class selection screen
  • Select the character on the left side of the screen
  • Tap the character delete icon at the bottom-left corner
  • Confirm to delete

Eternal Love M Class Guide - Best ClassKeep in mind that you can not recover the character back once you delete it. All the progress will be lost. So use this function wisely.

How To Change Class In Eternal Love M?

  • Tap the character avatar icon at the top-left corner
  • On the character profile page, at the bottom left corner, tap class change
  • The transfer/change or character class transfer function unlocks when you reach the level 50

Eternal Love M Phantom Class: –

Eternal Love M Class Guide - Best ClassPhantom is one of the character classes featured in Eternal Love M, excels in dealing damage on the foes. She has a variety of skills that can be used to deal massive damage on the enemies. We would consider her a pure DPS class because of the amazing DPS skills and stats she possesses. In other aspects such as survival, proficiency, control, team-support, she is dull.

Phantom Skills: –

  1. Three Inch Chilling Ray – AoE damage on front line enemies, chances to obtain assault point
  2. Seize the Moment – Disappear in the dark – removing all the control effects, debuffs. After that, reappear on the battlefield – dealing more damage than normal on the enemies.
  3. Reincarnation Undone – Inflicts physical damage on the enemy – reducing healing effects received by the target for a few seconds. Consumes assault points to increase skill damage
  4. Flyting Swallow Pursuing the Moon – AoE physical damage

Set 2: –

  1. Inseparable – Teleports behind the target and inflicts physical damage. Immobilize the enemy for a few seconds. Also, casts stun and bleed effect
  2. Wavy Reflection – Stun effect by consuming assault points, inflict physical damage
  3. Phantom Attack – Stabs the target and inflicts stun effect, critical hit along with the physical damage
  4. Greatest Deception – Obtain assault points, increases critical rate, obtain life-stealing value

Make sure to use the skills which grant assault points if you are going to use a skill that gives you a bonus upon consuming a certain amount of assault points.

Eternal Love M Zithon Class: –

Eternal Love M Class Guide - Best ClassZithon belongs to the supporter class and excels in buffing the team or providing support to allies. As a supporter, you will help the allies by buffing their attacks, HP, recovering skills, etc. But she does not have decent damage stats like other DPS class – also, she has more than average survivability rate. In our opinion, those who love to stand by at back and support the allies in the team should pick this class. You will be able to deal average damage – but not like DPS classes. Of course, that’s not her strength. Going by the strength, we would consider her a pure supporter class with amazing skills that can be used to support allies in the team.

Zithon Skills: –

  • Lingering Song – AoE Magic Damage
  • Tall Mountain and Flowing Water – AoE Magic Damage + reduces the enemy’s accuracy value by 40%. Also, obtain a chord note
  • Dream of Mountains and Rivers – Casts sleep effect on the enemy, inflicts magic damage, reduces the enemy’s movement & ATK SPD. Also, obtain a chord note
  • Romance on the River – Recovers HP of allies, inflicts magic damage on the neem. Also, obtain a Single Note

Set 2: –

  1. Vibrant Ninth Sky – Increase max HP cap of the whole team for a few seconds. Also, reduces the enemy’s defense
  2. Happy Married Life – Uses the notes and casts effect. Two Single Notes – Increases ATK of the whole team, recovers HP of whole team. One Single Note and One Chord Note – Damage reduction buff on team + movement speed buff
  3. Broken String – Magic damage on the enemies + uses the notes for different effects. Two Single Notes – Inflicts extra magic damage. Two Chord Notes – Stun effect. A Single note and a Chord Note – reduces the target’s DEF for a few seconds

Make sure to use the skills which grant notes to the character so that you can use the skills which require these skills.

Eternal Love M Phecda Class: –

Eternal Love M Class Guide - Best ClassPhecda belongs to the tank class and excels in three aspects; survivability, team-support, and proficiency. As a tank class character, Phecda leads from the front and helps the team by soaking the enemy’s damage – acting as a shield. His skills can help you deal decent damage on the enemies, protecting allies & providing the team-support. In short, Phecda excels in leading from the front, support/protection to the allies. However, the damage would not be impressive.

Phecda Skills: –

  • Flight of the Dragon – Recovers max HP, inflicts physical damage on the enemies, sweep all the targets
  • Dragon Pike – Consumes all characters’ range points, each point of rage increases damage + inflicts physical damage
  • Tumbling Mountain – AoE physical damage
  • Immortal Slash of Circulating Dragon – Inflicting PHY DMG over the time, gets immune to all control effects, reduce damage

Set 2: –

  1. Thunderous Might – Stabs the target – inflicting physical damage, inflicts 10 times more damage on monster-type foes with less than 30% remaining HP and stuns for 3 seconds
  2. Sky – piercing Dragon Roar – Inflicting physical damage + reducing all enemies’ ATK.
  3. Last Resort – Protecting a certain amount of HP, inflicts feedback damage on attackers + consumes all the range points – and, for each point, damage absorbed will be increased
  4. Stand Firm – Slowdown and Silence effect on enemies + damage on all allies

Eternal Love M Majesty Class: –

Majesty is one of the best DPS Classes in Eternal Love M. He excels in the DPS aspect – but poor in other aspects such as team-support, proficiency, survival, control. Being a ranged DPS class, he deals damage on the enemies from the backline(from a distance). Let’s take a look at his skills: –

Majesty Skills: –

  • Flying Phoenix under Moon – AoE damage, earns immortal beast points
  • Fight of the Phoenix – Magic Damage on the enemy – knocking them back, consumes immortal points to inflict immobilize effect
  • Phoenix-like Elegance – Switches between Phoenix and Green Luan forms. When in Phoenix form, normal ATK has a chance to inflict ignition on the target, inflicting DoT every few seconds.
  • Heavenly Crane Calls – Continuous Magic Damage + when in Phoenix form, bonus skill damage – also when in Green Luan Bird form

Set 2: –

  • Dim Sillhouette – Removes all control effects, increases ATK when in Phoenix form, recovers HP when in Green Luan form. Consumes immortal beast points to reduce damage received by an extra during the duration period
  • Dance of the Phoenix and Luan – Magic Damage, Recovers 20 Immortal Beast Points
  • All-around Intimidation – AoE Magic Damage, Consumes immortal beast points to increase skill damage
  • Soul Breaker – Magic Damage, devour all target’s ignition, prevent heal effects, stuns the target

Eternal Love M Kitsune Class: –

Kitsune shines in three aspects; team-support through various buffs & healing skills, survivability, and proficiency. As an AoE supporter, she supports all the allies with her skills. If you love playing as a supporter, you can pick between Kitsune or Zithon. Let’s have a look at Kitsune Skills.

Kitsune Skills: –

  • Falling Blossom – Inflicts magic damage on the enemies in front, immobilize the enemy for a few seconds
  • Intense Blossom – Inflicts massive magic damage on the enemies, consumes immortal AP to cast falling star effect – chances to stun the enemy
  • Black as Night – Confuses the target, inflicts the magic damage on the target, reducing the enemy’s defense
  • Water Scenery – AoE magic damage – knock back all the enemies

Set 2: –

  • Swinging Snowflake – Removes control effects, heal teammates, obtain immortal AP
  • Lunar Beauty – Protects all the teammates with a shield, grants control immunity
  • Broad Sea and Bright Moon – Restores HP of allies, obtains immortal AP, during the recovery period – increases ATK
  • Deadwood Blossom – Heal all teammates, increases the DEF of all allies, obtain immortal HP

Eternal Love M Best Class

  • TANK: –

Pheceda – only tank in the game

  • DPS

Phantom or Majesty. In our opinion, we would rate Phantom the best DPS class.

  • Support

Zithon or Kitsune. We would rate Kitsune the best supporter class.

So this would be all in this Eternal Love M Class Guide – Best Class in the game. What’s your opinion on the best class? Share in the comment section below!

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