Monster Quest Seven Sins Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Monster Quest Seven Sins is a new mobile game by uBeeJoy. Read on for Monster Quest Seven Sins guide walkthrough, tips, cheats & strategies

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uBeeJoy, well-known for its Astral Chronicles game, recently released a new mobile game title called Monster Quest Seven Sins. It takes you to the Aurora planet where you will begin the adventure with many activities to perform; from battling the monsters to capturing them, making them stronger through evolution/leveling/upgrades, exploring a variety of dungeons, and much more. This post covers “how to play Monster Quest Seven Sins”, about “Yabi”, building teams, and other aspects related to game progression, increasing BP, and more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the Monster Quest Seven Sins guide and tips for beginners: –

Get Started With Monster Quest Seven Sins Basics

(1) First things first – right after you launch the game, you will be asked to choose one of three Yabi; Bunny, Dewpi, and Girra. Starter Yabi only affects the initial quests – as you continue to play, you will get to capture other Yabi(s) through the story mode, quests, pacts, battling, or using dimensional force, etc. You can try these Monster Quest Seven Sins codes to get the dimensional force. 

(2) Yabi: Yabis are the characters that you can use in the battle to fight monsters in the dimensions, dungeons, or other battle modes. The game lets you build up a team of four Yabi characters. You can also dispatch them on expeditions to get the ingredients. 

(3) Character Leveling: raising the main character’s level unlocks new functions such as guild, PvP, Farm, Exorcism, Hut, Mount, and more. You can gain a lot of EXP by doing the quests, Tower mode, challenges, and battles. 

(4) Main Currencies: Gold is the common currency in Monster Quest Seven Sins that you can use in making upgrades to Yabi. Star Coin – stars coin is the premium currency; it’s hard to get(obtain from achievements, craft using Comet shards that you get by doing the quests, daily logins, through events, etc.). Dimension Force: the currency to catch Yabis – obtain from quests. 

How To Get/Capture Yabis In Monster Quest Seven Sins?

(1) Capturing: turn to the smartphone -> tap on the “capture” app -> spend dimensional forces. Tilt your phone, take the pointer and take it to the center -> throw the Yabi ball. You can get Yabi balls from the daily quests or main quests. Also, before throwing the Yabi ball, you can feed a dish to the Yabi and increase the chances of capturing it. Players can cook delicious food items with ingredients obtained through dispatch missions and farm. 

Monster Quest Seven Sins Guide Tips

(2) Trials: by completing the trial missions, not only you can get EXP, in-game items, but also Yabis. Right from the beginning, you will have free trials to complete – a trial is a series of quests where you not only get rewarded per quests but also on quest milestones. In the lower-left corner of the screen, look for the trial option and check out its missions. You can unlock new trials by doing the daily quests. 

(3) Form Pacts: navigate to the map -> there you will find a number of dimension scenes where you can visit. Each scene or dimension feature certain Yabis. For instance, Lunar Scarlet, Icefist, Floral Princess, and Mutant Cosmons in Ancient Temple location. Visit there -> look for these Yabis -> an attack icon appears over their head when you go close to them -> you can either defeat them in the battle for rewards or capture it by tapping the “Yabi Ball” button on the lower-left side. 

Monster Quest Seven Sins Guide Tips

In high-level dimensional scenes on the map, you will find powerful Yabis. 

(4) Events: keep an eye on events. 

(5) Quests: progress through the story quests. 

Make Yabis Stronger In Monster Quest Seven Sins

Turn to the Yabi menu by tapping the “Yabi” option on the lower-right side of the main screen. This will open the Yabi menu where you can make upgrades to captured Yabis. Use EXP fruits to level up Yabi, food, and gold to activate genes’ effects, talent essence to upgrade talent,  ascend Yabi to unlock abilities, and gear them up with equipment. 

Progression Guide For Beginners

  • Focus on the main quests, side-quests, trials, daily quests, and capturing the Yabis.
  • Send Yabis on dispatch missions, cook recipes. 
  • Monster Quest Seven Sins has plenty of game modes; tower, blackhole, challenges, pvp ranking
  • You can farm gears in the blackhole mode
  • From the challenge mode, you can receive the talent material items
  • Visit the spa daily and you can swiftly recover the energy + earn Yabi EXP
  • After a certain level, the guild function will unlock. Make sure you join the guild and make a contribution, receive other rewards
  • Exorcism – from here, you can earn Yabi EXP and gold
  • Farm – farm mode unlocks at a certain level. You can plant food there and use ingredients for recipes
  • Palace – earn ingredients from the palace

How To Level Up Fast

You can level up fast by doing the quests as they give an enormous amount of EXP + participate in game modes like tower battle. To level up Yabi quickly, visit Spa, play battles, and earn from Exorcism.

Map & Farm In Monster Quest Seven Sins

Monster Quest Seven Sins Guide Tips

(1) From the map, you can quickly teleport to the locations, access game modes, and other functions. Head to the map -> by tapping the universe button in the top-right, you can switch between main locations; i.e. aurora and sanctuary. Aurora map has plenty of location spots – each one with unqiue material items and Yabis that you can challenge. Select a location and visit there to battle Yabi. 

(2) Quick Gather: In Monster Quest Seven Sins, based on the locations that you have unlocked, you can gather materials required to cook items. Go to map -> quick gather. You get a certain number of gathering attempts daily. 

(3) Game Modes: Tower, Challenge, Spaw, Exorcism, and Blackhole – quick shortcuts to these game modes are on the bottom-right of the map. 

(4) Home: on the map, if you hold down the Aurora option, you will get to access these functions: farm, guild, hut, and hut. 

(5) Farm: this is the place where you plant seeds, grow crops, and dispatch the Yabis. Tap a home option in the bottom-right side -> visit farm. Tap on the garden bed to sow seeds and wait until they grow. Harvest the crops to get farm EXP. Earn farm EXP, level up the farm, and unlock new garden beds so that you can sow more seeds at the same time. You can also visit friends’ farms. Tap the trade option -> there you can spend H. coins for ingredients. Tap the shovel option to sow seeds; go to the shop and there you can buy seeds such as green mango, fresh litchi, kiwi, green grape, mango love, pomegranate, banana, pomelo, etc. Level up farm to unlock new seeds and crops. 

Farm Adventure: you can sacrifice Yabis to earn Nebula EXP. Dispatch: tap the dispatch option in the lower-left corner -> select Yabi -> tap + button to feed them XP. 

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So that’s all we got in this post on Monster Quest Seven Sins guide and tips for beginners. NOTE: this guide is in development. 

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