Guardian Tales Exorcist Miya: Miya Overview

Guardian Tales Exorcist Miya overview: how good Miya is in Guardian Tales? Read on for her skills, strengths, party buffs, and more

Guardian Tales Exorcist Miya

Guardian Tales Exorcist Miya⇓

Exorcist Miya is a 3-star grade healer in Guardian Tales that made her debut in November 2020 update(Global). We already had some healers in the game; Aoba; that’s known for empowering the earth team, Karina for empowering the dark team, and Favi; a universal healer that’s one of the best ones. The new healer character Exorcist Miya possesses some great abilities and has a great performance as a healer role character. In this Guardian Tales Exorcist Miya overview, you will get to know about her abilities, stats, strengths, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get to the main content!

Guardian Tales Exorcist Miya

How To Get Exorcist Miya In Guardian Tales?

  • Miya, a 3-star healer, can be acquired from the hero gacha. Save gems, go to summon portal, and spend on the hero gacha summon. It would be better to spend when the banner features Miya exclusively. 

Exorcist Miya Abilities⇓

(1) Miya has two normal attacks; the first one is called Wind of Passion, which is a basic attack to inflict DMG. The second one is called Wind of Healing, which is related to healing. With Wind of Passion, Miya blows hot wind with a fan that causes damage to the enemies. With Wind of Healing, Miya not only heals the party members in front but also dispels negative effects from them. 

(2) Chain Skill: once awakened, you will be able to unleash Miya’s chain skill, which is the Flame Festival. It can be triggered by putting enemies into any kind of ailment; speaking of its effect, chain skill restores the HP of all party members, dispels the negative effects from them + empower their CRIT chance by 20% for x5 seconds. It’s one of the best skills she has. 

(3) Special Ability: the special ability of Miya is great; when using the normal/basic attack Wind of Passion, restores the health points of the party member with the lowest HP by 20% of heal. 

Exorcist Miya Party Buffs⇓

  • Increases the skill attack by 80%
  • +5% shield increase at the start of the battle

Exorcist Miya Stats⇓

  • Attack: 647
  • Critical Hit Chances: 3%
  • Health Points: 21, 806
  • Defense: 177
  • Damage Reduction: 12
  • Card Slot: 2
  • Water Resistance: -30%
  • Earth Resistance: 30%
  • Element: Fire
  • Role: Support

Is Exorcist Miya Good?

In our opinion, she is the best healer in the game who can improve the durability/survivability of the party through her healing skills. She is not good at PvP as she does excel in inflicting damage – but can do well in PvE and Colosseum mode. 

Guardian Tales Exorcist Miya Exclusive Weapon

Guardian Tales Exorcist Miya

Her exclusive weapon is Shangari La. It comes with a skill called Fanning the Flames, which is the better version of her own normal attack; throws burning fans into three ways then pulls them back; causes DMG, and puts enemies into airborne ailment. 

  • How to get Shangari La: equipment gacha or mileage shop

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