Adorable Home – List Of All Cats In The Game

There are over 10 cats in the Adorable Home game. Wondering how they look? Read on for Adorable Home list of all cats in the game

The more cats you have, the more love you can earn by doing activities like stroking, cutting nails, taking shower, feeding, etc. The player can get all the cats by buying the cat boxes from the shop. As per the current version of the game, you can get over 10 cats. The developers may add more cats in the next updates – but as of now, we have listed the cats based on the current version of the game. So without further ado, let’s check out the main content – Adorable Home – List of All Cats.

Adorable Home – List of All Cats: –


Short Hair cat in the game who loves to be in the lounge most of the time 🙂

NikiAdorable Home Cats

Short Hair Cat. An ordinary cat who loves to sit in the garden and lounge.

PeanutAdorable Home Cats

Short Hair Cat. Another cute who loves to hang out in the home.

OliverAdorable Home Cats

Short Hair Cat.


Short Hair Cat


Tabby Cat


Short Hair Cat


Tabby Cat. This cat looks like a tiger.


Short Hair Cat


Persian Cat. This cat has a golden crown.


Orange Cat. Another cat who looks like a tiger.

CookieAdorable Home Cats

Short Hair Cat

So this is the list of all cats featured in Adorable Home. If you have got more cats other than listed here, please comment below and share it with other fellow players. Also, see –

So this would be all in this post on Adorable Home Cats. Make sure to read all the posts on this game for more tips & tricks. The new update to the game might bring more intersting stuff – we will cover it that too.

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  1. Its beautiful and nice but its too hard too how take a bath the cat named snow but its nice and i hope that more install ☺ this game thx.
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