Perfect World Mobile Cultivation Level Guide

Perfect World Mobile Cultivation LevelWhat is cultivation level in Perfect World Mobile and why do you need to increase its level asap? Check out Perfect World Mobile Cultivation Level Guide

Along with the character level, it’s important to focus on the Cultivation level as well. By raising the cultivation level, your character can access to more skills and it also increases the max skill level. At the start of the game, your cultivation level is base. To increase the Cultivation level, the player needs to complete the Cultivation quests, which unlock at certain character levels. In this Perfect World Mobile Cultivation Level guide, you will learn all the basics of this system.

Perfect World Mobile Cultivation Levels: –

  • Base – Level 1
  • Inspired – Level 9
  • Attuned – Level 19
  • Blessed – Level -29
  • Savvy – 39
  • Awakened – Level 49
  • Enlightened – Level 59
  • Immortal I – Fiend I – Lv. 69
  • Immortal II – Fiend II – Lv. 79
  • Lv. 89 – Immortal III Fiend III

At level 69, you can choose to go on the path of a sage or path of a demon.

Perfect World Mobile Cultivation LevelIn the quests section, these quests are labeled with the word “Cult”. And, at the upper-right corner of the screen, below the mini-map, you can check the character level requirement to unlock next cultivation quest.

The Titles

Perfect World Mobile Cultivation LevelAt every Cult level, you get a title. You can equip these titles to the player and get a small stat boost. To equip these titles, tap the character avatar at the upper-left corner of the screen and go to the Title tab. In the Titles menu, head to the Personal tab and scroll down until you see Cultivation Titles. Select a one and tap the equip title button. These titles appear over the head of your character.

So that would be all in this Perfect World Mobile cultivation level guide. As you know that these Cult quests unlock at certain character levels; 29, 39, etc. – it would be better to increase the character level fast and unlock powerful skills. You can grind EXP in lots of game modes. In the last post, shared a bunch of tips & tricks that might help you getting level up quickly. Here’s the link to that post: –

Also, for each class, there is a different set of skills which unlock at these Cult levels. If you don’t know about the classes, make sure to check this post: –

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