Lumia Saga Class Guide – Best Class In The Game?

Lumia Saga Class Guide - Best ClassWondering what is the best class in Lumia Saga game? Let’s have a look at this Lumia Saga Class guide and find out the best class for you

Lumia Saga Class Guide: –

At the very beginning of the game, the player needs to select a character class. There are five character classes featured in the Lumia Saga game. And, each character class has a sub-class, which unlocks at character level 30. At character level 30, the player is free to switch between these two classes. The tricky thing is that the sub-class is different from the class that you opted earlier. Here’s the Lumia Saga class guide –

Lumia Saga Classes: –

  • Knight & Swords
  • Mage & Warlock
  • Adjudge & Guardian
  • Oracle & Scholar
  • Ranger & Assassin

Knight & Swords: –

The knight class is the tank class in the Lumia Saga game. The term “Tank” represents the strength of the knight. The knight excels in defense and HP stats. His attack strength is not so great and wouldn’t be the best class for those who love to play DPS units or destroy enemies. However, he is pretty good as a front-line unit and works as a shield for backline units. Why so? Because he excels in defense and HP stats, which help him to soak most of the damage from the enemies.

On another hand, Swords class aspects are different. Unlike Knight class, which excels in defense and HP, Swords class is the opposite of it. The Swords character class is good for dealing damage to the enemies. A pure DPS class with decent ATK and Haste stats – but with low survivability.

Knight – Pros – Tank, High HP stats, High DEF Stats, and High Survivability. Cons – Low DPS. Swords – Pros – High DPS/ATK stats. Cons – Low survivability, low DEF, HP. You can switch between both classes at level 30.

Mage & Warlock Guide – Lumia Saga Classes

The next in this list is the Mage Class. The mage class excels in critical hits and high attack stats. But her survivability is low and you would not be able to survive for long until and unless a tank is protecting you. Of course, her real strength is not defending allies – her strength is dealing burst damage from a range/distance. On top of that, it’s easy to master her.

Once you reach the Mage level 30, you can transform into the Warlock. Again, Lumia Saga class mechanics – Unlike Mage, Warlock has a good survivability rate – thanks to HP stats. Well, that does not mean that she has a good survivability rate as same as a knight. Of course, Knight is better than warlock when it comes to survivability. The best skill of her is to heal allies in the battle. She can heal the allies during the battle – giving them the strength to fight for long, increasing their survivability, etc. She is a good supporter class.

Review –

Mage – High ATK Stats, Crit, Easy-To handle, ranged-attacks. Cons – Low-survivability rate. Warlock – Healing, decent survivability rate.

Adjudge & Guardian Class

Adjudge is a close-combat/melee class character in the Lumia Saga game. Her strength is dealing damage to the enemies in close-combat battles; basic & critical hits. With decent stats and survivability rate, Adjudge is the most balanced class in the game. She uses her heavy Warhammer to pulverize the enemies.

On the other hand, the Guardian class is another example of a tanky unit. This class is similar to the above-mentioned knight class; high DEF, HP stats, high survivability rate, etc. Also, both are close-combat units.

Review –

Adjudge – Balanced class with good attack stats+decent survivability rate. Cons – hard to master. Guardian – excels in DEF, HP, supporting allies, and close-combat battles. You can learn more about this class here: –

Oracle & Scholar

This is one of the pairs that you need to choose wisely. The Oracle class excels in supporting skills such as healing allies. You will hardly deal noticeable damage as Oracle unit. But her survivability rate is quite good and it’s easy to master. On the other hand, Schola class excels in ATK strength. A ranged character class in Lumia Saga with powerful attack skills.

Review –

Oracle – Pros – HP, Haste Stats+Survivability. Cons – Poor ATK Strength. Scholar – 5/5 ATK Strength, Ranged attack, Easy to master, Excels in killing foes. Cons – Low survivability rate.

Now, which class should you choose in the Lumia Saga game? It depends on your playstyle. Here’s the simplified version of this post that helps you pick the class that you should choose.

Ranger & Assassin

Ranger is one of the best DPS classes in the Lumia Saga – with high ATK strength, long-ranged attacks. Review – long-ranged attack helps you save from the melee DPS enemy units, which is a good thing. We would recommend you to choose Ranger if you want to play as a DPS. Assassin, on the other hand, is a melee DPS unit – assassin’s speed stats is good and you can easily control him.

Lumia Saga Best Class: –

Healers: –

  • Oracle
  • Warlock

Our Pick – Warlock.

Tank: –

  • Knight
  • Guardian

Our Pick – Knight.

Melee DPS: –

  • Adjudge
  • Swords
  • Assassin

Our Pick – Assasin

Ranged-DPS: –

  • Mage
  • Scholar
  • Ranger

Our Pick – Ranger.

  • Knight & Swords

For those who love to play as a tank(Knight) or melee combat-battles(Swords).

  • Mage & Warlock

For those who love to play ranged-class DPS unit(Mage) or supporting(healing/Warlock).

  • Adjudge & Guardian

Adjudge for those who enjoy close-combat battles or playing with DPS units. Guardian for those who love to play as a tank or enjoy close-combat battles.

  • Oracle & Scholar

Oracle – for those who want to be a healer. Scholar – for those who want to play as a ranged DPS unit. You can transfer class for free before level 50.

So that would be all in this Lumia Saga classes guide and the tips to pick the Lumia Saga best class. Do you have a recommendation for fellow newbie players on choosing a perfect class? Feel free to share in the comment section below. Also, see –

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