Retro Rangers Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Retro Rangers is a brand new mobile game by 111%. Let’s have a look at our Retro Rangers guide, tips, cheats & strategies to strike down monsters & their bosses

In Retro Rangers game, the player sends its five heroes in the infected zone to strike down the monsters and their boss. As a victory reward, you earn gold and diamonds. You can use this in-game currency to recruit more heroes, upgrade rooms, and in many more tasks. As you progress through the game, the stages will become difficult. And, it would be hard to beat the boss. In today’s post, we have shared the Retro Rangers guide and Retro Rangers tips, cheats & strategies to progress at a good rate.

Retro Rangers Guide

1.) The Basics

In the home screen, there are four rooms. You can swap a hero to any room anytime. The first room is the living room where you deploy the heroes that you want to use in the battle. After that, you tap the portal to enter the battle. In the second room(hospital), heroes get healing treatment. After the battle, their HP(health/Hit points) gets reduced. You can send them to this room to regenerate their health. The third one(Gym) is the training room. In this room, heroes get training. If you want to increase the level of heroes, send them to this room. And, at last, you have the mine. If you want to earn gold, put the heroes in this mine.

2.) How To Get Heroes In Retro Rangers Game

There are mainly two ways to get new heroes in the Retro Rangers game; using the gold or using the diamonds. At the bottom of the screen, tap the diamond tab -> this menu has two sub-tabs; hero and rune. In the hero tab, tap the add heroes tab -> here you can spend gold and diamonds. The cost of recruitment increases as you use this feature.

3.) Heroes Guide – Retro Rangers

In the Retro Rangers game, all the heroes or rangers have unique skills that you use in the battle. For example; some heroes have a healing skill, shield skill, damage skill, and more. In the diamond tab, under the hero panel, tap on a hero icon to select him/her. After that, if you tap the skill icon, the game will show you its skill details. To use these skills in the battle, you need skill points. By default, you start with 10 skill points. The cost of skill varies. As you clear the waves, the game grants skill points.

In addition to the skills, all the heroes have different stats; HP, ATK, range. You can check these stats on the same menu.

4.) Runes in Retro Rangers

Once you have five heroes in the team, the rune feature gets unlocked. Just like the heroes, you can summon these runes. But, you will have to spend the diamonds. Go to the diamond tab at the bottom menu of the screen -> runes -> add runes(+) -> spend diamonds. Go to the hearts tab under rune menu -> use the <> keys to select a hero -> tap the rune -> equip. Every rune has its own special effect. Make sure to equip wisely.

5.) Boosters – Retro Rangers

At the bottom menu, tap the potions tab -> here you can buy the boosters; room and battle. Under the room tab, you see the boosters which can increase the training amount, healing amount, and mining amount. Under the battle tab, you see the boosters which can help you in the battles. For example; increase in attack, SP.

6.) Adding New Heroes To The Rooms

When you recruit a hero in the Retro Rangers game, the game sends him/her to the waiting room. The player needs to call it from the waiting room. In the home tab, at the top-right corner of the living room, tap the avatar icon -> drag the new hero to the living room.

7.) Room Upgrades

In the Retro Rangers game, there is a fixed limit of slots. You can deploy a certain number of heroes to a room, depending on its limit. Additionally, the training amount, mining output, health regeneration speed, and all other stuff has a limit. Tap the + icon at the top-right corner of a room -> here you can spend the gold coins to upgrade output.

So this is the Retro Rangers guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our Retro Rangers tips & tricks!

Retro Rangers Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Build A Balanced Team Of Heroes

Retro Rangers features a wide range of heroes, all with the unique stats, skills, and role. In the heroes menu, select a hero -> near the level, you can check the hero type; melee, defender, ranger/archer. Also, check their skills. We would recommend you to go with at least one healer(healing skill), one defender and add melee, ranger.

2.) Keep Swapping The Heroes

As you progress through the game, you will face strong monsters. To beat them, you will have to level up the heroes. Put them in the training room -> let them level up. As the training goes, their HP will reduce. Send the heroes who are low on HP to the hospital room to recover HP. If you want to earn gold, send the heroes to mine.

3.) Upgrade The Rooms

Upgrading the room is much important. It’s better to upgrade all the rooms if you want to progress fast. Increase the room capacity by upgrading the first upgrade of the room.

4.) Grab The Freebies

Go to the shop -> tap the diamond tab -> here you can claim the two offers by watching video ads; diamonds and gold for free.

5.) Double The Reward

By watching a video ad you can increase the victory reward. All you need to do is tap the video(play) icon on the victory screen.

6.) Complete The Achievements

At the top of the screen, tap the trophy icon -> here you can see the achievements. Complete these achievements to claim precious rewards!

7.) Equip The Runes

Runes can increase the attack, defense or provide the extra buff. Make sure to equip these runes to the heroes.

8.) Buy The Boosters

In the potions tab, you can buy the battle boosters to get a head start in the battles. You can also buy the room boosters to increase the training/mining/HP-gen. output.

So these are the Retro Rangers tips from our end. If you have more tips to share with other fellow players, comment below!

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