LifeAfter: Sandcastle Exploration Chest, Photo Quests

In LifeAfter game, there are six exploration chests in Sandcastle. Let’s take a look at our LifeAfter Sandcastle Exploration and the photo quests

LifeAfter Sandcastle Exploration⇓

If you are playing LifeAfter game for a few days or you have completed the rainbow paradise quest, you may want to complete the Sandcastle Exploration. After completing the exploration, you will get 1000 gold bars, some items or in-game currency or extra loot from the chests. Here’s the picture of LifeAfter Sandcastle Exploration chests: –

LifeAfter Sandcastle Exploration
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1st Exploration Chest – The 1st exploration chest in LifeAfter Sandcastle map can be found above the lab. In Sandcastle, open the map and visit the Scientia HQ area. There would also be an NPC(actually, there are two NPCs in that area) displayed as a blue dot on the mini-map. You have to visit the corner one. Climb up to the top of the lab(there would be some boxes, use them to climb above the lab).

2nd Exploration Chest – The 2nd Exploration chest is in the Mercenary Camp Difficulty II area. It’s above the top of the abandoned room. Also, keep in mind that this area is guarded by mercenaries. You must go with UZI, friends or walk there like a cat.

3rd Exploration Chest – The 3rd Exploration chest in below water in the lake. Dive into the water in the location that is displayed in the above picture. If you didn’t get there, search in other lakes.

4th Exploration Chest – The 4th Exploration chest is at the top of the rock mountain(As shown in the picture). Climb up and there you will get it.

5th Exploration Chest – It’s at the top of the castle. You have to go upstairs in the castle and then use the ladder to go at the top(the top means the top). Also, there are many mercenaries in that area. Don’t go alone. You need at least 3-4 players.

Here’s the 6th Exploration chest picture in LifeAfter Sandcastle Map: –


LifeAfter Sandcastle Exploration
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6th Exploration Chest – It’s at the top of the abandoned room.

Note: – These locations are not always accurate. It’s possible that at your end, you may not find these locations at the exact point stated above. All you need to do is explore nearby and you will get it. If you need any help or have any question, please comment below!

LifeAfter Sandcastle Photo Quests⇓

1.) Go find Jackal and take a photo!

LifeAfter Sandcastle JackalJackal is an animal in LifeAfter Sandcastle map. You can find it near abandoned places, near the river, at helicopter evac points. Once found, tap the camera icon at the top-right corner, near mini-map. Once the map points it, click the picture.

2.) Go find Kudu and take a photo

LifeAfter Sandcastle ExplorationKudu is another animal in Sandcastle map. You can find Kudu Calf/Adult Kudu/Kudu at the lakeside. (Oasis).

3.) Go find Scientia Land Crawler and take a phot

LifeAfter Sandcastle ExplorationOpen the mini-map and visit Scientia HQ location. There you will find some guards, NPCs, and war robots. Once you find the war robot, open the game camera and click the picture.

If you have any question or need any help, comment below!

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  1. how do i complete that cooking grilled carp for fisherman from black spring? i cooked 18 grilled carps but i cannot give a single one to that fisherman. what did i miss? can’t find any instruction or walkthrough on the internet