LifeAfter: How To Be A Great Mayor?

Let’s learn about the mayor’s roles in LifeAfter game and grow your camp’s rank by increasing prosperity, management, claiming territories

Creating a camp is quite easy; you spend the gold bars and that’s it. But taking the camp to the next level is not quite easy as there are plenty of things that you need to do. In LifeAfter, the player who creates the camp get the mayor badge/role. After that, it’s his/her duty to grow it and access to all the features such as trade city, territories, camp safety, and more. Once the seven days passed, zombies will attack the camp’s members manor and the camp hall. It’s the mayor’s duty to alert all the members about this event and get ready with guns, ammo, health packs. Things get easier if all the members in the camp are active. Let’s learn everything in detail – LifeAfter: How to be a great mayor?

LifeAfter – Camp Members & Camp’s Tax

LifeAfter: MayorThis is one of the must known topics in LifeAfter game when we discuss the camp’s mechanics. When the camp’s members send the resources to their manor mailbox from outside and the camp charges a certain amount of supplies through the taxation system. This tax amount is used to pay the camp’s operation cost. 

Camp’s Operation Cost

LifeAfter: MayorIf the camp pays its operation cost on a daily basis, prosperity will increase. In the camp’s town hall, there is a bank and inside the bank, there is a vault. Go there and open the vault. The vault menu screen has three tabs; camp tax, resources, and sell. In the camp tax tab, you can check the current tax rate, operation cost. It includes wood, food, hemp, and stones. When the camp’s members bring these resources from outside the camp, camp takes a certain amount of supplies through tax.

Camp’s Tax Rate – LifeAfter Mayor

The mayor can adjust the camp’s tax rate. For example; By default, it’s 10% on all the resources. You can reduce it to 5% or max it to 25%.

If all the camp’s members are active and gathering all these items, there would not be any problem paying the camp’s daily operation cost.

To adjust or change rate, mayor or one of the officials has to visit city hall/mayor hall -> camp data center(manage) -> fiscal info -> In the revenue tab, tap the adjust rate button -> use the <> keys to adjust the tax rate. In the taxation tab, you can check the member’s contribution to the camp’s revenue(through tax).

LifeAfter – Camp’s Period: –

  • Primitive Period
  • Savage
  • Agrarian
  • Steam

The mayor can upgrade the camp’s period and access more features(items, shop’s equipment). Also, when you upgrade the camp’s period, the maximum members limit will increase and you can claim more territories.

How To Upgrade The Camp’s Period?

LifeAfter: Mayor

  1. Prosperity
  2. Management
  3. Resources

These are the three main requirements that the mayor needs to fulfill. Prosperity = Prosperity of the camp. Management – Management points. Resources – Certain resources.

To upgrade the camp’s period, enter the city hall -> data center(manage) -> period info -> upgrade. On the period info screen, you can check the prosperity level, management points, resources. And, when you tap the upgrade button, it will show you the supplies required by the vault.

How To Increase Prosperity Level – LifeAfter?

There are over five ways to increase the prosperity level: –

1.) Pay Camp Operation Cost – We have already discussed this point above. All you need is active members. They will collect wood, hemp, stones, and food. After that, the taxed resources will be used to pay this cost.

2.) Complete Patrol Quest -> In the camp’s town hall, go close the call-board. There you can accept the patrol quest. In LifeAfter, patrol quest rewards gold bars, resources, and prosperity points. So it’s better to complete it every day. You can go for the easy, normal, and hard. After accepting the quest, you will see quest target points on the map. Visit these points and kill the zombies. After that, go close to the clock-in machine -> clock it(sometimes).

3.) Upgrade Camp’s Period

4.) Research Camp Technologies – In the city hall, go upstairs and you will find the R&D Device. To fix this device, you need a certain amount of vault supplies, prosperity level, and management points. After that, you can research new technologies to upgrade to a new period.

5.) Enable Camp Territories – To let more people in your camp, you can start the territory claiming quests. To do that, enter the mayor hall and talk to Edward -> start the development. After that, complete the territory quest. For example; submit rusty key, submit bandages, and more.

6.) Build Private buildings -> We’re not sure on this, but as far as we know, it’s the map bidding system. If you know about this, comment below!

7.) Camp Goods – There are several merchants in the camp’s town hall, buy goods from them and your camp will earn some prosperity points.

How To Maintain Management Risk?

Your camp will earn management points if the operation cost is paid daily, enough camp members are completing the patrol quest mission. Management Scores chart: –

  1. Safe: 95-100
  2. Normal – 60-94
  3. High Risk: 0-59

Resources Requirement

In addition to the prosperity level and management points requirement, the camp’s vault must contain certain supplies(enough amount). The mayor should tell the members to donate these resources in the vault. Also, the mayor can display these resources requirement on the vault’s menu resources tab. Go to the city hall -> manage camp -> fiscal info -> change goal -> select the resources requirement.

Trade City

In the city hall, talk to Dexter and register the bid to become trade city(Wednesday to Friday). But make sure your camp have enough happiness points, management points, resources, and prosperity. Only the top three camps become the trade city. The camp that becomes a trade city can earn gold bars. Once your camp becomes a trade city, the mayor can set lucky bags. Other survivors who shop in the trade city can claim these bags after spending a certain amount of gold bars.LifeAfter: Mayor

Officials & Permissions

The mayor can assign members on an official post and give them permissions: –

  1. Accept New – This permission lets the official accept new members request
  2. Kick Out – This permission lets the official kick out a member(you can not kick out a member within 24 hours of joining).
  3. Increase Period -> To let the official upgrade camp’s period
  4. Start New – Start the new territory development plan
  5. Apply/Modify – To let the official register for map bidding or trade city
  6. Research – This permission lets the official develop the camp techs
  7. Adjust Tax Rate – It lets the official adjust the current tax rate
  8. Lock the vault – Using the vault key, you can lock the vault. You can buy this item from NPC(at entering/exit point). This permission lets the official lock the vault
  9. Fill Benefit Box – It gives the right to add items to the benefit box(near camp canteen)
  10. Set Honorary – It gives the right to set members at an honorary position
  11. Change Camp – Change the name of the camp
  12. Set Camp – Some events in the camp can be scheduled. For example; patrol quests, canteen, and more. Officials with this permission can change the event schedules(talk to the NPC -> change/set schedule)
  13. Customize – Customize the camp’s decorations
  14. Set – Change the achievements(paintings in city hall)

If you have any question, drop the comment below. So this is the LifeAfter: Mayor FAQ. We have posted many articles on LifeAfter on this site. Don’t forget to check!

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  1. I have a question , that how to make a right to cotizen to live at the downtown….
    Cos many of my member live at island, i hve to change the rights of the teritory land, to make the citizen can move to crystal lake or moonlight….

  2. @Lonk I guess only members with honorary tag can do that. If you are mayor, you can set member as honorary member and after that they can move there(in claimed territories)

  3. Can you tell about far city in detail pls imma having difficulty understanding what it is

  4. @Soyab Ansari Farstar City is in the war zone. You can switch between peace and pvp mode. But, still, there are some enemies who can kill you. These enemies are displayed as red markers on the mini-map. When you see these red symbols near you, it’s better to go away. Additionally, there are mercenaries who can kill you if you get in their range. The resources you get in fall forest and farstar city is almost the same. Unlike autumn forest, InFarstar city, you have to ship the resources to manor using the shipping drone. The shipping drone appears after every certain amount of time(you can check on the minimap). The rewards are much better though; you can get the chests(in houses, high school), airdrop, vegetables, and much more. Farstar city is not available during cordon off time(2:00-8:00 I guess).
    Explore, gather the resources, find the chests, ship the resources, and once you are done, board to the manor.

  5. Can you explain what’s the use of resources in vault? It seems that I can transfer some items but I can’t take them out again. It’s also split between taxable and non-taxable, which I can manage by tapping on the lock icon. but I don’t know what’s the difference? I also noticed the items stored(some of them) can be sold and the gold bar is stored directly to our bank. But I really don’t get how it actually works or what’s the use of it? Other items that can’t be sold stays there for days and I can’t even take them out so it seems like a waste. So what should I do?

  6. Me and my friend live in the same camp. Only I live in area 5 and he lives in area 2. (Both of us live in house 5, on the island) Everytime we try to visit each other we disappear, crossing the bridge. I guess we aren’t able to see each other’s houses. Because we live on the same island but not same area?? Idk but I’m just wondering how to visit his house. We asked the mayor and she said “just fill the 7 days input on campus vault and I’ll grant you honorary citizen.” We have no idea what that means.

  7. @Lola Yes, there are different areas. In each Island, there would be around 10 manors. You need to visit the Island entry/exit point through quick travel feature and talk to the guy. Then choose the area where your friend is and then enter. It’s better to team up so that you can track him/her on the map. And, as you said, the mayor will grant you honorary citizen tag, then you can move to the camp territory(near town hall). It will not solve the problem until both of you have a manor in the camp territory.
    Since you said you have no idea: –
    Honorary Citizen -> Members with this tag can move to any unoccupied manors in the camp territory(near the town hall, there would be many manors). If you go close to the manor gate, you get the moving option. If you confirm it, your manor will be moved to the main camp territory(from the Island).

  8. @Yen No one can take the resources out of vault(except the intruders). Even the mayor can’t. Resources in the vault are used to pay the camp’s operational cost, when you start the territory development camp, in tech fix, benefits box, upgrades etc.

  9. Can anyone explain how to use R and D device effectively? How does it coincide with map on table in townhall? It’s like table map says camp is Savage but R and D device says brotherhood. What does each represent?

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