Spiritwish Tier List – Best Characters In The Game

Looking for Spiritwish Characters ratings in PvE and PvP? Check out this Spiritwish Tier List and figure out the best tanks, melee, ranged, and supporters

Spiritwish Tier ListSpiritwish game features four types of characters; melee, support, ranged, and tank. Melee characters are damage dealers with close-combat attacks. Supporters help the allies with their buffs, healing spells. Ranged characters are damage dealers with long-ranged attacks. And, the tank characters are the frontline units with high DEF and HP stats. In a team, you can add up to three characters; the game gives you four characters of each class for free. We would recommend you to build the team with one tank, one ranged, and one supporter unit. Now, what are the top-tier characters? Let’s find out! Spiritwish Tier List and Guide.

Spiritwish Tier List: –

  • Fighter – Tank – PvE(A), PvP(SS)
  • Female Fighter(F) – Tank – PvE(A), PvP(SS)
  • Minstrel – Tank – PvE(B), PvP(B)
  • Defender – Tank – PvE(C), PvP(A)
  • Sentinel – Melee – PvE(B), PvP(B)
  • Spearman – Melee – PvE(B), PvP(C)
  • Mercenary – Melee – PvE(A), PvP(SS)
  • Kunoichi – Melee – PvE(C), PvP(C)
  • Dualwielder – Melee – PvE(A), PvP(SS)
  • Grimalkin – Melee – PvE(B), PvP(B)
  • Archer – Ranged – PvE(SS), PvP(B)
  • Male Archer (M) – Ranged – PvE(SS), PvP(B)
  • Arbalist – Ranged – PvE(SSS), PvP(B)
  • Lightning Mage – Ranged – PvE(SSS), PvP(SSS)
  • Soothsayer – Ranged – PvE(SS), PvP(A)
  • Fire Mage – Ranged – PvE(SSS), PvP(OP)
  • Cleric – Support – PvE(A), PvP(A)
  • Male Cleric – Support – PvE(A), PvP(A)
  • Time Mage – Support – PvE(S), PvP(B)
  • Paladin – Support – PvE(S), PvP(A)
  • Noita – Support – PvE(D), PvP(D)

Best Tanks In The Spiritwish: –

  • Female Fighter
  • Fighter
  • Defender

Spiritwish Tier List – Best Melee Characters: –

  • Mercenary
  • Dualwielder
  • Sentinel
  • Grimalkin

Spiritwish Tier List – Best Ranged Characters: –

  1. Fire Mage
  2. Lightning Mage
  3. Arbalist
  4. Soothsayer
  5. Archer

Best Support Character: –

  • Paladin
  • Time Mage
  • Cleric

The tier is based on the Korean version of the game.

The Four Characters That You Get For Free

There are four characters that you get for free at the beginning of the game; Cleric, Archer, Fighter, Sentinel. Tap the menu button in the upper-right corner -> character selection screen -> there you can edit the team. Tap the cross sign to remove a character from the team. After that, tap the character sitting on the screen -> add to the team. If you did not create the fourth character at the starting of the game, then you can create it by tapping the create character button in the bottom-left corner.

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Complete List Of Characters: –

In the upper-right corner, tap the menu button -> collection -> there you can check the complete list of characters featured in the Spiritwish game.

So this would be all in this Spiritwish tier list.

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