Sword Master Story Tier List[October 2023]: Guide, Rebirth, And Banners

Sword Master Story tier list & guide: find out the Sword Master Story tier list that showcases the list of best characters to build best team!

Sword Master Story Tier List

Sword Master Story

Sword Master Story is published by Super Planet on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Super Planet is known for popular games such as Evil Hunter Tycoon, Videogame Guardians, Idle Guardians, Lucid Adventure, and many other game titles. Their new gacha game title is “Sword Master Story” which’s now available worldwide – released in October 2020! And, it has a variety of heroes that you will be collecting, developing, and using to fight the enemies.

And, just like other gacha games, not all rosters in the game will carry you to the end game. For beginners, it’s hard to try all heroes and figure out the best ones. With the help of this Sword Master Story tier list, you will get to know about the heroes that do amazingly well and can carry you to the end game and climb up in arena leaderboards.


Sword Master Story Tier List: Best Characters Guide⇓

This Sword Master Story tier list 2022 is classified into four major tier ranks; tier O(OP), S+(best to OP)> tier S(good to best)> tier A(average to good)> tier B(below average to average) > tier C(trash), and so on. Scroll down to check the characters’ skills and strength info): –

Sword Master Story Tier List: S+ Tier

  • Yui – Tier S+
  • Zeus – Tier S+
  • Lugrant – Tier S+
  • Ymir – Tier S+
  • Mia – Tier S+

Sword Master Story Tier List: S Tier

  • Cayron – Tier S to S+
  • Ariel – Tier S
  • Airi – Tier S
  • Efreet – Tier S
  • Vivian – Tier S
  • Cain – Tier S

Sword Master Story Tier List: A Tier

  • Kana – Tier A
  • Joan of Arc – Tier A
  • Aina – Tier A
  • Gaia – Tier A

Sword Master Story Tier List: B Tier

  • Theseus – Tier B
  • Dark Lord – Tier B
  • Ares – Tier B
  • Artemis – Tier B
  • Odin – Tier B

Sword Master Story Tier List: C Tier

  • Rosie – Tier C
  • Belphegor – Tier C
  • Dark – Tier C
  • Lucifer – Tier C
  • Kalisia – Tier C
  • Mary – Tier C
  • Lilith – Tier C
  • Athena – Tier C


  • Kana is a 5-star Archer class character in the Sword Master Story game
  • Skills & Strength: Attack/Firepower, CRIT


Sword Master Story Tier List

  • Lilith is a 5-star Mage class character in Sword Master Story Global 
  • Skills & Strength: increases attack power and attack speed
  • Passive: reduces the monster’s defense


Sword Master Story Tier List

  • Mary is an archer character 5-star character in Sword Master Story
  • Skills & Strength: increases attack power and attack speed
  • Passive: blocks damage and increases critical rate


Sword Master Story Tier List

  • Odin is one of the 5-star grade characters in the game
  • Skills & Strength: summons thunder to inflict damage on the enemies and stun the enemies + increases ally’s attack. 
  • Passive: chances to cast lightning that inflict damage


Sword Master Story Tier List

  • Vivian is a warrior class unit in the game; 5-star
  • Skills & Strength: increases defense for friendly units
  • Passive: reduces missile penetration and increase self-attack


Sword Master Story Tier List

  • Yui is one of the best and top-tier healers in Sword Master Story 
  • Skills & Strength: restores HP
  • Passive: increase heal power


Sword Master Story Tier List

  • Aina is a mage class character; 5-star
  • Skills & Strength: Aina summons a meteor to inflict damage on the enemies + stun the enemy + increases ally’s attack
  • Passive: boosts attack and penetration

Joan of Arc

Sword Master Story Tier List

  • Joan of Arc is a mage character; 5-star
  • Skills & Strength: Joan of Arc summons light to inflict damage on the enemies + stun them + increase ally’s defense
  • Passive: boosts health and defense


  • Kalisia is a 5-star mage character
  • Skills & Strength: Kalisia summons a meteor that causes damage and stuns the enemies
  • Passive: boosts critical damage


  • Lucifer is a 5-star mage character in the game
  • Skills & Strength: Lucifer summons darkness to inflict and stun the enemy
  • Passive: bonus damage to the bosses


  • Artemis is a top-notch 5-star grade archer class character
  • Skills & Strength: Artemis summons ice arrows that cause damage
  • Passive: boosts team’s critical rate


  • Dark is one of the 5-star grade mage characters in the game
  • Skills & Strength: Dark transforms into a dragon; the dragon causes massive damage to the enemies
  • Passive: boosts attack


Sword Master Story Tier List

  • Ares is one of the warrior class characters in Sword Master Story; 5-star
  • Skills & Strength: increases attack speed and attack power
  • Passive: blocks damage and increases attack

Dark Lord

Sword Master Story Tier List

  • Dark Lord is a 5-star mage character with damage abilities
  • Skills & Strength: Dark Lord fires a hellfire that inflicts damage
  • Passive: boosts team’s attack


Sword Master Story Tier List

  • Gaia is an archer class 5-star character
  • Skills & Strength: Gaia inflicts massive damage on the enemies
  • Passive: shoots an arrow that penetrates enemies + increases critical rate


  • 5-Star Mage
  • Skills & Strength: summons a light to inflict damage and stun the enemies
  • Passive: increases attack 


  • 5-Star Warrior
  • Skills & Strength: summons a demon that increases attack speed and attack power
  • Passive: increases attack

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  • Class: Mage
  • Passive: Increases ATK
  • Skills & Strength: buffs attack speed and attack power


  • Class: Archer
  • Passive: Reduces damage received from the Water element by 10%
  • Skills & Strength: shoots a raid of arrows that inflict massive damage


  • Class: Mage
  • Skills & Strength: Medea fires a wave of darkness that inflict damage
  • Passive: empowers dark hero’s damage to fire enemy


  • Class: Mage
  • Passive: empowers leaf hero’s damage to water enemy
  • Skills & Strength: buffs attack speed and attack


  • Class: Archer
  • Skills & Strength: Nike fires a wave of light that inflict damage on the enemies
  • Passive: empowers team’s critical


  • Class: Archer
  • Skills & Strength: buffs attack speed and attack
  • Passive: empowers crit damage and crit rate


  • Class: Warrior
  • Skills & Strength: buffs ally’s defense
  • Passive: empowers block damage and increase defense


  • Class: Warrior
  • Skills & Strength: buffs attack speed and attack
  • Passive: buffs attack


  • Class: Mage
  • Skills & Strength: Ananke summons a meteor that inflicts attack damage stuns the enemies
  • Passive: empowers critical rate


  • Class: Warrior
  • Skills & Strength: buffs attack speed and attack power
  • Passive: empowers attack


  • Class: Healer
  • Skills & Strength: heals allies
  • Passive: empower healing


  • Class: Healer
  • Skills & Strength: restores HP and increase ally’s attack
  • Passive: empowers team’s attack

Sword Master Story List of 3-Star Characters⇓

  • Iris: Healer – 3-star
  • Sylvia: Archer – 3-star
  • Adolph: Archer – 3-star
  • Lena: Mage – 3-star
  • Robin: Archer – 3-star
  • Sophia: Mage – 3-star
  • Bella: Warrior – 3-star
  • Alice: Archer – 3-star
  • Chloe: Healer – 3-star
  • Hera: Mage – 3-star
  • Merlin: Mage – 3-star
  • Hippolyta: Warrior – 3-star

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  • Role: Healer
  • Skills/Strength: Healing
  • Passive: Empowers team’s defense


  • Role: Archer
  • Skills/Strength: unleashes a rain of arrows to inflict damage on the enemies
  • Passive: empowers attack


  • Role: Archer
  • Skills/Strength: increases attack speed and attack power
  • Passive: increases Health


  • Role: Mage
  • Skills/Strength: Lena summons a meteor to stun the enemy and inflict damage
  • Passive: empowers CRIT Damage


  • Role: Archer
  • Skills/Strength: +ATK SPD, ATK
  • Passive: +CRIT Rate


  • Role: Mage
  • Skills/Strength: buffs ATK SPD, ATK
  • Passive: + Monster DEFENSE


  • Role: Warrior
  • Skills/Strength: empowers all ally’s DEF
  • Passive: empowers team’s ATK


  • Role: Archer
  • Skills/Strength: Alice shoots a rain of arrow to cause DMG
  • Passive: empowers ATK


  • Role: Healer
  • Skills/Strength: Healing
  • Passive: gains more gold


  • Role: Mage
  • Skills/Strength: Hera creates a wave of leaf at the enemy location that inflicts DMG
  • Passive: gains more gold


  • Role: Mage
  • Skills/Strength: Merlin summons a meteor that inflicts DMG and stuns the enemy
  • Passive: increases the team’s evasion rate


  • Role: Warrior
  • Skills/Strength: +ATK SPD, ATK
  • Passive: additional DMG to the bosses

Sword Master Story Banners & Events⇓


Sword Master Story Guide & Tips⇓

This Sword Master Story guide covers the info on game modes, guild, team building, equipment, and other aspects such as tips to get stronger, and much more. So, let’s proceed to the Sword Master Story guide & tips: – 

Complete guide to game modes⇓

The four main game modes in this game are Adventure, PvP, Battle Dungeons, and the Raid mode. You will unlock most of the content in the game by clearing the adventure mode stage 100. There are many stages in the Adventure mode and each one challenges you to become more powerful and beat the bosses and their minions. In PvP mode, you will challenge other players; you can set up the PvP defense in the “organize” menu of the game. Based on the ranking, players get rewards; if you want rubies for free, make sure to climb up in this mode. 

Battle Dungeons – here you can farm the in-game items such as EXP potions, gold, equipment, accessories, and Awakening Cube. You will need EXP potions to level up the heroes. Gold will be used as a cost. Equipment and accessory strengthen the character’s base stats – ultimately improving the performance in the fights. Awakening cubes are needed to develop the character’s skills. 

In Raid Mode, you fight a powerful enemy and based on the DMG that you inflict to it, the game gives you rewards. If you are in a guild, you will get a bonus guild ranking reward. As a normal reward, you get normal items and if you have luck points, the game might give you free character shards. In the lower-left corner, you can check the luck gauge. In Sword Master Story, you gain luck points through adventure and battle activities. 

Join a Guild⇓

Make sure to join a guild in Sword Master Story. You can claim extra rewards by being a member of a guild. The higher the guild level, the more rewards, and bonuses you will get. We recommend to join an active guild; you can contact other players through Sword Master Story communities such as Reddit, FB, and look for the active guild. The links to the Reddit and FB group are given below. 

Organizing team⇓

To set up the team, head to the main lobby. Tap the “organize” button in the lower-left corner -> tap load icon -> select a character -> tap organize to select the character or replace the character in the team. We recommend organizing a team that should have a healer, DMG dealers, and tanky warriors. To check the best team recommendations, head to the PvP menu -> check the top players’ team compositions. 

While building the team, make sure to consider the characters’ abilities; passive and active. 

⇒Don’t invest in useless characters: check the Sword Master Story tier list above to figure out the best characters in the game. Don’t invest resources to develop the characters that are useless. 

Sword Master Story Tips to get stronger⇓

To get stronger in the Sword Master Story, you will need to keep strengthening the heroes that are in the team. (DO NOT WASTE RESOURCES ON USELESS CHARACTERS) Go to the characters menu. Select a character -> level up using EXP potions, develop skills using the awakening cube, reinforce using gold. Tap the + button -> auto equip the equipment and accessory. Tap the transcend button from the + option -> if you have enough character shards, you can transcend the character and raise its potential to the next level. 

How To Get Equipment⇓

You can farm top-tier equipment from the high-level PvE Adventure stages, 5-star summons, or dark dungeons. 

Other Info⇓

(1) Complete the quests to earn rubies. 

(2) Redeem these Sword Master Story coupon codes

(3.) Character shards can be obtained from the Raid mode or summon. 

(4) Players can enhance the equipment and accessories too. But don’t invest in low-tier equipment; the higher the star level, the higher its value. Tap the bag option in the upper-right corner. This will open the bag menu with a series of tabs in rows; go to the equipment tab -> select equipment -> if you have enough shards, you can transcend it.

Tap the reinforce button to use scrolls and gold and level it up. Tap the refine button -> refinement -> refinement gives new options to the gear; you need to use this feature carefully.

There are four types of refinement; premium, rare, normal, and additional. The chances to grade up the gear is higher through premium refinement as compared to rare and normal. Please check the current gear options(stats) before refining. If you are happy with the current options, no need to refine! To check the options of the gear, go-to bag -> gear tab -> select the gear -> check the options on the right side. 

So this would be all in this post on Sword Master Story guide and tips for beginners. 

Sword Master Story Guide To Rebirth

How do you rebirth in Sword Master Story? And what’s rebirth? 

  • To rebirth a unit, you need to max out that unit’s reinforcement; initially, it’s capped to 200. Go to characters -> select a character -> reinforce; spend gold and max it out to 200
  • After that, you can rebirth
  • If you rebirth a unit, it will return to level 0 and you will get the resources back; and it will increase the reinforce level by 1(from max 200 to new max 201). This way you can increase the reinforcement max level cap and raise the unit’s power further. 

Sword Master Story Community

You can find updated guides, tips & tricks, Reddit tier lists, reroll guide, and more on community handles: –

So that’s all we got in this post on the Sword Master Story tier list and characters list. 

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  1. Personally, I think that Efreet deserves to be put in S+ tier because I have her 1 red star, 1 of her basic attacks does 5,000,000 damage.

  2. i come and know to this game through Danmachi ad on youtube. and i’m pretty new to this game and my biggest concern right now is does Danmachi characters are limit ? and if they limit will their banner will comeback cuz i just played for like 2 days and now i’m afraid that i might miss some collab chars

    • Updated today, added in A tier placeholder. She is overall good, but not the best. She can do well in adventure, abyss(As a support), guild territory.
      She is not good in PvP

  3. Aqua is an S tier support.
    When you’re in level 10 of demon tower and the boss 1 shots you in 3 seconds or less, do you give a s*** about that extra heal Yui has? No, you want +50% crit and +150% crit damage so aqua can boost Megu + Kana in to dumping ass on the boss so hard it dies in 1 shot.

    At least, that’s how I cleared that floor.
    Dark lord / Megu / Aqua / Kana

    • On that note, the best team in Swordmaster for those joining now, is:

      (Cain)/Aqua/Dark Lord/Odin/Kana
      That’s right, that’s the best general team. Aqua is free after 7 days right now, and Kana is hands down the best overall content clearing waifu in the game.

      Yui: Swap aqua for Yui in a scenario where you aren’t 1 shotting a boss and you need to sustain Kana’s life for additional dps.

      Megumeme: Use her when you need to 1 shot a boss, Odin and Dark Lord are both support dps, so swap either based on preference or element. Odin has +30% atk boost for megu + Kana combo, and dark lord gives +45% crit damage and Megu always crits. That means the team becomes Cain/Aqua/Megumeme/Kana/ Dark lord OR Odin OR Athena (worst case, buffs aqua, free 7 day unit)

      Bael: She’s used for Slasher, replace a support spot with her.

      Cayron: B-tier is a joke and the poster doesn’t know s***. Clearly. Cayron is A-tier because in demon tower alone she can solo a floor, and in non-story content she has so much raw attack power that in a scenario where the boss is fire immune i’ll swap Kana to Cayron and my dps will only drop like 5-10%. Don’t sleep on this centaur.

    • Hestia Rank C ?, plays a great role in defending the team from Boss with AoE damage, Buff defending the team with his own presence and further enhancing the ability to make his team not die to a stupid strong boss, a Yui n will be able to defend a team forever alone with its healing if the enemy has killed all the characters on his team together