The Royal Affairs Consorts – Complete List & FAQ

Everything you need to know about The Royal Affairs Consorts is here – Complete list, How to get consorts, Visit, Gift & their skills

The Royal Affairs game features many consorts who help you indirectly in the town’s growth. If you are new into the game and don’t have much knowledge about The Royal Affairs Consorts mechanics, then you are on the right page. We have already discussed the knights in the last post, you can check the Knights FAQ here. Today’s post will help you in understanding the consorts mechanics. This article answers the main questions; how to get consorts in The Royal Affairs, their stats, impact, and much more. Let’s get started!

How To Unlock Consorts; Town Visit, Prosperity, Energy Pill

You can unlock consorts by raising the influence, by visiting the town, through VIP level, and events. In the early phase of the game, you will get one consort for free. After that, you will have to visit the town, raise influence, VIP level, and participate in the events.

List Of Consorts In The Royal Affairs: –

  1. Sidonie
  2. Beatrice
  3. Hildegarde
  4. Maud
  5. Godiva
  6. Eleanor
  7. Clothilde
  8. Emmeline
  9. Isolt
  10. Heloise
  11. Matilda
  12. Cecily
  13. Ophelia
  14. Catherine
  15. Juliet
  16. Isabella
  17. Linnet
  18. Wilhemina
  19. Theodora
  20. Guinevere
  21. Rosalind
  22. Giselle
  23. Margery
  24. Susannah

The first 15 consorts in the list can be unlocked through town visit. Consorts(16-19 – In the list) can be obtained by raising the influence. Susannah consort can be unlocked or obtained from the events. You can unlock the rest ones through VIP level progress.

Go to the castle -> consorts -> go to the available tab -> here you can see the list of consorts and unlock requirement.

Town Visit

⇒Town Visit feature in The Royal Affairs game is one of the ways to fill the consort collection. Tap the town visit option on your screen -> In the town, there are many places; park, library, blacksmith, and more. Tap on any place and the game will show you the list of consorts or people who are spending time there.

⇒Tap the town visit button at the bottom-right of the screen to visit any random place. You may interact with a lady/consort. Suppose, you interacted with a lady/consort. That lady will not become your consort instantly. You will have to interact with that lady multiple times. After a few meetings, she may get ready to become your consort. Keep visiting the town and you will eventually get a consort.

⇒In The Royal Affairs game, the lord can interact with only one person per visit. That could be a lady or another person. If you want to increase the chances of a meeting with a lady, you will have to increase prosperity points. At the bottom of the screen, tap the + button next to prosperity and use an item; gold, grain, gems.

⇒Energy is required to visit the town. You can recover energy by spending energy pill.

So this would be all for now as how to unlock or get consorts in The Royal Affairs. Let’s learn about the consort’s visit, gifts, charisma, intimacy, and skills.

The Royal Affairs Consorts; Intimacy, Charisma, EXP, Gifts, Skill, Visit

The Royal Affairs Consorts⇒Consorts can produce offsprings, known as heirs in the game. If you increase the intimacy points and charisma points of a particular consort, you can get heirs. Go to the castle -> choose consorts -> at the top-right side of the consort banner, you can check the intimacy and charisma stats.

⇒On the same screen, at the bottom-right, tap the summon button to visit consort. You will get consort EXP that you can use in leveling up the consort’s skills or Knight’s Rapport skills.

⇒Tap the consort -> tap the visit button and spend gems to increase intimacy and charisma. Tap the gifts button -> you can give gifts to the consort to increase her intimacy and charisma level.

⇒As the consort gains intimacy points, skills will get unlocked + you may get a baby/Heir.

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