Epic Seven Tier List And Rerolling Guide

Last updated on December 26th, 2018 at 06:41 am

Epic Seven tier listGrab the best characters in Epic Seven game by rerolling. Check out Epic Seven tier list and rerolling guide to grab the best heroes

If you have just downloaded the game, then you have the chance to obtain a 5-star hero in selective summon stage. As per the current event, you can grab Destina, a 5-star healer in Epic Seven game. You will also receive Covenant Bookmarks to summon heroes or artifacts. If you don’t know how to reroll in Epic Seven(you don’t need to clear the data or make changes in game files or uninstall/re-install), then our Epic Seven reroll guide will help you and with the help of Epic Seven tier list, you will be able to pull right heroes. However, Rerolling process is quite lengthy as you will have to clear the whole first chapter. But you should do it if you have not got any best character. Let’s dive in!

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The very first step a player has to do is log in to the game using a social media account/Google account or log in as a guest. You have to log in as a guest. After completing the 1-3 stage in adventure mode, the game will ask you to set your nickname. Since you are on guest account and rerolling process is in-progress, you have to choose the nickname wisely as you can set it only once.

Go to the lobby, at the top-right corner, tap the inbox/mail icon and claim the free rewards in the GM tab. You will get Skystones, Covenant Bookmarks. Use the Covenant Bookmarks to summon the characters in summon menu. And in the shop menu, you can exchange Skystones for these bookmarks. Check the heroes’ grade in the tier list(the link is below).

After completing the stage 1-10, you will be able to use selective summon feature that lets you summon 30 times(you can confirm only once). You may get one 5-star hero or artifact per summon. Go to the lobby, on the right side -> selective summon.

Keep summoning until you get the best 5-star character. Hit the confirm button if you are OK with on-screen heroes. Heroes to look for when rerolling(One 5 Star+ 3 or 4-Star): –

  1. Destina – A 5-star Healer
  2. Sez – Damager(5-Star)
  3. Ravi – Damager(5-Star) – CP – 16511, At level 60
  4. Carmainerose – 3-Star, CP – 15025, At level 60
  5. Kiris – 3-Star, CP – 14494, At level 60
  6. Angelica – 4-Star healer, CP – 14267, At level 60


Epic Seven Tier ListOn the main screen of the game(lobby) -> at the top-right corner, tap the menu button -> journal -> open hero journal -> there you can check the complete list of heroes featured in Epic Seven. Tap on any hero -> at the bottom-left, tap preview stats -> use the seek bar to adjust the star and level to preview the hero stats at max level. Long press on the skill icon to check its skills’ details.


NameStarsOverall RankRecommended SetRecom. Artifacts
Sez5S+Attack/Crit, Speed/CritDust Devil
Destina5S+HPShimadra Staff
Martial Artist Ken5OPATK/Crit, Lifesteal/Crit, Counter CritSigurd Scythe
Carmainerose 3SATK/CritTime Matter
Crimson Armin4S-DefenseAurius
General Purrgis4SATK/Crit, Lifesteal/CritSigurd Scythe
Judge Kise5S-Speed/Crit, Speed/HitCursed Compass
Ravi5S-ATK/Crit, Lifesteal/CritSigurd Scythe
Sigret5S-ATK/Crit, Lifesteal/CritUberius's Tooth
Tenebria 5SSpeed/Crit, Speed/HitTagehel's Ancient Book
Baal & Sezan5S-ATK/Hit, Speed/HitKal'adra
Aramintha5S-ATK/Hit, Crit/hitEtica's Specter
Basar5S-ATK/Crit, ATK/HitEtica's Specter
Assassin Coli4S-Speed/CritDust Devil
Blood Blade Karin4S-Lifesteal/Crit, ATK/CritWind Rider
Vildred 5S-Speed/Crit, ATK/CritWind Rider
Karin4S-CritRhianna & Luciella
Cidd4S-ATK/CritWind Rider
Arbiter Vildred5S-Speed/Crit, ATK/CritDust Devil
Elson3SSpeed/HPWondrous Potion Vial
Lots4S-HP/Def, Speed/HPWondrous Potion Vial
Achates4S-HPMagaraha's Tome
Silk4S-Speed/CritInfinity Basket
Leo4S-Speed/Crit, Speed/HitSong Of Stars
Armin4SDEF/HPProphetic Candlestick
Kiris3A+HP/DEF, HP/Hit, Speed/HitInfinity Basket
Iseria5A+ATK/Crit, Speed/CritRosa Hargana
Pyliis3SDef/HP, Def/HitAurius
Lorina3SATK/Crit, Lifesteal CritUberius's Tooth
Tywin5A+HP, HP/SpeedAurius
Ras3AHP/DefProphetic Candlestick
Kayron5SATK/Crit, Lifesteal/HPDust Devil

Epic Seven Tier List Spreadsheet Link – Here(Google Spreadsheet). Source – Reddit, Subreddit – Epic 7. This is the community-based tier list that will help you in building the best team of Epic 7 Characters. If you want to know the best characters by role, check this: –

Epic Seven Best Tank Characters: –

  1. Krau – S
  2. Pyllis – Knight, S
  3. Shadow Rosset – S
  4. Armin – S
  5. Crozet – A
  6. Rose – A
  7. Tywin – A+
  8. Ras – A
  9. Maya – B
  10. Charlotte – A
  11. Corvus – A

Tank – With High HP Stats, Role – Defenders. Update: We mistakenly added Corvus to the DPS list. It’s now updated. Kindly figure out the loopholes of this tier list and mention in the comment section below. Thanks! Update 2 – Added Krau in the tier list

Epic Seven Best Warrior Characters: –

  1. Ravi – S-(Attacker)
  2. Brawler Ken – S+(DPS)
  3. General Purrgis – S(DPS)
  4. Clarissa – S-(DPS)
  5. Lorina – A+(DPS)
  6. Sigret – S-(DPS)
  7. Chloe – A+(DPS)
  8. Church Of LLryos Axe – A+(DPS)

Epic Seven Best Mage Type Characters –

  1. Tenebria – S(DPS)
  2. Baal & Sezan – S-(DPS)
  3. Aramintha – S-(DPS)
  4. Basar – S-(Damager)
  5. Carmainerose – A+(DPS, Lifesteal)
  6. Romann – A+(Debuffer, Delays the enemy turns)
  7. Zerato – A(DPS, Crit)
  8. Specter Tenebria – A-(DPS)
  9. Dominiel – A-(Supporter, DPS)
  10. Ludwig – A-(OP, DPS)

Epic Seven Best Theif/Rogue Characters –

  1. Sez – S+
  2. Kayron – S
  3. Assassin Coli – S
  4. Blood Blade Karin – S-
  5. Arbiter Vildred – S-
  6. Karin – S-
  7. Cidd – S-
  8. Vildred – S-
  9. Surin – A+

Update – Added Kayron in this list. They added this character in the past patch. But at that time, his stats were not buffed(bug). It’s now fixed in the latest patch.

Epic Seven Best Healer Characters: –

  1. Destina – S+
  2. Lots – S-
  3. Elson – S-
  4. Achates – A+
  5. Rin – A+
  6. Montmorancy – A+
  7. Angelica – A+
  8. Ruele Of Light – A

Healers – Restores the health of allies in the battle.

Epic Seven Best Archer Characters: –

  1. Silk – S(DPS)
  2. Leo – S-(Crit, Speed Build)
  3. Iseria – A+(DPS, Crit)
  4. Yuna – A+(Speed, Attack)
  5. Schuri – A+(Speed, Crit)
  6. Kiris – A+(OP, DPS)

In the tier list(picture), some characters’ name is wrong(Update – fixed now). So we have separated the tier list in “best characters form” with the correct name. Now, you can easily check in the hero journal.

Best Way To Build Heroes In Epic Seven Game!

By equipping the right weapons and artifacts, you can enhance the heroes’ performance in the battle. For example: – To increase the attack power of damage dealers, equip the best weapons(with high attack stats) and artifact(which boosts the attack stats).

Go to the hero profile page and tap the hero rating option. There you can find the right way to build him/her. Additionally, always pay attention to the gear stats, artifact skills.


  • DPS – Damage Dealers, Attackers
  • Tank – Absorbs damage, Defense
  • Critical Build – Improving the critical hit performance of heroes by equipping the right weapons, artifacts
  • Speed – Fast turns. On the left side of the screen, you can check the turn meter. Characters with the high-speed stats are good for fast clearing waves of the enemies


Epic Seven tier listIf you have got the best characters from selective summon, then link the game to Google Account(to save progress).

If not, reset the game -> at the top-right corner, tap the menu -> settings -> hit the reset button. You will start again. Repeat the above step to reroll again. It’s very annoying though!

Drop Rates:

Heroes – 46.75%. Artifact – 53.25%. 5-Star – 1.25%, 4-Star – 4.5%, 3-star – 41%.

Updates To This Post

Added Kayron, Fixed Destina Artifact Recommednation!

New/updated community-based Epic 7 Tier list has been featured

Fixed Corvus position. Cross-checked the character build and small changes. Thanks! Any feedback will be appreciated.

So that’s all for now as Epic Seven tier list and rerolling guide. Also, see – Beginner’s Guide to the game.

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  1. @Aaron If you have got Destina, then don’t reroll/summon again(selective). She is the best healer in the game.

  2. @aaron I would reroll that. Destina is a great healer but there are 4* options that are arguably as good as her. You should focus on getting a strong damage dealer like Ravi or Sez, or get Krau. Rolling with just destina isn’t advisable when there are 4* units you can pull in conjunction with a 5* that will produce better results.

  3. @Konnu12 Yes, Reroll If it’s Ken(Not Martial Arts Ken). Ken is also good though. But you should reroll for another one; Destina, Sez or Ravi. And, obtaining Martial Arts Ken is not possible from normal summons. You may get it from moonlight summon(it unlocks after 10-10 stage).

  4. @Konnu12 did you get all these characters in one selective summon or in different accounts? or using bookmarks?

  5. @Konnu12 if you have already pulled these characters, then go for Krau. He is the best tank (s tier) in the game. It is not mentioned above, will update the list
    Edit: – You can not get Krau from selective summon.

  6. @HP I reset on multiple accounts at the same time till i got something good. I went to 1-4 each time and used all the bookmarks and gems to get bookmarks
    @Yatin thank you and can you get him in the selective summon

  7. @Konna12 Nope. You can get him at 1-4. Here’s the list of 5* characters you can get from selective summon: –



      Baal & Sezan












    Tenebria, Krau, Yufine and Haste – These characters are only available in 1-4(if you are REROLLING).

  8. Yes, Keep it. You have got the best DPS character. Now build the team; TANK(4* or the best you have) + DPS(Sez) + Healer. Audit the heroes you have and develop the best ones by playing adventure mode.

  9. So I got Sez and Dust Devil in the same summon… but I dont like easy games… I dont want to get bored because the game gets too easy because of that… what should I do?

  10. Why the hell do you have Rosa Hargana for Destina’s recommended artifacts when shes not a ranger ?? You need to change that..

  11. Hey! Nice tier list. where is Kise :O ? And can we know your oppinion about how well is Serila and if she stay in the tier list?

  12. @PapiChuloHermoso Serila is good Mage(DPS) unit, but not excellent. I am not going to build her as I already have Aramintha. If you don’t have a good mage(DPS, red/fire element), then build her. People are going crazy for her -_-

  13. I got purrgis and the artifact Rihanna and whatever… is that a good roll or should I roll Again

  14. @Skeet Yeah, Carmainerose(3*), Karin(4*) are good, but not for the long run. BTW, What 5* unit you got from the selective summon?

  15. Unfortunately, none because I was panicking to choose since I almost hit the 30 mark. I made a new guest account and rerolled and got Destina, Karin & Carmainerose. I need advice on if I should do the whole reroll process again or pursue the adventure with my new guest account.

  16. @Skeet So you have now Destina, Carmaim., Karin. I would recommend you to continue with this roll. Destina can also play the tank role 😉

  17. Update: I got Vildred & Rin. Felt like I was taking a huge risk if I rerolled so I just stuck with it. Currently have Kirin & Ras paired up with them.

  18. @Anon Yep, I’ll stick with my 2 new reroll accounts and see if I could pull anything else when I get 950 Skystones.

  19. Hi guys! I know it’s probably getting on some people’s nerves, these type of question, but I’ll ask and apologizing in advance. Got sez Karin and stark gauntlet. Should I go on rerolling or keep it? Thank you in advance:3

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