Top War Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies 2021

Top War Battle Game is a brand new strategy merge game for Android and iOS by Topwar Studio. Read on for Top Wa guide, tips, cheats & strategiesTop War: Battle Game

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Top War Battle Game offers MMORTS like gameplay with merge mechanics. In most of the MMORTS games, you research the technologies to unlock high-tier troops and upgrade the buildings with resources. In the Top War Battle game, you upgrade the buildings and get high tier troops by merging. For example – if you merge x2 mines of level 4, you will get a level 5 mine. Similarly, if you merge x2 troops of level 8, you will get a level 9 troop. Other things like rally attacks, PvE, PvP, farming, etc. are similar to normal MMORTS. If you have just started playing the game, then you are on the right page.

This Top War guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Top War tips, cheats & tricks that you may like. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

Top War Guide For Beginners 2021⇓

Your goal in this game is to get powerful and expand the base to all over the island. And, that would consume a lot of high-level troops, coins, and plenty of researches. The two main in-game currencies are coins and gems. Other than that, you will need tech items to make researches so that you can raise the level cap of troops, train high-level troops from the barrack. For tech items, you will need to defeat the enemies. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Top War Battle Game tips & tricks:

Research To Build High-Level Buildings In Top War⇓

If you want to build the high-level buildings directly from the build menu, then you need to research the construction technologies. For example – when you start the game, you can build level 1 barrack and level 1 mine. And, then you will merge them to get level 2, 3, and so on. This consumes time and space – why don’t just build high-level troops right from the barrack?

If you want to build high-level buildings directly from the build menu, you need to focus on making a research upgrade. Tap the research center building at your base -> in the third lane, you will see four research upgrades; mine construction, barrack construction, naval base construction, and airbase construction.

  • Research and upgrade Mine/Barrack/Naval-Base/Air-Base Construction to build high-level mine/barrack/naval-base/air-base directly from the build menu.

If you don’t have enough tech item, then tap the obtain button -> search monster – kill the monsters on the map to grind the required items. With access to building high-level buildings directly from the build menu, you can discover new levels of the mine/troops quickly.Top War: Battle Game

For example – Level 1 Barrack produces level 1 troop. And, level 5 Barrack produces level 5 troop. With level 5 Barrack, you can easily discover levels 6, 7, 8, troop quickly as compared to the first instance where you will start from level 1 and then after producing so many duplicates, you will reach this milestone. So focus on making researches. For more information, check out this guide to tech items and research –

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Learn How To Increase Max Level Cap In Top War

Max merge level cap is limited to the level of Combination research. Head to the research center – In the first lane, there are three technologies; Land Force Combination, Navy Force Combination, and Air Force Combination. Land Force Combination level determines the max level of land forces(land troops/units like a tank), Navy Force Combination level determines the max level of Navy Forces(water-type troops/units), and Air-Force Combination level determines the max level of Air Force(Air-type troops).

For example – if the Land Force Combination research level is 13, you would not be able to merge x2 level 13 troops till you upgrade this technology level 14.Top War: Battle Game

Expand And Install More Buildings

With the limited space in the territory, you will not be able to install more buildings. Around the territory,  tap the trees covered with snow -> unlock -> spend the gold coins. You need to be at a certain level to unlock or buy more land.

At the upper-left corner of the screen, you can check the current level -> experience points(EXP) are required to level up. Keep producing troops, construct buildings, and research in the research center to earn EXP.

Learn How To Get Powerful In Top War Battle Game⇓

  • Produce troops with barrack buildings
  • Merge troops and reach high tier
  • Upgrade heroes
  • Ascend heroes

Recruit And Upgrade Heroes⇓

In Top War Battle Game, there are lots of heroes to recruit – each hero with unique abilities and attributes. Tap the Captain hat to open the hero menu -> tap hero recruitment button -> you can recruit heroes or their shards for free – x5 a day. Or for further recruits, you can exchange the gems.

In the hero menu, tap the hero avatar -> upgrade -> use the EXP manuals to grant him/her EXP and increase the level. Head to the Ascend menu -> there you can raise the star level of Top War  heroes to increase their potential.

Level them up and unlock their new skills. For more details, check out this guide –

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Complete The Quests In Top War Battle Game

In the bottom-left corner, above the build button, tap the grid button -> this will take you to the function list where you can check event and reward quests. Make sure to complete these quests for chests, gems, coins, and other rewards.

Grind On The Top War Battle Game Map

Send your army to kill the enemies and farm tech items/resources on the map. Make sure to add the heroes in the march. On the world map screen, in the bottom-left corner, tap the search button to choose the enemy or resource field, Warhammer level. High level = more risk = more rewards.

Also, make sure to repair the troops in the repair factory.

Join An Active Group

Joining an alliance you can get you gifts, access to the war/ rally function, alliance store.

Get The Top War Battle Game Freebies

  • Tap the finance center building or in the shop, head to the daily supply tab -> there you can claim free supplies every few minutes.
  • In the top-left corner, below the commander avatar, tap the video icon -> watch the video ad to get free gems
  • Tax Center – Levy tax to get coins
  • Tap the + button next to coins status at the top-center -> watch the video ads  to get free coins
  • Auto-Harvester – Charge it by watching the video ads. This facility harvests coins

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So this would be all in this post on Top War guide, tips & tricks for beginners. 

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  1. I would like to move two accounts on the same map to play together and get more friends to join. They are in different sections S1606 and S1625. How do I proceed?

  2. This is good but you mention things like navy, airforce, killing monsters, harvesting, but how do you get the planes and ships? How do you fight monsters or harvest? This does not help beginners! We need step instructions .

    • you have to reach a certain player level to use the navy and air force. If I remember correctly air force is lvl 18 and you get the navy before them. The game is pretty self explanatory other than what was mentioned here.