Top War Heroes Guide For Beginners 2022

There are over 25 heroes in Top War Battle Game. Read on for Top War Heroes guide for beginners – their skills, attributes, power, etc.

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In Top War Battle Game, heroes are classified into these tiers; SSR, SR, and R. SSR tier heroes have the orange frame/banner, SR tier heroes have the purple banner/frame. And, R tier heroes have the blue frame/banner. In the hero profile, at the top-right corner, you can check his/her tier; SSR, SR, and R. SSR tier heroes are the most powerful heroes – but hard to get and it would be difficult to ascend then. SR tier heroes’ drop rate is quite low – so it would be hard for you to ascend them. And, R-tier heroes’ drop rate is quite high – so it would be easy for you to ascend them. However, they are not as powerful as SSR tier heroes. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the info on Top War Heroes guide. For starters, we would recommend checking the Top War Battle Game guide for beginners.

Top War Heroes Guide⇓

All the heroes in Top War Battle Game have unqiue passive skills – this passive skill makes each hero unique in his/her way. For example – Bob is one of the rare heroes in the game and he increases the movement speed when attacking wild bosses. Black Widow is another hero who can increase the gathering speed of units. So depending on their strength, you need to use them. For example – if you are going to gather resources from the resource field, then choose the heroes who can buff the gathering process; speeding up, load increase, etc. If you are going to attack someone, then choose/assign the heroes who can increase the attack power, damage.Top War: Battle Game Heroes

How To Get Heroes In Top War Battle Game?

The majority of hero characters or their shards can be acquired from the recruitment center. On the right-center of the game screen, you have to tap the captain’s hat button – this will take you to the hero list screen where you can check all the heroes featured in the game. Tap on a locked hero -> tap the source button -> this will show you how to get this particular hero.

For example – Queen of the Ocean, Katrina, can be acquired from legion treasure. Head to the hero recruitment center; it has three tabs; standard recruitment, elite recruitment, and research skill.

The standard recruitment tab has two banners; standard recruitment and advanced recruitment. For standard recruitment, you need a standard recruitment voucher. For advanced recruitment, you need an advanced recruitment voucher. You get one advanced recruitment voucher for free every 24 hours. And, the standard recruitment vouchers are given for free – x5 a day – can be used one-by-one after a few minutes gap.

You can not get SSR from Standard Recruitment. But you may get an SSR-tier hero from advanced recruitment. However, the drop rate is low. Other than the heroes, you may get their shards or other items such as speed-ups, EXP books, technology chest, decoration, etc. Tap the (i) symbol to check the drop rate of items, heroes or their shards.

Elite Recruitment – here chances of getting SSR tier heroes are more than the advanced recruitment.

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Hero’s Attributes

In the bottom-left side of the hero profile screen, you can check his/her detailed attributes – War, DEF, and Command. These three attributes provide a bonus to the battle forces. The higher the attributes, the stronger the units get. War – increases the attack of expedition and base defense force. DEF – increases the vitality/HP of the expedition and base defense forces. Command – increases the number of expedition forces a hero can lead on the march.

How To Increase Hero’s Attributes

Level him/her up – go to the upgrade tab in the hero profile -> there you can use the military manual or EXP books to grant her/him EXP. These manuals/EXP-books can be acquired from the recruitment center – random drop.

Ascend Guide

Top War: Battle Game Heroes

Ascending a hero increases his/her CP(Combat Power) and bonus attributes; War, Defense, and Command. You need the same hero’s shards to ascend. In the ascend tab, you can check the number of shards required to ascend; shards are needed for the next phase; 4/4. You can exchnage the blue universal shards for that hero’s shards or keep spending the vouchers in the recruitment center – you may get a hero’s shards as a random drop. It also increases the star level of a hero.

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Top War Heroes’ Skills Guide

All the heroes have one passive skill by default. In their profile, head to the skill tab -> tap the skill icon to read its effect. Other than the passive skill, you can equip exclusive/soldier support skills; army, navy, support, exclusive, air force – at certain hero levels. When you reach this certain level, you get the option to equip the skill. Tap the equip button -> this will take you to the skill equipment screen where you can equip the skills.

How To Get Skills For Heroes

All the hero’s skills are locked by default. You need to obtain a particular skill’s shards to unlock it. And, then you will be able to equip it to a particular hero. Head to the hero recruitment screen -> go to the third tab; research skill -> there you can research to obtain skill shards. You need Skill Draw Card to research skills. The game gives you free skill draw card – x5 a day – can be used one-by-one. Also, you can obtain these shards by exchanging chips or from the refugee camp event.

When you have enough skill shards, you can unlock it and equip it.

List of Heroes In Top War⇓

  • Tywin – SSR
  • Alex – SSR
  • Sam – SSR
  • Li Hongyu – SSR
  • Katyusha – SSR
  • Bradley – SSR
  • Bell – SSR
  • Friedman Hertz – SSR
  • Gira – SSR
  • Diana – SSR
  • Kuruze – SSR
  • Amalia – SSR
  • Ben – SSR
  • Silence – SSR
  • Sid – SSR
  • Ganso – SSR
  • Merida – SSR
  • Chloe – SSR
  • Teresa – SSR
  • Katrina – SSR
  • Bellevue – SSR
  • Lee Yewon – SSR
  • Bassel – SSR
  • Violet – SSR
  • 914 – SSR
  • Nadia – SSR
  • Edward – SSR
  • Lady Zizak – SSR
  • Tian Mu – SSR
  • Hartman – SSR
  • Sauvage – SSR
  • Arthur Harris – SSR
  • Rockfield – SSR
  • Tsuru – SSR
  • Dante – SSR
  • Villers – SSR
  • Nimitz – SSR
  • Reichstein – SR
  • Kate Curry – SR
  • Hammer – SR
  • Simon – SR
  • Ricardo – SR
  • Dr. Gero – SR
  • Wade – SR
  • Rambo – SR
  • Black Widow – R
  • O’ Neill – R
  • Bob – R

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