Underworld: The Shelter: PvP Tips, Auto-Exploring, Fuel, And More

Underworld: The Shelter, check out our top PvP tips, how to auto-explore, how to get fuel, and how to dominate in PvP rankings

In our previous post on Underworld: The Shelter game, we shared a complete guide for the beginners and some tips to master the battles. In today’s post, we will discuss PvP battles, auto-exploring, how to increase the happiness of the residents, how to get fuels, and much more. You can read our previous post here. Let’s get started!

How To Increase The Happiness Of The Residents?

If you want to increase the happiness of the residents to 100%, you will have to pay attention to these things: –

  1. Living Bonus – 40% of the happiness affected by this
  2. Health Bonus – 10% of the happiness affected by this
  3. Aptitude – 20% of the happiness affected by this
  4. Facility Bonus – 30% of the happiness affected by this
  5. Desire Penalty – It reduces the happiness of the resident

If you see an anger emoji on the resident, then it means that the resident is affected with desire penalty which in result reduces the happiness. Rest things are in your hand: –

  1. Restore the HP of the resident to activate health bonus
  2. Send the resident to the right facility for aptitude and facility bonus. For example; If you assign the residents having mining aptitude to the Mine facility, you will increase their happiness.
  3. Reduce the happiness penalty by completing the resident’s wish – Tap the resident -> Under the level up button, you can check the wish.

You can increase the facility bonus by upgrading the facility.


It boosts the production. How to check: – Send the same level residents(one with wanderer aptitude and another one with mining aptitude) to the mine, you will clearly see the difference between production rate. The resident with mining aptitude will produce more N coins.

So that’s all about Underworld: The Shelter happiness.

How To Auto-Explore?

Underworld: The Shelter PvP Fuel Auto Mode

After defeating the boss in the last stage of an area, you will unlock the auto-explore mode. In this mode, you need fuel and a set amount of gold coins. Send any resident on the expedition and he/she will automatically collect the items for you. (It takes time).

Go to the map screen -> tap the auto-explore button just below the area name. And confirm. Go back and open the map again, now you will see track exploration button. Tap it to track the auto-explore progress.

So before you go to sleep, send one of your residents to this auto-exploration adventure.

How To Get Fuel In Underworld: The Shelter Game?

Underworld: The Shelter PvP Fuel Auto ModeYou need fuel to send the residents on an auto-exploration adventure. If you have just started playing this game, then you may have one question; how to get fuel? You can obtain fuel by sacrificing items. Tap the menu button -> inventory(box icon) -> tap the refuel button -> select the item(by tapping the + icon) and hit the recharge button. Sacrifice useless common items such as dynamite, light bulb, thermometer, gears, and more for this task rather than rare(blue), ultra items.

And if your inventory is full, then you should do it asap.

So that’s all about Underworld: The Shelter auto-exploration.

Underworld: The Shelter PvP, PvP Tips & Strategies

Underworld: The Shelter PvP Fuel Auto ModeIn the PvP mode, you will send your top five residents to invade enemy’s base. If you get successful, you will steal the N coins as well as some items from the enemy’s treasure. Additionally, you will also gain battle points which improve your ranking.

On the other hand, failure will reduce the battle points which in result reduce your rankings. And you will also waste the N coins, spent on PvP battle search. The cost increases as you rank-up.


First, don’t play the PvP mode if you have low-level residents. Level up the top 5 best residents(having good Con, Dex, Str, Luck, HP, RP stats. And equip top-class items; Rare(R) Or Ultra(U). You can find these premium items from the chests(mutant chests, by defeating the boss, challenge-reward).

You can find high-rank(above 2*) residents from the hard mode stages or mutant chests. Once you are all set, head to the PvP mode and search for the enemy’s base. Don’t hit the attack button if the enemy’s gate level is way too high. Search again and find a balanced opponent and good quality loot.

If your team get successful in destroying the enemy’s shelter’s gate, you will win the battle.


Other players can invade your shelter as same as you and loot the N coins, items from your treasure. If you don’t want to lose the N coins, items, upgrade the gate and deploy one of your best residents to garrison the gate. Tap the gate above the shelter and upgrade. Upgrade increases the gate’s durability, slots. And it would be hard for the enemies to destroy the gate with high durability.


You spend a huge amount of gold coins in searching the enemy’s base. But the loot might not be good as compared to this investment. So, Is PvP worth playing? Of course, if you rank-up by earning more battle points from the victory. 

You can earn premium item cube, nucleum, a huge amount of gold coins, mutant crates, equipment crates, and much more at the end of the weekly season. Head to the PvP menu and there you can check your rank, remaining time for the next season, battle points, win ratio, and more details. So, if you want free cubes, premium equipment, high-rank mutants, keep improving the rank by playing PvP.

  • Rank 1 – 200 P Cubes, Nucleum, Boss Crate
  • Rank 2 – 100 P Cubes, Nucleum, Boss Crate
  • Rank 3 – 50 P Cubes, Nucleum, Boss Crate
  • Rank(4-10) – 30 P Cubes, Nucleum, Equipment Crate
  • Rank(11-50) – 20 P Cubes, Nucleum, Equipment Crate
  • Rank(51-100) –  10 P Cubes, Nucleum, Equipment
  • Rank(101-500) – 5 P Cubes, Nucleum, Mutant Crate
  • Rank(501-5000) – N Coins, Nucleum, Mutant
  • Rank(501-10000) – N Coins, Nucleum

So that’s all for now as Underworld: The Shelter PvP Tips.

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