Ulala: Idle Adventure Pets – How To Unlock, Pet Skills, Use Elements?

Unlocked pet function in Ulala Idle Adventure? Get all the pet details in this Ulala pets guide: pet skills, elements, attribute, recipes, and much more. 

Ulala: Idle Adventure Pets

Ulala Idle Adventure pets guide: – 

In this post, we will learn about pets. Pets act as a companion for your character and they deal damage to the monsters in the combat. The basic requirement to unlock pets function in Ulala: Idle Adventure game is by reaching the character level 16. If you are a newbie, we would recommend you to check our old guides first – before you take a look at this one – ⇒Best Class,⇒ Class Build, ⇒Guide & Tips -> – Ulala Idle Adventure Codes – Gift Code. Let’s take a look at Ulala: Idle Adventure Pets – Pet Elements, Bonus Effects, Best Pets, Etc.

Unlock Pets In Ulala Idle Adventure

As per our information and the current version of the game, there are over 185 pets featured in Ulala: Idle Adventure game. The player gets the first pet for free at level 16 and the second pet by hatching the egg. Now how do you unlock new pets? The new pets unlock when you progress to new regions(continent). At the start of the game, all the players start from the Primitive Plain region. And, as you reach the next region, which is Sabad Rainforest, new pets get unlocked. After that, Chiwawa Gorge.

To check all the pets list OR available pets in a region, tap the manual/book option on the right side of the combat screen(below mini-map). In the manual, scroll up-down to check region details and the list of pets that you have unlocked so far. Now, once you have unlocked a pet, you need to capture it. In the next part, we will learn how to capture the pets in Ulala: Idle Adventure game.

Learn To Capture Pets In Ulala Game

You can capture the pets by cooking delicious food recipes. Also, there are specific food recipes that you can use to attract or capture specific pets. There are two ways to figure out the recipes loved by specific pets. The first method is by going to the combat screen, then tap the manual or book option below minimap -> tap the recipe or pet to check these details. If you tap the recipe icon, it will show you the list of pets who love that recipe. If you tap the pet, it will show you the food item they love.

Once you have figured it out, it’s time to cook the recipe and set up the trap. To do this, go to the camp screen(tap the first tab at the bottom menu of the game) -> tap capture -> add food -> select the food -> confirm. Depending on the food quality, you get the pets; normal, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary pets.

In the next part, we will learn about the recipes’ quality.

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Learn About The Recipes In Ulala Idle Adventure

Ulala: Idle Adventure Pets & Cooking Recipes If you have been playing the game for a while now, you might already know how to cook the food items. In case, you don’t know – go to camp screen -> cook -> select the dish -> cook -> cooking. That’ easy! How do you acquire the ingredients? You can acquire the ingredients for the recipes by defeating the monsters or creatures in the adventure. The main thing that you need to know is the food recipe quality. If you want to capture the legendary pets, you need to cook tasty fruit or feast capture quality recipes. When the food is ready, the game shows its details -> there you can check the quality of the food recipe. Here’s the list –

List of food qualities: –

  1. Burnt
  2. Mediocre
  3. Tasty
  4. Top Class
  5. Heavenly Delicacy
  6. Tasty Fruit
  7. Feast Capture

Among all these, food dishes with feast capture, tasty fruit, and heavenly delicacy quality might help you to obtain legendary pets. From the burnt dish, you usually get a normal pet. Mediocre – Uncommon, Rare. Tasty – Rare, Epic, Uncommon. Top Class – Uncommon, Epic, Rare. Heavenly Delicacy – Rare, Epic, Legendary. Tasty Fruit – Epic, Legendary. Feast Capture – Epic, Legendary.

Guide To Pets’ Elements In Ulala

All the pets belong to two of these elements; Fire Element, Lightning Element, Frost Element, Earth Element. Certain elements are weak and strong against specific elements. Here’s the info –

  • Fire > Lightning
  • Lightning > Earth
  • Earth > Forst
  • Frost > Fire

To check the pet element, go to the pet menu -> there you can check the two elements to which your pet belongs. Depending on the monster or boss element, your pet can be weak or strong. We will learn about this in the Ulala: Idle Adventure Best Pets part below.

Monster/Boss Element

You can check the boss element by tapping its icon – it appears near the mini-map when you challenge him.

The Best Pets In Ulala Idle Adventure

Ulala: Idle Adventure PetsTo get the most out of the pets, we would recommend you to focus on higher-quality pets; Legendary, Epic, And Rare. The higher the quality of a pet, the better will be his/her performance in the battle. Additionally, we would recommend dispatching the best pet or the right type of pet in the battlefield – when fighting against the monster boss. First, check the boss element. Then dispatch a strong element pet in the battlefield. For example – if the boss belongs to the frost element, you should deploy a pet who belongs to the earth element – because the element earth>frost. Check the element info in the above guide part.

Also, in the battle, you can check whether your pet has an advantage or disadvantage – by checking the combat stats. On the top-right side, below the minimap, tap the EXP/Shell numbers -> go to pet details – there you can check whether the pet element is weak or strong.

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Guide To Pets’ Attributes In Ulala

As you can see in the above picture, the pets deal damage to the monsters as well as provide bonus assistance for your character. All the pets in Ulala have these attributes: –

  • ATK – Pet’s attack
  • Symbiosis Talent – Sets the HP bonus for your character
  • Assist – Sets the attack bonus for your character
  • Guardian – Sets the armor bonus for your character

Pets’ Grades In Ulala Idle Adventure

Pets come in five qualities; normal, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. Read the cooking recipes guide above to learn how to get high-quality pets.

Guide To Hatch Eggs

You can hatch the eggs once you reach the character class level 16. To hatch the egg, go to the camp screen -> storage -> head to the pet tab -> tap the egg -> hatch.

Ulala: Idle Adventure Pets Training

For now, we are just covering the research part. You can improve the pets by researching. To research, you need fossils – rare fossils. 

Getting Fossils In The Game

By releasing the pets, you can obtain the normal or rare fossils. Normal fossils can be fused to obtain rare fossils. You need 100 normal fossils to obtain one rare fossil. Go to the storage -> pet -> normal fossils -> fuse. Now, coming to the point – you need to release the captured pet to obtain these fossils. Depending on the pet’s quality, you will get fossils; normal or rare. To release a pet, go to the pet menu -> tap the release button at the upper-left of the pet inventory -> select the pets that you want to release -> confirm. Released pets can be obtained again by capturing.

Pets’ Skills Introduction

  • Healing Mists(20 Shards) – Heal the character
  • Devotion(10 Shards) – reduces the damage received by the character
  • Slashing Strike(100 Shards) – Inflict damage
  • Inspire(10 Shards) – Increases character’s attack
  • Shield Defense(20 Shards) – Increases master’s shield
  • Rend(50 Shards) – Inflict damage
  • Assault(50 Shards) – AoE damage
  • Swipe(50 Shards) – AoE damage
  • Smash(50 Shards) – Inflict damage

These are the active skills of the pets. You can learn these skills once you have obtained enough skill shards. From the combat battles and pet skill draw, you get the skill shards. To check the skill shards that you own at the current time, navigate to the camp screen -> storage -> pet. You need a certain number of shards to learn these skills.

  • Pursuing(50 Shards) -Inflict DMG
  • Overpower(100 Shards) – Resists enemy’s armor
  • Tenacity(100 Shards) – Improves character’s armor
  • Fury(10 Shards) – Enhances pet’s critical rate and critical damage
  • Mend(100 Shards) – Restore character’s HP
  • Battle Heart(20 Shards) – Improves pet’s attack
  • Inner Focus(70 Shards) – Improves pet’s attack
  • Molten(50 Shards) – Inflict DMG
  • Cooperation(70 Shards) – Inflict DMG
  • Beast Heart(70 Shards) – Inflict DMG
  • Onslaugh(50 Shards) – Inflict DMG
  • Competitive Heart(20 Shards) – Improves assist attribute
  • Firm Heart(20 Shards) – Improves pet protection attribute
  • Steady Heart(20 Shards) – Improves HP Bonus for the character
  • Photosynthesis (10 Shards) – Restores energy
  • Splash(20 Shards) – Inflict DMG
  • Hold Firm(50 Shards) – Increases the character’s shield
  • Sacrificial(70 Shards) – Protect the character by taking damage
  • Emergency Safeguard(70 Shards) – Grants Shield

These are the passive skills for the pet. Unlock the passive skill slots by raising the research level.

The Pet Exploration Function In Ulala 

The Pet exploration function allows you to farm a bunch of resources such as gem, fossils, and skills. You can dispatch one pet army at a time – to increase the expedition size/limit, you need to unlock or get more pets.

  • If you have only one pet, you can dispatch only one team at a time
  • Unlock 20 pets to increase the expedition size to 2
  • Unlock 35 pets to increase the expedition size to 3
  • Have 50 pets to raise it to the maximum limit(4)

Select an exploration region -> choose the pets -> start the adventure. Once the exploration ends, they will return and bring rewards.

At the bottom-right side of the pet exploration screen, tap the pet farm button -> from there you can replenish the pet’s stamina. It will cost starfish. Or wait until it restores automatically. So that would be all in this Ulala Pets Exploration part.

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Pets Farm In Ulala Idle Adventure

The latest update to the Ulala: Idle Adventure game has added a new feature to the pet system. Now you can place the pet in the pet farm to gain an effect bonus. The effect bonus depends on the pet that you have placed on the pet farm. In the pet menu, on the top-right side, tap the farm button. On the next screen, you will see lots of pet slots that you can construct if you meet the requirement. It will cost you shells.

Place the pets in the farm or pet slots to grant an effect bonus to the character. In other words, if you want to increase the stats of the character, then keeping pets in the farm/pet slots can help you. Depending on the pet quality, you will get the extra effect bonus: –

  • Uncommon Pet – 23% Effect Bonus
  • Rare Pet – 28% Effect Bonus
  • Epic Pet – 34% Effect Bonus
  • Legendary Pet – 41% Effect Bonus
  • Highly Talented Pet – 42% Effect Bonus

Also, at the top of the farm screen, you can check the total farm effect.

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