Ulala Idle Adventure guide: tips, cheats & strategies 2021

New to the Ulala Idle Adventure game? Get familiar with all of its concepts with this Ulala guide available with tips, cheats & strategies for beginners 2021

Ulala: Idle Adventure

Ulala Idle Adventure guide, tips, and strategies 2021⇓

This article covers “how to play Ulala Idle Adventure”, a guide to all the features and functions, tips to level up, about the in-game currencies, pets, and other things such as toys, crystal stones, hero hill, monster chest, and much more. So, let’s dive into this Ulala guide and tips: – 

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Getting Started With The Ulala Basics Guide⇓

In Ulala: Idle Adventure game, your main objective is to make the character stronger and defeat the dinosaurs by challenging them. After you create the character class, you will enter the battlefield – there you will see three more characters who will help you in your adventure journey. Yes, you play in the team – not solo. It’s recommended to team up with active players who have better stats and at higher stage. In the combat screen, at the top-right corner, tap the mini-map to check your location or just below the minimap, you can check it.

You will defeat the waves of enemies and earn EXP, Shells.

Ulala: Idle Adventure

Challenge To Progress⇓

To conquer an area or to progress in Ulala: Idle Adventure game, the player needs to defeat the boss of that area. That’s the real threat. On the bottom-right side, tap the challenge button to hunt for the boss. Defeat the boss to get better rewards; gears, in-game items, etc. and progress to the next area. As you progress through the game, you will face powerful creatures – the rewards will get much better.

Shells In Ulala Adventure⇓

Just below the mini-map, the game displays the number of shells you are earning per minute. These shells are required to enhance the gears. Your character equips weapon, accessories, armor – all these gears can be enhanced – and, it will cost you a certain number of shells.

Guide To Level Up In Ulala Idle Adventure⇓

To level up the character in Ulala: Idle Adventure game, you need to grind the EXP. EXP can be obtained by defeating the creatures or boss in the adventure or combat mode. The amount of EXP earned per minute depends on the current progress. Defeat the boss, clear the areas and earn tons of EXP every minute. At the upper-left corner of the screen, you can check your character’s current level. Tap the level bar to see how much EXP is required to reach the next level.

Starfish In The Ulala Game⇓

Starfish is the basic-in game currency in Ulala: Idle Adventure game. You can use it to buy shells, capture the pets instantly, and in many other ways. How do you get Starfish? Complete the quests to get starfish.

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Pearls In The Game⇓

Unlike shells or starfish, pearls are hard to get. It is the premium in-game currency and you can get it by spending real money. (Top-up to get pearls). Pearls can be used to get skill chests, in-game items, and in many other ways.

Join A Good Team⇓

By default, you play with the default team allies(AI). You can join other players’ teams and get more benefits. First, you need to leave the team. You leave the team once you are out of combat. Tap the team option on the bottom-right side -> go to my team tab -> at the top-right corner of it, tap the exit button. Now, go to the notice board section under the team menu and apply for other teams. Or quick join other players’ teams. To create a team, go to my team tab -> recruit teammates. You can recruit three teammates.

To accept the invitation, go to my team menu and tap the invite info button.

The Basic Guide To Ulala Pets⇓

The pet function unlocks at character level 16. And, you get one pet for free. Once the pet function is unlocked, go to the pet menu(the third tab at the bottom menu) -> select the pet and then tap the dispatch button. Tap the capture button on the top-right side to capture the pets by using food items as bait.

Train the pets, research their skills to get more benefits. We will post a pet guide soon(Update -> ⇒Read the Pets Guide Here; Elements, Best Pets, Etc,).

Guide To Attributes In Ulala: Idle Adventure⇓

Ulala: Idle AdventureAfter a certain level, character class attributes function get unlocked. You can spend the attribute points to increase attack, defense, HP, critical hits, evasion like stats of the character class. These energy points can be acquired by leveling up the character.

  • Int – Increases attack, Hit, Impale
  • Sta – Stamina affects HP, block, Evasion
  • Technique – Armor, Crit, Tenacity

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Get Stronger By Equipping Gears⇓

Gears affect the character’s stats such as HP, ATK, Armor, ATK Speed, Impale, etc. You get the gears by defeating the boss, creatures in the adventure mode. Go to the camp menu(first tab at the bottom menu) -> storage -> there you can check the gears. You can smelt these gears and obtain gem shards. These shards can be used to craft new gear.

Gems In Ulala Idle Adventure⇓

Once you reach a certain character level, a new function gets unlocked – gems. Like you enhance the weapons to increase their effect, gems work in a similar way. By inlaying the gems to the gears, you can improve them even more. You have to go to the 2nd tab of the game – character’s profile – tap the gear -> tap the gem button(near the enhance button) -> inlay the stones or gems.

Gems Fusion –

Go to the storage -> gem -> tap the gem -> fuse. You can get high-level gems or stones by fusing. For example – fuse (x-two) level 1 gem(s) to get (x1) level 2 gem. Different type of gems provide different extra stats/boost: –

  • Defense Stone – Increases armor
  • Health Stone – Increases HP
  • Attack Stone – Increases attack
  • Crit Stone – Increases crit
  • Hit Stone – Increases hit
  • Block Stone – Increases block rate
  • Impale Stone – Increases Impale stats
  • Tenacity Stone – Increases tenacity stats

If you don’t know about these attributes, ⇒ check out our class build guide. In that guide, we have explained all the attributes info.

Transcend To Get Stronger Further⇓

To transcend the character, you must complete the transcend quest requirements. Go to the character profile menu and then tap the transcend button to check these requirements. Transcend the character to increase rank & stats.

Learn About The Monster Chest In Ulala⇓

Monster Chest is one of the best sources to obtain legendary gear. To access this function, you have to go to the camp menu side -> on the left side, you will see the monster chest option. Tap it. Make sure that you are in a team – a team of real players(not the default NPCs). After that, you have to roll the dice – pick an animal or pet and let your luck pick a number. The highest scorer in the team wins the match. All the team members can roll it or participate in this event once per day. When the timer ends, you get the item.

Skill Chest Function In The Game⇓

You can access the skill chest function from the camp menu. (It’s near the storage building). In the skill chest menu, you can spend skill vouchers or starfish to obtain high-quality skills; epic, legendary, etc. The game guarantees one epic or higher quality skill after every 10 draws.

Wish Coins Grinding⇓

From the daily quests(complete all to earn wish coin), you can earn wish coins. In the Wish Fountain screen, you can select a wish/reset the skill wish – spend these coins to earn wish points. Reach 100 wish points and the goddess will make that wish come true. You can obtain legendary skills by making the wish.

Blackmarket In Ulala Idle Adventure⇓

The lady at Blackmarket sells dozens of valuable items at cheap price; in-game currencies such as shells, starfish, and pearls. These items include ingredients for cooking, high-quality gears, attributes stone/gem, skill shards, etc. Note – only spend when you need an item. Don’t waste the in-game currency.

Manage The Backpack⇓

It’s always advised to keep the backpack clean. Head to the storage and there you can inspect all the loot/items – gears, food ingredients, cooked food, pet skills, fossils, gems, stones, vouchers, books, etc. The main thing is the useless gears – go to the equipment tab -> tap the smelt button on the bottom-right -> confirm. Obtain gear shards -> use gear shards to forge/craft better gears.

Toys & Rainbow Stones⇓

With rainbow stones, which can be obtained by playing the Arena mode or from the Hero Hill ranking reward, you can buy the toys for the character. Like the pets, these toys can increase the base attribute of the character such as damage, critical hits, armor, etc. Also, these pets can equip the accessories – just like the character. And, these accessories grant bonus stat boost to the character’s stats.

So it would be better to grind the Rainbow Stones by playing the arena mode or getting the top-ranking position in Hero Hill. For more information, read the Hero Hill guide below. And, for the details of the toys, head to this post: –

Guide To Hero Hill In Ulala⇓

Ulala Hero Hill GuideYou can access the Hero Fill menu from the camp screen. Here you can track the hero generation progress. And, it’s calculated by your current progress in the game. In the combat screen, at the upper-right side, tap the mini-map -> tap the button called Main Server Progress; after that, the game will display a message showing your current progress; You have overtaken 89.72%(depends on your current progress) of players.

Ulala ProgressNow go back to the hero hill screen and at the bottom-center, you will see the same figures – also, the rewards based on the progress: –

  1. Below 90% – Gold Chest
  2. Better than 90% – Epic Chest
  3. Better than 95% – Legendary Chest
  4. And, better than 99% – Mythical Chest

Depending on the progress, you get the reward. On the same screen, under the Hero Gen. Reward message, you can check the remaining time – on the due time, based on the progress, the game will reward you. For example – suppose, at due time, you’ve overtaken +95% players, then you will get the legendary chest as a reward.

From these chests, you get reputation points and starfish. Reputation Points are required to claim reputation rewards. For example – Once you have collected (60) reputation points, you will get toys and rainbow stones. In the hero hill menu, on the upper-right side, tap the hero hill reward option to check the reputation rank rewards.

How do you overtake players and progress? By challenging the boss and progressing on the map stages. If you cross 99% figure, you will be able to promote the character to the next generation – and, every (10) generation, you discover a new era.

Costumes In The Game⇓

With regular updates to the game, X.D Global keeps the Ulala game fresh and intersting. A new function called wardrobe has been released that lets you customize the character, In the character menu, near the right-side gear slot, tap the Wardrobe option. This will take you to the brand new Ulala: Idle Adventure Fashion Shop where you can customize the character with: –

  • Weapon Skin
  • Hairstyle
  • Clothes
  • Headdress
  • Face I
  • Face II
  • Back
  • Handguard Skin
  • Shoe
  • Waist

Tap the + button in the customization menu to enter the fashion shop. There you can draw the costumes in exchange for Crystals Stones or Starfish. You can preview the costume before buying – just tap the costume in the costume preview section. Hit the draw button and the game will draw an item for you. If you don’t have crystals stones, you can starfish for the costume. Also, you can access the costume store from the camp screen.

The Alice series features 24 Costumes. With the new costumes, you can activate the manual attribute bonus.

Learn About The Crystal Stones⇓

Crystal Stone is the new currency in Ulala that you can use to make a purchase in the costume store. For the first time, you get 30 Crystal Stones for free. Every crystal stone is equal to 15 Pearls.

So that would be all in this Ulala: Idle Adventure guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Ulala: Idle Adventure tips, cheats & strategies.

Choose The Best Class⇓

Ulala: Idle Adventure game lets you play as a total of eight classes. Of course, you would not want to play all – so better to pick the best class from the very beginning. There are DPS, Tanks, Healers – gladiator, hunter, warlock, druid, assassin, shaman, warrior. If you don’t know what is the best class, follow this class guide –

Choose The Team Wisely⇓

To defeat the boss in Ulala: Idle Adventure game, you will need more firepower and team cover. With the default team, you would not be able to survive for long. So we would recommend you to find a good team and then fight along with them. When choosing a team, check the player’s stats, gear level, enhancement level, pets, class, etc. Use the chat function to get help from online players.

Equip The Best Gears⇓

As you progress through the game, you will get better gears. Make sure that your character is equipped with the best gears set. Swap the gears if there is a need.

Go AFK To Grind EXP⇓

The game is Idle – you don’t need to do anything – except watching the characters fighting enemies or managing the gears. Leave the game open and do other tasks – the characters will grind EXP and shells over time. Don’t need to challenge the boss in this AFK period. Or go to mobile settings and change the display -> sleep settings to no time. Or use the developer options to stay awake. Before you go to sleep, you can leave the game as it is and let the characters grind EXP. It is one of the best ways to level up fast.

Enhance The Gears⇓

Use the shells to enhance the gears. This will increase the gears’ stats – which means an increase in the character stats. And, you will be able to defeat the monsters or their boss quickly.

Inlay gems to boost the stats.

Spend The Energy Points⇓

Every level, you earn 5 energy points. Spend these energy points in raising the attributes of character classes.

Upgrade The Skills⇓

Go to the character profile -> tap the skill book -> upgrade -> select the skill pages/materials -> upgrade the skill to get more benefits.

Use The Quick Battle⇓

To grind EXP, in-game items fast, use the quick battle every day. Pray to the goddess to obtain combat gains of 2 hours. Make sure that the backpack has some space.

Get Help From Pets In Monster Battles⇓

Monster or Boss battles are usually tough as compared to the normal battles. If you have unlocked the pets function, we would recommend you to dispatch/deploy a strong element pet against the boss to get bonus advantages. If you don’t know about the monster and pet elements, read our pets guide.

Consume The Food Dishes⇓

You can increase the character’s ATK, HP, and many other attributes by eating the food items. Go to the camp screen -> find and tap storage option -> go to the food tab -> tap the food item -> read the buff details(Character) -> eat. When fighting against the boss, make sure to eat the food items. If you don’t know about the food dishes or cooking, follow the cooking guide.

Claim The Costume Manual Bonus⇓

When you receive a new costume from the costume draw, make sure to claim its costume manual bonus. Head to the battle screen, tap the manual button on the right side -> in the bottom-right corner, tap costume -> there you can claim this bonus by tapping the costume that you just acquired. For more information, check the costume guide above.

So these are the top Ulala tips, cheats & guide info for the beginners 2021. We will post the cooking guide, pets guide, chests function soon. So stay tuned. Also, see –

Also, see – Ulala Idle Adventure Codes – Gift Code

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