War Tortoise 2: Ascend, Generation, Mutation

This War Tortoise 2 post covers Ascend, Generation, Mutation, Conquest Points & Tier info that you should be aware of as a newbie to War Tortoise 2

War Tortoise 2 Ascend Generation MutationWe have been covering War Tortoise 2 game for a while now. Although, we didn’t cover the original version, which is also available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. This is the sequel to the original version and it’s packed with the Idle Exploration where you get to care for plenty of things. For instance, upgrading the tortoise, capturing the enemy territories on the map, teaming up with the pilots and heroes. And, spending the premium currency like gems, DNA on wise fields. 

War Tortoise 2 Ascension, Mutation, And More: – 

In today’s post, we are going to cover War Tortoise 2 Ascend, Generation, Mutation, War Supplies like features. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content. 

War Tortoise 2 Ascend, Generation

War Tortoise 2 Ascend Generation MutationAscension takes you to the next generation and gives the War Tortoise boosts like an increase in HP, mutation effects, etc. To ascend, you must reach level 11(it increases as you progress further into the game). So head to the map and select a location to start the exploration. In exploration, you are going to face loads of waves of the enemies and that helps you level up. When you reach level 11, tap the + button in the left menu -> scroll down under the Tortoise section -> tap the ascend button -> head to the next generation. So far we have reached 12 generations – and, there are many more to discover.

When To Ascend?

You have to break the record. Yes, you heard it right! Each record makes you stronger. For example – suppose, for the first time, you ascend at level 11. Next time, do it after level 11; like level 12, 13 – the higher the level, the more ascensions benefits you are going to get. But don’t go too below the previous best. It’s gonna make you weak. Suppose, you did at level 22. So level 22 is the current best. But, next time, if you do it at level 15; level 22(previous best) vs level 15(current) – there would be a huge difference in the health. You have to at least reach level 22 or 23+ to break the record or get benefits. Otherwise, ascension would not be worth. 

To track the ascension benefits(War Tortoise Health increases or decreases depends on the ascension), head to the tortoise upgrade menu and check the health before ascending. After you hit the ascend button and do ascension, check again to track how much HP you gained. 

  • Ascension increases the generation level and raises the max HP of the tortoise + gives mutation perks. 

How To Get A Mutation?

War Tortoise 2 Ascend Generation MutationThat’s one of the daily quests that give you free gems. To complete this quest, all you need to do is ascend. This will give you mutation effects/perks. You can also get Mutation perks by spending gems in the DNA tab of the menu. 

War Tortoise 2 Conquest Points

Conquest Points are required to raise the conquest tier and unlock new locations on the map. In other words, to expand the map or reach the locked location, you need to raise the conquest tier; for which, you must collect conquest points. In War Tortoise 2, conquest points can be obtained by increasing the War Rank or defeating the raid bosses. Head to the map and on the top-left side of the map, you can check the conquest points, stars, and tier info. 

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War Supplies

War Supplies are a great way to increase power or get some boosts. These are temporary supplies and they reset every time you ascend. Head to the tortoise upgrade menu and from there you can roll for war supplies – equip!

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So this would be all in this post on War Tortoise 2 Ascend, Generation, and Mutation info for beginners. 

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