Yokai Kitchen Foodimons List & How To Get Them

Yokai Kitchen FoodimonsLooking for the list of Foodimons featured in Yokai Kitchen game? Check out this Yokai Kitchen Foodimons list & how to get them

To prepare the food dishes or cook the dishes in Yokai Kitchen Restaurant RPG, you need ingredients. And, one of the best ways to get these ingredients is by deploying the Foodimons or animals on the farm. These Foodimons produce ingredients from time to time. And, you need to take care of them; feed them, use better breeders, etc. In this post, we have shared a complete list of Yokai Kitchen Foodimons and how to get them. Let’s not waste any time and head to the main content.

Yokai Kitchen Foodimons List: –

  • Karrot Sheep
  • Piggy Puffer
  • Milky Piggy
  • Tomato Shrimp
  • Jelleggy
  • Rice Ball
  • Rice Elf
  • Duckyduckies
  • Bean Seahorse
  • Eggy Spider
  • Lettuceman
  • Peach Shrimp
  • Cucumcodile
  • Curry Llama
  • Tofu Frog
  • Winey Squid
  • Crabssant
  • Durianie
  • Strawberry Fish
  • Hippotato
  • Chickyroom
  • Honey Bear
  • Melon Rhino
  • Taro Chirpy
  • Abalone Whale
  • Creamy Scallop
  • Toro Chili
  • Cheese Trepang
  • Pitaya Dragon
  • Applepus
  • Otakuallow
  • Floury
  • Almond King

So this is the complete list of Yokai Kitchen Foodimons. Let’s learn how to obtain these Foodimons and what items they produce at the farm.

Karrot Sheep

This is the first Foodimon that you get in Yokai Kitchen game. You find this creature in Sierra Turtle Untold story. Lamb and Carrots are the two items that you can obtain by deploying Karrot Sheep on the farm.

Piggy Puffer

Obtain this creature from Piggy Puffer Untold Stories mode(Crystal Land Story). Produces – Fish.

Milky Piggy

Obtain from Milky Poggy Untold Stories. Production – Milk & Pork.

Tomato Shrimp

Obtain – Tomato Shrimp Untold Stories. Production – Shrimp & Tomato.


Obtain – Jelleggy Untold Stories. Production – Salted Eggs.

Rice Ball

Obtain – Flash Events. Production – Osmanthus, Jujube, Sticky Rice.

Rice Elf

Obtain – Rice Elf Untold Stories. Production – Rice.


Obtain – Flash Events. Production – Ham, Duck, Chocolate, Coffee Beans.

Bean Seahorse

Obtain – Bean Seahorse Untold Stories. Production – Red Bean, Bell Pepper.

Eggy Spider

Obtain – Eggy Spider Untold Stories. Production – Ribs, Preserved Eggs.


Obtain – Lettuceman Untold Stories. Production – Lettuce.

Peach Stump

Obtain – Clan Shop. It will cost you 800 review points. You can earn these points by managing the restaurant properly. Read this Yokai Kitchen Restaurant Management guide to know all the basics. Production – Peach.


Obtain – Cucumcodile Untold Stories. Production – Cucumber.

Curry Llama

Obtain – Curry Llama Untold Stories. Production – Noodles, Curry, Mutton.

Tofu Frog

Obtain – Tofu Frog Untold Stories. Production – Tofu, Peppercorn, Bean Sauce.

Winey Squid

  • Clan Shop – 1000 Review Points
  • Production – Wine & Squid


  • Crabssant Untold Stories
  • Production – Coconut, Bread, Crabmeat


  • Clan Shop – 2200 Review Points
  • Production – Haw & Durian

Strawberry Fish

  • Flash Events
  • Production – Strawberry


  • Hippotato Untold Stories
  • Production – Potato, Corn


  • Chickyroom Untold Stories
  • Chicken, Egg, Mushroom

Honey Bear

  • Obtain – Honey Bear Untold Stories
  • Honey


  • Ginsengie Untold Stories
  • Ice & Ginsengie

Melon Rhino

  • Obtain – Melon Rhino Untold Stories
  • Melon & Veal

Taro Chirpy

  • Obtain – Taro Chirpy Untold Stories
  • Taro

Abalone Whale

  • Clan Shop – 2000 Review Points
  • Abalone

Creamy Scallop

  • Creamy Scallop Untold Stories
  • Scallop & Cream

Toro Chili

  • Clan Shop – 1200 Review Points
  • Chili & Beef


  • Clan Shop – 800 Review Points
  • Apple & Octopus


  • Flash Events
  • Turkey


  • Floury Untold Stories
  • Flour, Refined Flour

Almond King

  • Obtain – Almond King Untold Stories
  • Sugar & Almond King

Most of these Foodimons can be obtained from the untold stories mode. Go to the main interface of the game and enter the untold stories screen. Complete these stories and get these Foodimons. While some of these can be obtained from the events and the clan shop. In the clan shop, you spend the review points for a bunch of items such as recipes, Foodimons, Yokai Shards.

Events – At the upper-right corner of the screen, there are four options; purchase, bonus, events, and council. Tap the events option to enter the event screen – keep an eye on these event missions.

We would recommend you to focus on completing the realm stages to unlock these stories quickly. So that would be all in this post. For more guides or tips on this game, scroll down and enter Yokai Kitchen Keyword in the search box and search. Also, see –

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