Second Galaxy Guide & Tips For Beginners!

Having trouble understanding the Second Galaxy game’s mechanics? Check out this basic Second Galaxy guide & tips for the beginners

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Second Galaxy Game Overview

Second Galaxy guide & tips for the beginners – Second Galaxy is an open-world sci-fi SLG for Android and iOS by ZlongGames. In the game, you own a base in the space station where you manage the ships, recruits, research, production, and there are lots of things. The base is in one of the planets – and, on each planet, there are lots of space stations where you can relocate or move. At the bottom-left corner of the screen, tap the menu button -> choose map -> on the top-right side, tap the planet icon -> choose a planet to explore. And, at the top-left corner of the map screen, tap the galaxy nodes icon to view all the stations. If you want to relocate, then tap the space station and then tap the relocate icon.

Second Galaxy Guide – The Basics – The Base

The space station game screen looks like this(tap the Go button to explore manually) –Second Galaxy Guide and Tips

If you are in the space station, you can access all the space station facilities such as research, ship hangar, decryption, recruit, production, warehouse, dispatch, development, etc. At the beginning of the game, most of these functions are locked – and, you need to complete the chapters to unlock all these functions. Tap the menu button at the bottom-left corner to see all these options. Let’s learn about all these functions: –

  • Research – Second Galaxy

In the research menu, you can improve the ship’s booster effects, enhance the weapons, technology, production, and Wingmen(Recruit). It will cost you a certain amount of credits and minerals such as semiconductor gel, hydrocarbon polymer, superconducting body, etc. Go to the research menu -> choose a research type -> select a particular aspect -> tap on the research icon -> upgrade -> on the research upgrade screen, you can check the cost & prerequisite. You must meet the prerequisite and credits requirement to upgrade. Tap the upgrade button to start the research; you can use the speed-ups to complete the research fast.

  • Decryption

From the missions, exploration, quests, you might get the supply cases. You need to decrypt these cases to get the reward; devices, weapons or other mods. Go to the decryption menu -> tap the + button -> select the case -> decrypt. You can use the Iridium to decrypt it instantly.

  • Development – Second Galaxy

In the development menu, you can work on a variety of projects; develop implant, ammo, ship, weapon, device, and component. Select anyone that you want to develop -> on the next screen, select a particular item from the list. To develop these items, you need materials or blueprints. After you select the item from the list, at the bottom-right corner, tap the auto-add button automatically put the required materials in the slot or tap the + button to select the materials. If you don’t know what materials are required, tap the center icon of the project – to preview the material items.

  • Production

In the Second Galaxy Production menu, you can convert the blueprints into the actual item. First, you need to add the blueprint and then select a recruit(Wingman) -> start. It will cost minerals or credits.

  • Warehouse

In the warehouse, you can inspect all the items; implants, blueprints, weapons, ammo, devices, components, minerals, supply case, microchips, etc.

  • Recruit

Here you can manage the recruits(Wingman) – they help you in mining the resources(dispatch), production, and in the battles. Get these recruits from the chapter mode quests -> train them to unlock their potential skills.

  • Dispatch

Dispatch the recruits or Wingmen to mine the resources(minerals from the space).

So that would be all in this Social Galaxy guide to the menu screen.

Getting Ships & Managing The Ships

There are lots of ships featured in the Second Galaxy game. When you start the game, you get a tier 1 ship for free. You can buy more ships from the mall in exchange for the credits. Earn credits from the missions & quests. Now, how do you configure or manage the ships? How do you select the ships for the missions?

⇒Ships selected in Ship Hangar can be used in the missions. Go to the Ship Hangar screen from the menu -> on the left side, you can deploy the ships in the empty slots. To unlock more slots, you need to increase the pilot level. To remove or replace a ship with another ship, follow these steps: –

  • Select the ship in Ship Hangar
  • Tap the package button
  • Confirm

Second Galaxy Guide and TipsThe ship will be removed from the ship hangar slots. And, the game will store it in the warehouse. So, now you have an empty slot. Tap that slot and select a ship from the warehouse. In some missions, selected ships might not be available – you will get this message if this happens: –

  • The selected ship isn’t qualified to battle

If you see the above message, then it means that you have selected the wrong ships in the ship hangar. Check this guide – Second Galaxy – Ship not qualified fix

Second Galaxy Guide – Managing The Ships – Install Devices & Weapons

When you select a new ship in ship hangar, make sure to install devices and weapons. You use these weapons to attack the hostile ships in the missions. Devices are of many types and help you during the battle by providing many types of buffs. For example – recharging the ship’s shield, boosting the ship’s velocity. You can earn the weapons, devices from the chapter mode missions or other quests.

How do you install the devices and weapons? Follow these steps: –

  • Go to ship hangar
  • Select a ship
  • On the bottom-right side, tap the device & weapon slots to install devices and weapons

Also, see – Second Galaxy Ships Guide

How to use the devices & weapons in the battle?

First, make sure to read the details of the device and the weapon that you have installed. To get the details, tap the device or weapon icon in the ship hangar menu. It’s important to know the details – so that you can use the device & weapon abilities at the right time.

In the space or during the battle, at the bottom-center of the screen, you can see the devices(tap to use). And, on the bottom-right side, you have weapon controls. Tap the weapon icon to deal damage.

Second Galaxy Guide and Tips

Controls & Space Screen Guide

When following the missions, the ship moves automatically. To stop the ship, tap the pause button(neer the speed bar). To move the ship, double-tap the area where you want to move.

At the top-left corner of the space screen, there are four tabs;

  • Overview tab – shows the nearby ships or targets
  • NPCs or Missions – shows the NPC or target list when on the missions
  • Galaxy Nodes – nearby space stations
  • Filter – sort the ships

In the overview tab, select a ship that you want to target. Once selected, four icons on the top-right side of the space screen will pop-out: –

  • Eye – tap eye icon to see the target
  • Approach – tap this icon to approach the target
  • Leave – tap this icon to stop approaching the target
  • Orbit – orbiting the target

Around the ship, there are color strip bars; spring green color bar, the orange color bar on the left side. And, blue color, white color bars on the right side.

The green color bar displays the shield stats. When the enemy attacks your ship, the shield will take damage. And, you will see a drop in the shield stat. Once the shield is broken, the ship’s armor will take the damage. It is displayed with an orange bar.

The blur color bar on the right side of the ship shows the energy. Using the weapons to deal damage to the enemies cost energy. Energy recovers gradually. And, at last – the white bar shows the speed/velocity of the ship.

You can recover the energy and shield using the ship’s devices.

Lost in the Space?

If you feel that you are lost in the space – better to visit the space station/base. At the top-left side, tap the home icon to navigate to the base.

So that would be all in this Second Galaxy Guide for the beginners. We will update this post soon with more information and new guides. For now, follow these tips to get started: –

  • Focus on the chapter mode missions(tap the menu button -> OPs -> main plot)
  • Allocate the attribute points to the pilot to imrove the pilot stats(menu -> tap the pilot avatar)
  • Install the devices and weapons wisely
  • Use the devices and weapons wisely in the battle
  • Research to get more buffs

Feel free to ask questions, share tips, guides in the comment section below.

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