Dragon Raja Pets Guide: Pet Forms, Evolution, Level

Wondering what are the pets in the Dragon Raja game? Read on for this Dragon Raja Pets guide to get all the pet-related info – how to increase their ratings

Dragon Raja PetsWe have been covering the Dragon Raja game for a while now. If you are playing this game, then make sure to use this site’s search box and type Dragon Raja to check all the coverage. This post is gonna be all about Dragon Raja pets. When you reach the character class level 50, you unlock the pet function and the first pet you get for free is Adams. As of now, Dragon Raja game features six pets and for each pet, there is a unqiue way of acquisition. 

Dragon Raja Pets: –

  • Adams – Light
  • Tamago Cat – Dark
  • Konniski – Light
  • Abyss Dragon – Dark
  • Kuma II – Dark
  • Elisa – Light


Adams inflict AoE Physical DMG to all the enemies with the ultimate skill. 

  • You get this pet for free 

Tamago Cat

Tamago Cats inflict heavy magic damage to the target area. 

  • You can buy this pet from the mall in exchange for diamonds – at level 65

You can read this Dragon Raja guide to learn how to get diamonds


Konniski pet in Dragon Raja inflicts heavy magic damage to the foes. 

  • You can get this pet from the shop just like Tamago Cat – but when you reach the level 75

Abyss Dragon

Abyss Dragon can inflict physical damage to the target area with the ultimate ability that summons a geyser. 

  • You need to complete How to Train your Dragon – NightWatcher quest

Kuma II

Kuma II is one of the pets in Dragon Raja – with the ability to inflict AoE Magic Damage. 

  • Reach level 85 in the game and get this pet from the pet shop


Elisa does heavy physical damage. 

  • In Cassell College, head to 293, 314 Co-Ordinates and interact with School Board Mysterious character. There you can exchnage the coins with Elisa pet

Dragon Raja Pet Forms: –

In Dragon Raja, all the Pets have three forms; Child From, Adult Form, and Ultimate Form. A pet starts from Child From, then grows to Adult, and then Ultimate Form. The player needs to evolve the pet and grow enough to reach these forms. At each form, pets get new support skills. Dragon Raja Pets

Evolve Dragon Raja Pets

Tap the menu button(+) on the right-center -> pets. Select the pet. Tap the pet food bowl button and use Nutrients. You can get Nutrients from the Clawer machine at Cassell College. Or buy from the store in exchange for diamonds. In the stats tab of the pet, under the level up evolution section, pay attention to the growth rate. When the pet reaches the max growth, he will transform and adopt a new pet form. 

Tap the Tap to evolve button when the pet reaches max growth. This will take you another screen where you will need Evolution Genes to complete the evolution process. You can get the Evolution Genes from Clawer machine in Cassell College or from the store or using the Secret Key

How To Increase Pet Ratings?

You need to feed nutrients to the pet ratings. Every time you feed nutrients to the pet, you will see a rise in his pet ratings. 

Summon And Recall Dragon Raja Pets

Head to the pet menu -> select the pet -> tap the recall button in the bottom-center or on the bottom-left side of the stats tab. This will recall the pet. Tap the summon button to bring the pet into action. 

Head to the Squad tab in the pet menu to add pets by element. In Dragon Raja, you can bring one light element and one dark element to the action. 

So this would be all in this post on Dragon Raja Pets. If you have more questions on the Dragon Raja Pet system comment below. 

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