Seaport Game Overview, Guide, Tips, And Cheats

seaport game guide tips cheatsSeaport is a great simulation game for Android in which you trade with others, buy ships, earn money, and grow from a little fishing village to the most prosperous building. Here’s all you need to know about Seaport game; overview, guide, tips, and cheats for Seaport

If you love simulation games, then you should try “Seaport”, a great game with lots of fun, featuring awesome ships, a good seaport experience, destinations, and characters. If you have ever played Dokdo game, then you should try Seaport game. Let’s take a look at this amazing simulation game.

Seaport – Explore, Collect & Trade – Get Started

seaport game guide tips cheatsIn Seaport, you play as an owner of a small fishing village and the goal that you have to accomplish is expand your empire to an international level. You start from a simple, old port; few boats, low-level fishing pier, downgraded dock, small town, and one building “sawmill”. To accomplish this task, you need more buildings, top class dock, best ships, and much more. The game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to play, how to set sail, explore, build, upgrade, and much more. If you are a beginner and don’t know about seaport, then this Seaport game guide, tips, and cheats will help you in building one of the most prosperous port city in the whole world. Also, see – Best addicting games for Android

Seaport – Basic Guide

seaport game guide tips cheatsBefore we continue, let me explain you the basic of the game; which tasks you have to perform: –

  • Resource & Items

In Seaport, there are many types of resources required for building and upgrading, to run the port, and for the sail. These are Fish, Wood, Stone, Iron, Sailor, Coins, And Gems. Among these gems is one of the rarest resources in Seaport game, so use it wisely. Also, see – Best action games for Android

  1. Fish – Fisherman on the Pier will catch some fish for you. You feed fish to the guys at the remaining production buildings to get material.
  2. Wood – Wood used in buying and upgrading of ships. You can produce wood in seaport game by building Sawmill.
  3. Iron – Iron used in upgrading ships and buildings. In Seaport, to produce iron, you need to build Foundry.
  4. Stone – Stone is another one of the resources in Seaport, used in buying and upgrading ships and buildings.
  5. Sailor – You send the sailor to different-different areas for trading and gathering resources; bamboo, gold, and more.
  6. Coins – To buy ships, you need coins, to upgrade ships and buildings, you need coins. You can collect coins by sending ships to coin destination on the map.

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The Process

In Seaport, you need resources and finance to build and upgrade the building to accomplish your goal. These are the steps that you have to repeat in Seaport: –

  • Send ships to gather resources and for trading purpose
  • Build all buildings required to produce resources
  • Gather resources from these buildings
  • Upgrade ships
  • Upgrade town hall level to add more buildings to your port
  • Upgrade buildings
  • Repeat

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Buildings In Seaport

Tap on the home button, at the top, left bottom of the screen and from there you can buy more buildings. In Seaport game, you have to build: –

  • House – For Sailors
  • Warehouse – For the collection of commodity
  • Lighthouse – To find other players on the map
  • Foundry – To produce Iron
  • Tavern – Make your voyages more profitable by hiring captains
  • Museum – Store ships and get free rewards: XP, coins
  • Lumber Mill – To cut lumber after every few minutes
  • Mine – Mine stone
  • Workshop – For mechanical parts
  • Forge
  • Sawmill – To produce wood
  • Quarry – For stones
  • Fishing Pier – For fisherman, for fish
  • Main Dock – Ship place

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So Seaport game features plenty of things which makes it one of the best sea games. To build these items, you need to level-up the town hall.


You can not build and upgrade buildings such as sawmill, foundry, fishing pier, and more without upgrading the town hall level. You will be able to add more buildings and upgrade buildings if you upgrade the town hall in the seaport. To level-up, you need level-up your profile(player level).

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How to upgrade player level in Seaport game?

It’s very easy but it takes time. In Seaport, to level-up your profile, you need XPs. Head to the home screen and look at the top of the screen(center), you can see your current level. Now the question is how to get XPs? You can earn XPs by upgrading buildings and ships, by trading, exploring the map, by completing the achievements and tasks. Also, see – Best survival games for Android

Ships in Seaport

Seaport features hundreds of ships, to unlock new ships, you need to level-up your profile. Each ship can be upgraded with resources, upgrading increase the cargo and crews limit. So if you are going to explore, you need a high level or upgraded ship. If you have not, then upgrade the existing one or unlock new ships.

  • How To Upgrade ships

Go to the ship section of Seaport -> your ships -> tap on a ship -> upgrade – confirm.

  • How to increase the number of ships for sailing?

To increase the number of ships at your port, you need to level up your main dock. After it, you can keep more ships at the port.

Seaport game tips, cheats, and strategies

  • Seaport Game Strategy

In the Seaport Game, the progress depends on your strategy; choosing the right strategy boost up the progress and you can easily upgrade town hall and build more buildings. On the other hand, if you are not paying attention to each section, it would slow down your progress.

⇒Think Deep: – Upgrade your all buildings to their maximum levels instead of spending all useful items in upgrading town hall. Upgrading these buildings first increases the production rate and slows down the time limit which indirectly benefits your port. More production means, you can upgrade your ship and increase their efficiency of work and you will get more items fast. On the other hand, if you upgrade town hall before upgrading your other buildings, you lose resources and it will take more time to gather such a big amount of resources. Once your building is at their maximum levels, then start collecting material for town hall upgrade.

⇒Sending ship – On the map, there are many places; trading, marketing, for resources, and exploring. And you have limited ships at your port, so send ships wisely; send one of your ships to explore, on treasure islands, and on those places where you can get decent of useful resources needed for upgrading buildings.

⇒Keep Producing – As you know, in the seaport game, your production units do not produce the resources automatically, you have to be there and to start production, you need to put raw material. So to progress fast, keep an eye on production units, never keep them free.

⇒Upgrading Ships – To improve the performance of your ships in the seaport game, you have to upgrade them continuously. If you are not upgrading, then you can not progress in seaport game fast. Upgrading a ship improves its performance and save your time.

  • Build Primary Buildings

You need many types of resources and for the production of each resource, you have to build a separate building. For instance, to produce stone in the seaport, you have to build a Quarry. So the main source of getting resources is these primary buildings: Sawmill, Foundry, Quarry, Fishing Pier, House. Without these buildings, you can not produce your primary items. So build all primary buildings as fast as you can and produce all kinds of items.

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  • Map

Before sending your ship to a place, take a look at your current progress; what you need! what things you need! Do you need XP or gold or wood or fish? Send ships according to your current progress, quest, and requirements.

  • Level-Up is a primary task

You can not access to many of the buildings in the seaport game if you are on low-level. So level-up your profile by earning more XPs, and upgrade your townhall. The best way to level up fast in seaport game is sending ships to those places from where you can more XPs. Complete your quest, upgrade buildings & ship, and earn more EXP.

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  • Complete tasks

For the clear navigation, tap on the quest option(near map option) and check what tasks should be done first. Note all of them and complete all.

  • Near Fishing Pier, there is treasure box, tap on it and collect lost treasure
  • Sometimes you get resources from the box floating on the sea. So keep an eye on the sea
  • Upgrade your ships to explore and discover new places
  • Claim the reward for completing achievements
  • Add more ships by upgrading your main dock
  • Upgrade Town Hall

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Closing words on Seaport

Seaport is a brilliant simulation game for Android, there are lots of things to do; trading, building, collecting, and more. If you love simulation games, then you should play Seaport game. Download – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games today

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  1. I have 678 oil barrels ? in my warehouses. When I try to upgrade City Hall it only reports that I have an insufficient 27. I can’t seem to find why. Any suggestions or theories?

  2. To get oil you must use a ship that uses 2 (two) anchors. Then it is just a matter of sending that ship to the oil port.

  3. It starts of fairly brightly but it eventually turns into a boring daily grind which is quite a deliberate ploy by the owners of the game so that you will try to get ahead by buying gems or ships. It soon becomes more like work than play…..Example, I am on the last upgrade of Titanic2. I have to amass 655,200,000 gold and 165,000,000 wood to progress which will take 3-4 months unless I buy gems from them…..little pictures of green things, ha ha. I am barred from commenting on the forum of the actual game for calling them greedy conniving bastards. Play at your peril but you have been warned. As for the moderators of Seaport……ha ha ….so you tried to ban me Dirtbrowncowboy…..he is one of the in game moderators… dickhead as well. lol. Well I’m still here and still calling you greedy bastards.