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Age Of MagicAge Of Magic is a brand new turn-based strategy game for mobile by Playkot. Check out our Age Of Magic guide, tips, cheats & strategy to master the game

Playkot’s latest turn-based strategy game Age Of Magic is now out on mobile app stores and challenges you to beat those powerful demons by building the team of best heroes. Age Of Magic game is also good in terms of content; it features a number of engaging game modes in which you pick specific region characters; dark campaign, tournament, challenges, and more to beat the enemy team. And all these modes are very challenging. If you are having trouble getting the victories, then we are here to help you with our Age Of Magic guide and Age Of Magic tips, cheats & strategy/tactics to master the game.

Basics – Get Started – Age Of Magic

If you have just started playing it, then this part is for you. If you already know the basics, then just head to the guide part below. In Age Of Magic, the player builds a team of heroes or demons to defeat the opponent team. We can choose up to six heroes(five+1 friend’s hero) for the battle. In the first phase, you will get some free heroes; Roland, Taneda, Rogar, Bellara, and more. At the beginning of the game, you have access to the campaign mode.

In the campaign mode, you complete the acts. Each act has some chapters which can be played in two difficulty modes; normal and heroic. You will be able to play heroic mode once you complete all the chapters in normal mode.

In the early stage, don’t expect high-quality heroes. You will have to continue with the default heroes. By completing the chapters, you earn EXP(required to level up). As you level up In Age Of Magic game, new modes such as challenges, arena, events will get unlocked.

And another thing you need to know is Age Of Magic’s difficulty level is way too high as compared to other games. So you will need to repeat the stages to earn EXP Potions. These potions are required to train the heroes. And training increases the hero’s stats. Additionally, you get shards(required to unlock the hero) from the campaign mode’s chapters as the first time clear reward.

In the battle, you use the hero’s skills to defeat the enemy team. Some skills have a cooldown time. So you have to unleash the skills at the right time and on right enemy. Read our Age Of Magic tips, cheats & strategy part below to master the battle.

Age Of Magic Guide

In this part, we will learn about heroes, how to increase their power, shards, getting heroes, skills, material farming, in-game items, arena, and much more.

  • Heroes Guide

Age Of Magic features seven types of heroes: –

  1. Tank(Defensive Unit)
  2. Melee Damager(Attacker)
  3. Ranged Damager(Attacker)
  4. Rogue(Attacker)
  5. Caster(Mage)
  6. Healer(Support)
  7. Boss

On the main screen, tap the heroes option. There you can check the list of all the heroes featured in Age Of Magic game. Tap a hero, on the next screen, under its name, you can check its class. Usually, attackers have low HP stats, but good at attacking. Casters or Mage class characters are also good as they can activate debuffs on the enemies. For example; Bellara is a caster class character who can steal the turn of the enemy, slows down it with special skills.

Support class characters include healer; these characters can heal the allies in the battle and keep them alive until their last breath. Tank or defensive unit features characters having high HP stats, armor/taunt/shield type skills. In short, you have to build a balanced team including all types of characters. But at the beginning of the game, you have no choices except the default characters. Let’s learn how to get heroes or characters in Age Of Magic game.

  • How To Unlock Heroes In Age Of Magic Game

To unlock a hero, you need to gather enough number of shards. You can obtain these shards from the campaign mode(dark campaign, light campaign, and more), in exchange for rune coins(you earn rune coins by playing the valley of treasure mode), using gold, crystals of power(earn from the arena and from the chests. After collecting a certain number of shards, you will be able to activate it.

You can use duplicate shards in increasing the character’s rarity. Go to the heroes collection screen -> tap on a locked hero -> on the next screen, on the top-left, tap the find button to know the source of acquiring shards.

Go to the market -> chests -> you can open the chests for free after every 2 hours(gift chest). You could get the hero shards or other items such as gear, potion, cube, material, and more. Head to the market tab, there you can obtain a hero or demon’s shards in exchange for gold coins. Go to the arena tab, there you can exchange crystals of power(earn these crystals by winning matches in arena mode) for character shards. And at last, head to the valley of treasures tab to exchange rune coins for character shards.

Additionally, complete the campaign mode acts/chapters in both modes; normal and heroic for more shards. And sometimes, you also get free shards upon leveling up.

  • Increasing The Character’s Power

Well, it’s a common task. You will need to develop the heroes to defeat elite monsters in the arena or chapter mode. So it would be better to increase the character’s power over time. If you don’t know how to increase the character’s power, then here are some ways: –

  1. Train – Use EXP potion to train the heroes in Age Of Magic game. Training will increase the level of hero and when a hero’s level goes up, its stats such as hit points, speed, armor, damage, critical hit gets increased. You can earn EXP Potion by playing the campaign mode
  2. Equip the gears – You can obtain gears from the chapter mode, chests. A hero can equip up to six gears at a time. You will be able to rarefy it once you complete the set by filling all the gear slots
  3. Upgrade the skills – All the heroes have two types of skills; basic and special. Basic skill can be used anytime as there is no cooldown for it. But special skills should be used in the right situation. To increase the skill’s impact, make sure to upgrade it. Main screen -> heroes -> tap a hero -> at the bottom, tap the skill icon -> upgrade. You can obtain skill cube(required to upgrade the skills) by playing the valley of treasure mode or from the store.
  4. Increase Its Rarity – To increase the hero’s rarity in Age Of Magic game, gather its duplicate shards. After collecting enough, go to the hero’s info page -> tap the green button named shards -> rarefy. This will increase the rarity of character(for example; you have a 1-star hero. Rarefy will add one more star to it).
  • In-Game Items Guide

  1. Energy – Requires to play the game
  2. Rune Coins – Earn from the valley of treasure mode and spend in the shop
  3. Gold – Premium In-game currency, can be used in the shop for shards, items, chests
  4. Silver – Used in upgrading, enhancing the heroes/gears
  5. Crystals Of Power – Play the arena mode to earn. Spend in the shop for shards
  6. Potions – Trains the heroes
  7. Skill Cube – Upgrade the skills
  8. Shards – Unlocks the heroes, increase the rarity
  9. Spheres – Instant Rewards
  • Arena Mode

The arena is a PvP mode in which you fight against other player’s team and earn ranking points. At the end of the season, you get rewards such as gold coins, crystals of power. The amount of these rewards varies on the basis of arena rank. You can play for free five times a day. If you need gold, then pay attention to this mode and try to rank up in the leaderboard. The higher your rank is, the better rewards you will get.

We would recommend you to repeat the stages in the early phase and focus on the light campaign mode chapters. Take a look at our Age Of Magic tips, cheats & strategy guide below for more information.

Age Of Magic Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide

1.) Target The Raiders First In The Battle

Either you are playing the arena mode or the chapter mode, you can check the enemies’ detail before starting the battle. Or in the battle, long press the enemy to get its details; type/class-attacker, healer, tank or more. Since you can manually select the target(by tapping the enemy), it gives you the opportunity to kill the raiders first. For example; attackers or casters type enemies should be your primary target as they can deal massive damage to your team. On the other hand, if you are attacking the defensive unit first, it will consume lots of turns as defense type characters have good HP stats.

And healers(enemy) are also bad for your team as they can heal allies. So target the healers/attackers/casters first. Long press the enemy to check its detail.

Another way to get an advantage in Age Of Magic game’s battle is by playing the turns wisely. Just above the enemy or heroes, there is a yellow bar. Its gauge determines the upcoming turn. Pay attention to it to know which enemy will attack in next turn. Kill the attackers/casters/healers as soon as possible.

2.) Build A Classic Team To Face All Troubles

In the Age Of Magic game’s guide part above, we mentioned there are seven types of units. Make sure to include all types of units for the battle; you can select up to five units; must include a caster(having skill that slows down the enemy, activates debuffs to the enemy or any good), healer(to heal attackers as they have low HP stats), attackers(include at least two attackers), boss, and tank type. Or adjust according to the enemy team.

3.) Add Strong Friends In The Game For Strong Partner

In Age Of Magic game, you can choose a friend’s hero as a sixth hero for the battle. The friend¬†feature unlocks at level 17. After it, you will be able to send the requests to your friends. If you have no friends, then head to the world chat and from there, you will find many players. Add high-level players in your friend list to get the free strong partner to beat the boss and enemies. Or head to the arena leaderboard -> tap the player name -> send the request.

4.) Use Memory Spheres For Instant Rewards

Memory Sphere is a magical item that you can use to get instant rewards, without playing the stage manually. It works only on the stages, cleared with three-stars. Tap on the stage or chapter in which you have got three-stars -> tap the instant button – choose the number of times -> confirm and get the rewards instantly. Repeat the stages and earn free potions, gears, silver, XP, and more.

5.) Level Up Fast In Age Of Magic, Here’s How

If you want to level up fast, then complete the quests as soon as possible. Completing the quests rewards you a huge amount of XP. Additionally, repeat the stages in campaign mode to get more XP. But we would strongly recommend you to focus on the quests in the early stages to get better rewards and to progress fast.

6.) Claim The Free Energy

Without energy, you can not play the campaign mode. And when you use the sphere or instant feature, you will need to spend more. So don’t forget to claim the free energy. Tap the quests button on the main screen, bottom-right corner. On the next screen, you will see the bonus campaign energy option.

7.) Visit Store Every Two Hours, For Five Times

You can claim five chests for free five times a day, each after every two hours. Go to the store -> chests -> swipe to last -> claim the free gift. This chest contains shards, hero upgrade material, gears, gold, silver, potions, and many more items.

So these are some Age Of Magic tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best strategy games for Android 2018

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