Age of Pirates Ocean Empire guide: tips, cheats & strategies

New to the Age of Pirates Ocean Empire (Caribbean Hunt) game? Read on for Age of Pirates Ocean Empire guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Age of Pirates Ocean Empire Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy: – 

This article covers “how to play the Age of Pirates Ocean Empire game”, about the captains, ships, and other aspects such as tips for battles, progression, about leveling, upgrades, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and head to the main content; Age of Pirates Ocean Empire guide, tips, cheats & strategy: – 

Get Started With Age of Pirates Ocean Empire Basics

In the Age of Pirates Ocean Empire game, you will be managing the manor, ships, captains, and progress through the missions with a goal to build the strongest ship fleet! In the upper-left corner of the screen, below the in-game name, you can check the current battle power – it’s determined by the fleet that you have set-up. At the beginning of the game, you can deploy up to three ships in the fleet. To deploy more ships or unlock more slots in the fleet, you will have to research military tech in the research lab; it’s called command. By upgrading this tech, you can increase the maximum number of warships that you can add to the fleet. 

Guide To Warships In Age of Pirates Ocean Empire

Age of Pirates Ocean Empire Guide Tips CheatsWarships are available in two main roles; attack warship(offensive) and defensive warship. Attack warships excel in inflicting an enormous amount of DMG to the opponent’s warships. Defensive warships possess high HP and DEF attributes – due to that, they can take more damage than other types of warships. To check the type of ship, head to the ship menu(lower-right side menu list -> ship). Select a ship and on the right side, under the stat tab, you can check its type; attack warship or defensive warship. 

Getting Warships In Age of Pirates Ocean Empire

Visit manor -> dock -> build -> select the level of ship -> build. You will need that ship’s blueprints and resources such as ship wood and coins. You can get the ship’s blueprints in the chapter mode. Tap on the blueprint icon to check which chapter gives the selected ship’s blueprint. If you have the blueprints and the resources, tap the build button; you will get a random grade warship; SR, S, A, B, and C. SR grade ships are the best because of the high bases stats – C-grade/tier ships are the worst. SR>S>A>B>C.

Guide To Captains OR Characters

Age of Pirates Ocean Empire Guide Tips CheatsCaptains have powerful skills that they unleash during the warship battle. They are available in multiple grades; S, A, B, and C. S-tier grade captains are better than the A, B, and C-grade/tier captains. Then, A >B, B> C. 

Also, captains in the Age of Pirates Ocean Empire game are available three main roles; support, attack/offensive, and defensive. Defensive role captains have shield and defense skills. Offensive role captains have high DMG AoE skills. And Support role captains possess healing and buff skills. To check the role of the captain, visit the captain menu. Select a captain. In the top-left of his/her profile card, below the faction icon, there is the role icon; cannon(offense), shield(defense), and support(plain shield). 

Getting Captains In The Game

You can recruit the captains with invitation letters; obtain from item shop or the quests. Tap the “recruit” option in the bottom-right side menu list. Spend the invitation letters and get captains. You get free captains to draw daily. 

Tips To Build The Best Fleet

Tap the deploy button in the top-left side -> this will open the ship fleet formation screen where you can make changes to the fleet. The first tip: –  place the defensive ships in the front and offensive attack warships in the back. The second tip: –  you can assign a captain to each ship. Make sure to assign wisely; deploy the defensive role captains to defensive ships(5% DEF and 1% HP Bonus), offensive role captains to attack type ships(20% ATK Bonus). Support role captains give a 10% ATK bonus when assigned to offensive ships, 5% DEF bonus when assigned to the defensive type ships. 

Activate The Equipment Set Bonus

Age of Pirates Ocean Empire Guide Tips CheatsTo each warship, you can equip six gears; cannon, armor, deck, figurehead, sail, and keel. Each gear belongs to a certain set – these sets are; Poseidon, Leviathan, Siren, Kraken, Narwhal, Elpis, Sea Dragon, Death, Chimera, Griffin, Nemesis, Charon, Scylla, and Gaea. 

If you tap the gear and read its name, you will see the set name. For example – Griffin cannon, Griffin armor, etc. 

Activating the equipment bonus – equip x4 or x6 gears of a particular set to activate the bonus. Go to the warship menu -> on the right side it has two tabs; stats and equipment. Go to the equip tab -> tap on the “set” button to see the activation bonuses. 

Make The Upgrades To Captain And Ship

Ship: – cultivate the ship to increase its level. Equip gears. Upgrade the equipped gears in the arsenal building on the manor. 

Captain: – increase the captain’s level using the EXP books. Star-up once you have enough shards(obtain shards from recruitment). Unlock new skills by raising the star level of the captain. 

Guide To Manor Area

It’s your base where you build and upgrade a lot of useful facilities: –

  • Lord Mansion – it determines the max level of other buildings
  • Bank – collect coins from it. Upgrade it to increase the production
  • Supply Depot – it produces supplies that you need in the voyage
  • Dock – here you cultivate the ships, build the ships and recycle the useless ships for resources(decompose)
  • Research lab: – here you can research various techs related to affairs, trade, and military. Each one has a unique purpose. Tap it and get the details. 
  • Training Ground: – here you select the captains for various tasks and get rewards such as EXP books, merit, and building materials
  • Arsenal – here you can enhance the gears, refine the gears, decompose them for alloy(enhance material)

Guide To Trading In Age of Pirates Ocean Empire

Age of Pirates Ocean Empire Guide Tips CheatsGo outside the manor(on the sea) and at the top-right corner, tap the mini-map. On the mini-map, you will see a lot of ports -> tap on any port to check available items and their prices. Compare the price with other ports -> buy the items at a lower price from the port where it’s being discounted and sell it to the port where it’s the price is high. This way you can earn a great profit. 

The Ports Guide For Rookies

Visit any port and you will find three facilities there; the governor’s palace, tavern, and trading company. Governor’s palace – here you can donate the currencies and raise the level to unlock new trading items

Taven – here you can interact with NPCs and they may give you items like treasure maps and other info. 

Trading Company – buy and sell the items. (Set sail to exit the port). 

Tips To Level Up Fast In Age of Pirates Ocean Empire

(1) Daily Missions – these missions give you a great amount of EXP. In the top-left, tap the daily option and check the daily quests. Complete them and get the rewards. 

(2) Do the main missions – on the right side of the screen, you can check the main missions. 

(3) Play & Repeat in PvE – tap the battle option in the lower-right side menu list. Select the stage; repeat or sweep to grind enhance books or EXP. 

Plundering The Resources 

While exploring the ocean, you can see other players too – tap on their ships -> plunder. Make sure to challenge the players who have low strength than yours. They can either surrender or go for the fight. You can win currencies. 

Quick Progression Guide For Rookies

  • Recruit the captains
  • Build the ship
  • Follow the main missions
  • Do the daily quests
  • Upgrade the manor facilities
  • Join an alliance
  • Upgrade the captains
  • Upgrade the warships
  • Play all sorts of game modes
  • Don’t spend blue gems recklessly – use in captain recruitment
  • Research in the research lab
  • Participate in the events

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So that’s all we got in this post on Age of Pirates Ocean Empire guide, tips, and cheats for beginners. 

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