Boxing Star Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide To Maintain Season Ranking

Boxing Star Tips & CheatsRead our Boxing Star tips, cheats & a strategy guide to top the leaderboard and defeat powerful enemies in the boxing battles. Check out tips & tricks now

A few days ago, we published a guide(check here) for the beginners that helps you in understanding the game’s mechanics such as skill, gears, and more. In today’s post we are going to share some Boxing Star tips, cheats tricks & a strategy guide for the beginners to maintain the season ranking or the easiest way to strike down the powerful enemy. Let’s start Boxing Star tips & tricks, cheats: –

1.) Long Press The Defense Button To Restore HP and Create A Shield

There is a defense icon at the bottom-left of the screen. Long press or hold that icon to block the enemy’s attacks. If you are low on HP(health), then this will also increase the character’s HP. So, make sure to hold that icon in the battle. You can learn about controls here.

2.) Let The Enemy Hit You To Activate Hyper Skill

Boxing Star Tips & CheatsAt the top of the screen(in the battle), you can see the HP Bar. Just below of it, there is a hyper bar and its gauge gets increased when you get hits from enemies. Long press the defense icon to take less damage. When your character gets hits from the enemy, the hyper bar’s gauge gets increased. When full, you will be able to use glove’s skill. At the top-left corner, there would be an icon-tap it to use the skill. If there is no icon, then it means, your glove┬áhas no skill. Go to the menu -> gears -> manage and there you can see the list of gloves you have. Tap on a glove to check its skill, stats, and more.

3.) Hire Khari and Renew Its Contract

Khari is another character featured in Boxing Star game. Its main task is training and in return, you get skill points. Go to the menu -> skill -> training -> start training. After a certain number of sessions, you will have to renew its contract by obtaining enough victory stars (play league mode). Once you have enough, you will be able to hire it again in exchange for coins.

4.) Equip & Upgrade The Skills

We have already shared a detailed guide on skills & how you can upgrade the skill in the last post(check here). And it is one of the important steps. There are three types of skill you can activate in the battle; Jab, Hook, and Uppercut. Jab skill gets activated when you perform Jab moves. Similarly, to activate Hook & Uppercut skill, you will have to perform these two moves in the battle. Upgrading the skill increases the chances of activation and effect.

Equip the same color skill and stance to increase the attack & special skills.

5.) Grade Up The Gears

Boxing Star Tips & CheatsAs you progress to higher-level leagues, you will face powerful enemies and it will be difficult to strike down them because of poor quality gears. Upgrade the gears and reach the maximum level. Once you reach the maximum level, you can grade-up it and grade up will increase the gear’s stats by a massive number. Read the gears guide here. Analyze all the gears’ strength and equip the best ones only.

6.) Check out the daily deal to obtain parts

To grade up the gears, you need parts. These parts can be acquired from the packs(play league mode to obtain league packs) and daily deal. Go to the menu -> shop -> rotation and there you can check the list of items on sale. Spend coins and get these items. Make sure to check this section daily and grab the cheap deals.

7.) Earn Victory Points And Open Victory Package

You earn victory points by defeating other players all across the world. Once you have enough points, go to the main screen -> at the right side, there would be a victory package option. Tap it and open the victory package to obtain gears, parts, coins, and much more. Use the duplicate gears as a material and upgrade the high-quality gears.

8.) Share & Connect To Facebook

When you get a massive victory, the game will give you a chance to earn gold(one of the precious items in Boxing Star game) by sharing it on Facebook. Don’t miss this opportunity and claim the reward. Connect the game to FB account for gold. To collect the reward, go to the menu -> at the bottom-right, tap the inbox/main icon. Also, see – Best action games for Android

9.) Double The Reward By Watching A Short Video Ad

Sometimes, after a victory, you get this option; watch the video ad double the reward. Sometimes, when low on health/down, you can increase the HP of character by watching a video ad. So, don’t miss these chances to fill up the treasure.

10.) Earn S-Coins and Spend S-Coins

S-Coins are used to increase daily rental income, reduce the package delivery time, and to get more bonus. Go to the menu -> personal management -> buy items and activate the buffs. You can earn S-Coins by playing in promoters battle(you will see promoters option on the main screen when you are eligible). Or complete the achievements.

11.) Open the Swap Box

The Swap Box includes gears: gloves, protective items, and coins. Join an active clan and donate low-quality gears. Fill the heart gauge to grab the box.

Well, there are very rare chances you will get an epic, rare or omega gear for free. If you pre-registered the game, check the inbox and you will find a rare gear there. Don’t forget to check the guide here.

12.) Focus on story mode in the beginning

In Boxing Star game, after the tutorial, you have two options; story mode & league mode. It would be better to focus on the story mode in the beginning because completing the story mode’s chapters reward you gears and it is one of the best ways to increase the character’s stats & level.

13.) Read the enemies’ movements

In the boxing star game, you can easily defeat a powerful enemy having more HP than yours. How? Analyze its movements and dodge at the right time. There are two dodge buttons in the corner of the screen(bottom-left & right). When you see the enemy is going to attack, tap the dodge button at the right time and if successfully dodged, perform an uppercut shot. To dodge at the right time, you will have to read the enemies’ movements.

So these are some Boxing Star tips, cheats, tricks & a strategy guide for the beginners. You can also check out Boxing Star guide and cheats by searching on our blog using the search widget below with appropriate keywords.

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