Cat Forest – Healing Camp Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Cat Forest – Healing Camp is an adorable game where you build the campsite for cats. Check out this Cat Forest – Healing Camp guide, tips, cheats & strategiesCat Forest - Healing Camp

It is an adorable game where you are the owner of a campsite; you can add a ton of stuff to the campsite to make it bigger and better so that more cat visitors can enjoy it. The game offers plenty of things like growing crops, crafting lots of useful items, cooking lots of tasty recipes, building facilities, and much more. If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. This Cat Forest – Healing Camp guide covers all the fundamentals of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Cat Forest – Healing Camp tips, cheats & strategies that you may like. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Cat Forest – Healing Camp Guide: –

In the game, your goal is to make the campsite bigger and better; you can build a ton of stuff with the help of workers and give more facilities to the cat visitors. The basic in-game currency in the game is Pine Cones. You can use it to shop tools to build the facilities, ingredients to cook recipes, seeds to grow crops. And, the premium in-game currency in Cat Forest – Healing Camp game is golden Pine Cones. Unlike normal Pine Cones, golden Pine Cones are hard to get; by watching the video Ad or once you build the Caravan, you get free golden Pine Cones. You can use it to buy facilities, increase worker slots, and for many more premium purchases.

At the top-center of the game interface, you can check the day duration; night, evening, morning. Also, on the left/right side of the weather widget, it displays the number of normal Pine Cones and the number of golden Pine Cones. In the top-left corner of the game interface, it displays the level bar, campsite name, and reputation points. The level bar displays the number of experience points you need to gain to reach the next level. And, the reputation points highlight the total score of the campsite; build more facilities to increase reputation. You will need these reputation points in research.

How do you level up the camp?

To increase the level of the camp or campsite, you need to grind the experience points. You gain experience points by doing activities like cooking, crafting, gathering, etc. For example – when you gather the resources from bushes or weed plants, the game displays the number of points gain on your screen. When you cook something, you gain EXP. Also, keep an eye on the top-left corner level bar to track the EXP progress.

How do you raise the level of CEO or workers?

The CEO or workers are the characters who work at the campsite; from gathering, crafting, building to fishing. All these activities grant them EXP, which is required to raise their level. For example – tap the worker or CEO cat avatar in the bottom-left corner to open their profile page – where you can see the level bar, which shows the amount of EXP required to level up. Now do some activities like fishing, gathering, cooking, crafting, etc. After that, check the profile again; you will see the level progress.

Home in Cat Forest – Healing Camp: –

Home is one of the main buildings in the Cat Forest – Healing Camp game. From there you can access the shop, kitchen, office, etc. Let’s learn all about it: – tap the home or home button in the bottom-right corner to open the menu; In the menu, you will find lots of sub-menus-Cat Forest - Healing Camp

Cook Hat –

Tap the cook’s hat button to enter the kitchen. The kitchen menu has five tabs; cook, crush, ferment, coffee, and pack. In the cook tab, you will find lots of food recipes to cook; noodles, bread, toast, cake, juice, etc. For each recipe, you need ingredients. You can get the ingredients from the shop, fishing, gathering resources(depends on luck). Some are secondary ingredients that you need to cook in the crush/ferment tab. For example – Cheesecake Recipe: –

  • x2 Breads – Cook in the kitchen
  • x3 Butter- Ferment(Kitchen menu tab)
  • x5 Cheese- Ferment(Kitchen menu tab)

Tools Button(Home -> the button; screwdriver/spanner) –

It has two tabs; process and tools. In the process tab, you can craft items like fabric, rope, lumber, etc. that you need to build facilities at the campsite. In the Tools tab, you can craft tools like Hammer, EXE, fishing rod, kitchen knife, mortal, vat, etc. These items can be used in building, fishing, in the kitchen.

Magnifying Glass ->

This is the research menu where you can spend the reputation points on several perks or buffs.  For example – getting fish in less time.

Bag –

Inventory, where you can check all the stored items.

Shop –

Here you can shop ingredients, tools, seeds, and other items. It will cost you Pine Cones or Golden Pine Cones.

Golden Pine Cone –

This is where you can watch the video Ad to get free golden Pine Cones. Also, you can exchnage golden Pine Cones for normal Pine Cones.Cat Forest - Healing Camp

Cat Worker –

Here you can hire the workers. You must have an empty slot for the worker; you can get one more by paying golden Pine Cones. And, hire the worker by paying normal Pine Cones. First, you need to publish an employment Ad – use the Pine Cones or watch the video Ad.

Buildings Guide: –

There are three types of buildings in Cat Forest – Healing Camp game; Lodging, Facilities, and Decoration. Lodging – These are the camp tents where cat visitors stay at night. The larger the tent is the more Pine Cones you earn from the cat visitors. It also includes Caravan, it gives free Golden Pine Cones every few minutes.

Facilities – these include Hammock – it gives free Pine Cones. Forest Cafe/Library/Hot Spring to provide more facilities to the Cat Visitors(makes you money). Museum – this is where you can donate the items to earn reputation and Pine Cones. Field – Here you can plant seeds and grow crops. Decoration buildings improve reputation.

So these are the buildings that you can add to make the campsite bigger and better.

So this would be all in this Cat Forest – Healing Camp guide for beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Cat Forest – Healing Camp tips, cheats & strategies.

Cat Forest – Healing Camp Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Hire The Workers

The more workers you have at the campsite, the more things you can do and level up the camp quickly. So our first tip would be saving the Pine Cones; normal and golden for hiring the workers. Normal Pine Cones are easy to get – but golden ones are not. So make sure to spend wisely; to get more worker slots so that you can recruit more workers at the campsite. Tap on the worker slot in the bottom right corner and instruct the activity; gathering, fishing, cooking, crafting, etc. Select another worker and give him another work.

2.) Level Up The Workers

You will need a lot of energy to build premium facilities like hot spring requires 50 energy. If no worker has the max energy stats 50, you would not be able to build it. Raising the worker increases the max energy cap – energy is required to do activities like crafting, fishing, building, cooking, etc. We would recommend leveling up the CEO first and raise the cap to 50 so that you can build a hot spring. Or use the campfire effect for a temporary buff.

3.) Get Free Golden Pine Cones

There are three ways to obtain Golden Pine Cones for free in Cat Forest – Healing Camp game. (1) watch the video Ad. Tap the home – golden Pine Cone -> watch the video Ad. (2) Complete the quest and achievements. In the top-right side, tap the quest button -> there you can check the quests, achievements. (3) Build caravan. Tap the build option in the footer menu -> lodging -> scroll down -> Caravan -> build. Keep an eye on it and claim free golden Pine Cones every few minutes.

4.) Recover Energy By Eating

Workers and the CEO need the energy to do activities; crafting, fishing, etc. If they have no energy, they would not work. By feeding them, you can recover their energy. Tap their avatars in the bottom-left side -> eat -> select the food item -> confirm. You can cook a lot of food items in the kitchen. Read the home guide above for more details.

5.) Upgrade The Tents

The tents where the visitors stay are one of the Pine Cone earning sources. You can get more rent from these tents by upgrading them. Tap the tent – upgrade. It will cost you material items like fabric that you can craft in the home. So make sure to upgrade the tent.

6.) Do The Research

Head to the home -> magnifying glass -> research -> there you can spend reputation points for premium buffs that improve the efficiency of campsite facilities. Tap the research – read the details – confirm if you like it.

7.) Campfire To Activate Buff

In the center of the campsite, start the campfire – tap it -> log -> use the worker. It will temporarily buff the workers’ abilities; for example – max energy cap, luck stats, HP, skill, charm, etc.

So these are some Cat Forest – Healing Camp tips & tricks for beginners. Do you have more tips to share? Comment below.

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  1. I like to garden Watermelon then ‘cook’ them and donate them to get gold pinecones and reputation points. You also get items as rewards for donating, donate those jewels to get more golden cones

  2. Thanks that helped me a lot. But what about the book in the fencing by the farm? Like how do you get the book.

  3. I’m trying to do research, but it has huge lumber requirements. Not sure how I can power research when I can only get so much trees per minute, or trying to exhaust myself gathering everything to try to force tree a little faster.

    • nevermind, I figured it out myself. Research is a waste of materials and labor. It was much better to put resources into museum and use the gold pinecones to instantly buy the research instead.

    • Once you got vidited by a VIP cat, you can tap at your CEO and buy the skin for 100 gold. I’m not sure if my englisch is correct so I write also in German. If you don’t know what you neet to do, just translate the German text. Nachdem ein VIP dich besuchte, kannst du dir den Skin des VIPs kaufen. Dafür auf den CEO klicken und dann auf den Skin-Knopf drücken. Es kostet 100 Gold-Eicheln.

    • When you cut down trees, some will randomly give you syrup as well as wood. So just cut down a ton of trees, you’ll have syrup in no time ?

    • Make Espresso(coffee cup) in the coffee tab; you need a coffee machine(it can be purchased from the store), mineral water(from the pond), and coffee beans(from the store/shop). Use these three items to make Espresso(coffee cup).
      For Latte; you need Espresso, Coffee machine, and milk(from the shop). Hope this helps.
      The coffee machine costs 500 golden pine cones

      • Well you need to cut trees, the trees respawn every time you cut one, you can have more wood too if you go to the store>>event and theres a probabli to find wood, you can find other objects too
        I hope this will help you ^w^
        (Bad english sorry TwT)