Evil Hunter Tycoon Mana Essence Guide: How To Get & Use?

Started playing Evil Hunter Tycoon and wondering how to get mana essence and use it? Read on for Evil Hunter Tycoon Mana Essence guide

Evil Hunter Tycoon Mana Essence Guide & Use: –

Evil Hunter Tycoon Mana Essence GuideMana Essence or Magic Essence is one of the in-game currencies in the Evil Hunter Tycoon game. The players can obtain it by dismantling the material items in the town storage. You have to go to the town storage and tap on the material item icon to see the dismantle option. Tap it and you will get the mana essence based on the number of items you dismantled. For example; if you dismantle 100 units of an item, you will get 100 magic essence or mana essence. For rare items, you get more mana essence per unit. For example – Zircon. 

To use mana essence, go to the shop -> bonus -> magic essence -> there you can spend the magic essence for the bonus chest. This chest gives you random items like EXP Scroll, Ultimate Invitation Scrolls, Buff Scrolls, Gold, Dungeon Raid buff scrolls, etc. In Evil Hunter Tycoon, players can buy 5 bonus chests using the mana essence. Evil Hunter Tycoon Mana Essence Guide

Potion & Alchemist Home

At the Alchemist home building, you can craft the potions. These potions are; healing potion to recover the health of hunters, speed potion to increase the speed of hunters, power potion to increase the attack of hunters, protection potion to increase defense of hunters, and luck potion to increase the drop rate for a few seconds. Once crafted, these potions will be displayed in the potion shop. 

After that, you need to prompt hunters to buy the potions from the shop. Tap the hunter -> item -> purchase -> potion. 

Jeweler & Accessory Shop

The jeweler is one of the buildings in Evil Hunter Tycoon where you can craft accessories. You will need the materials to craft the accessories of different quality; poor, common, uncommon, ultimate, and advanced. Once crafted, the accessories will be displayed in the accessory shop. From there, hunters can buy the accessories. You need to prompt them by tapping them -> purchase item -> accessory. 

Awakening Stones

Awakening Stone is another in-game item in Evil Hunter Tycoon that you use to make the hunters powerful; obtainable when you banish a legendary tier hunter. 

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