Aura Kingdom 2 Leveling Guide – EXP Farming Tips & Tricks To Level Up Fast

Started playing Aura Kingdom 2 and wondering how to level up fast? Read on for Aura Kingdom 2 leveling guide featuring the EXP farming tips, tricks to level up fast

Aura Kingdom 2 Leveling Guide Tips TricksTo unlock some quests or features in the game, you must meet the minimum requirement. For example – class promotion I unlocks at level 30. If you have not reached level 30 yet, you would not be able to progress further – that’s just one example. Some dungeon modes such as Temple of Myos, Meteor Hall, Tukka, Secret Auction can only be accessed at a certain level. 

The max level cap depends on the server level cap. Each day, server-level cap increases. At the top-left corner, tap the class icon and you will see the current server-level cap. If you reach this cap, your character can still gain EXP – but it would be stuck on the level. The excess amount of EXP can later be used in the Summit Store, which unlocks for a limited time upon reaching the level cap. In the Summit Store, you can use experience points and buy valuable products. 

For starters, we recommend checking the classes guide and beginner’s guide. In this post, we have shared Aura Kingdom 2 leveling guide that helps you level up fast – featuring the EXP farming tips & tricks. So let’s not waste any time and read the main content. 

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Aura Kingdom 2 Leveling Guide – EXP Farming Tips & Tricks To Level Up Fast – 

First things first – you gain EXP by hunting the beasts on the map, completing the quests, dungeon modes, and event modes. This Aura Kingdom 2 leveling guide has listed all the best ways that you can try to gain EXP and level up fast – 

Accept the Commission Quest

Commission quest is one of the event modes in which NPCs give you certain tasks. If you complete these tasks, they will give you the rewards; after completing the required task, you will talk to them again and accept the rewards; you can double the amount of EXP and weapon chest by using the blue diamonds. However, it’s not advised to spend blue diamonds here because you can use them in gacha shop for Eidolons and their Will shards. 

Tap the event button on the top menu. This will lead you to the event map screen. Tap on the commission quest -> accept. After that, you will see the commission quest in the quest tab on the top-left side. Touch the quest label and your character will complete it automatically. 

You can accept these quests a certain number of times a day. So make sure to complete them daily, grind a lot of EXP and level up fast in Aura Kingdom 2. 

Do The Bounties To Level Up Fast In Aura Kingdom 2

Bounties or bounty quests are easy to complete. Head to the event map screen and tap the bounty board. This will lead you to the bounty quests screen where you can accept the bounty quests. You can do these quests manually or spend gold to complete it immediately. As you complete 2/4/6/10 bounty quests, you will get the milestone rewards such as Eidolon EXP Dust, Berry Tart, Eidolon Crystals. 

It’s one of the best ways to grind a lot of EXP in Aura Kingdom 2 and level up quickly. 

Slay Down The High-Level Monsters On Map

Aura Kingdom 2 Leveling Guide Tips TricksIn the top-right corner, tap the map option. On the map, head to the Monster tab. There you will see the monsters and their level. Head to the high-level monster location and start killing them to gain EXP. Tap the arrow button next to the monster name to auto-navigate. The higher the level of monsters, the more EXP you gain. 

Complete Merc Quests And Level Up Fast

Mercenary quests also grant decent EXP. Navigate to the event and tap Merc Quest. Like all the other event quests, you can play these quests certain numbers in a day. You can use the blitz ticket to complete these quests immediately. 

Play These Dungeon Modes In Aura Kingdom 2 To Grind EXP

There are several sub-game modes in the dungeon game mode where you can grind a decent amount of EXP daily. Here’s the list – 

  • Stonegate Abyss – EXP. You can use the dungeon blitz ticket to complete this quest immediately. Choose higher-difficulty for more rewards
  • Carlet Oldtown – same as Stonegate Abyss(in terms of rewards)
  • Temptation Temple – special dungeon mode to grind EXP

You can check all the dungeon modes by tapping the dungeon button at the top-center menu. 

Focus On Main Quests And Side Quests

Other than the dungeon and event modes, main quests and side quests also grant a huge amount of EXP to the character. Main quests are the chapter quests that you should be focusing on in early game. 

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So this would be all in this post on Aura Kingdom 2 leveling guide for beginners featuring walkthrough, tips & tricks to grind EXP and speed-up the level progress. If you have more tips on boosting leveling progression, comment below. 

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  1. Another good way to get around 10% every day is to use the lighthouse in the guild.
    This Building gives free xp every evening, depending on your time Zone.
    If you need help or want to join an active Guild in the EU Servers, pm me “baka” or join our Guild “ImpulsiveToddler”

  2. What if I’ve done all quests and dungeons. I’m basically stuck at level 38 and I can’t get new quests until I’m level 40. All the quests and dungeons are not able to give me anymore exp and loots. How am I suppose to level up?! Thanks for your help!