Aura Kingdom 2 Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Aura Kingdom 2 has just been out worldwide for Android & iOS platforms. Master it by reading our Aura Kingdom 2 guide featuring the walkthrough, tips, cheats, tricks & strategies

Aura Kingdom 2 Walkthrough Guide Tips CheatsAura Kingdom 2 is a 3D MMORPG by X-Legend where you build the character, make it powerful, and dominate in the PvE and PvP game modes. This guide is designed for beginners to help them progress fast and wisely. For starters, we recommend checking the best class guide because it’s the first step that you must do right after initiating the game for the first time. So let’s not waste any time and check out the Aura Kingdom 2 guide, walkthrough, tips & tricks for beginners. 

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First things first – your ultimate objective in this game is making the character powerful by any means. There are several ways to get stronger in the game; such as leveling up, upgrading skills, building a talent tree, equipping gears, etc. In the upper-left corner, you will see the “EP” – character’s total power. 

Play Manually In Boss Battles

If you are having trouble defeating a particular boss or wave of enemies in a quest, then we would recommend you to disable the auto-play mode in Aura Kingdom 2 and play the battles manually. In the auto-play mode, your character is controlled by A.I. And, the character would not dodge the attacks that you can do while playing manually. All you need to do is keep yourself away from the enemy’s attack area; the red zone and you are good to go. 

Complete The 7-Day Courses Missions

Aura Kingdom 2 Walkthrough Guide Tips CheatsThe first tip here is completing the 7-day beginner’s missions. If you have just started playing the Aura Kingdom 2, then we would recommend you to focus on these missions because these missions reward valuable items that you can use later in the game to progress fast. 

At the top-center of the game screen, tap the “Gift” button. This will take you to the gift screen. It has a lot of tabs at the top; find 7-Day Courses. There are 7 Lessons – each lesson with x3 missions. And, each mission gives you lots of valuable rewards. 

  • Lesson 1 – gold, monster fragment, blue diamonds, dungeon blitz ticket, quest blitz ticket, Will of Eidolons
  • Lesson 2 – costume gacha ticket, dungeon blitz ticket, gold, skill book, submarine sandwich
  • 3rd Lesson – blue diamonds, gold, gem crate, Eidolon EXP dust, crystals
  • 4th Lesson – wing gacha ticket, quest blitz ticket, gold, etc.
  • 5th Lesson – gold, monster fragment, mount gacha ticket, etc.
  • 6th Lesson – dungeon blitz ticket, Eidolon gacha ticket, quest blitz ticket, blue diamonds
  • 7th Lesson – Allus’s approval, Eidolon gacha ticket, blue diamonds, gold, skill book

Progress Through The Chapters

Aura Kingdom 2 Walkthrough Guide Tips CheatsAs per the current version of the Aura Kingdom 2 game, there are x14 chapters. Each chapter has lots of stages. At the beginning of the game, it’s better to progress through the chapter quests that you see on the top-left side, under the quest tab. The main quests give a massive amount of EXP that help you level up fast. Also, progressing through the chapters unlock new functions such as Blacksmith, Fishing, Alchemy, Meteor Warzone, Abyss, etc. in the game. If you are stuck on the chapter quest, comment below – we would love to help you. 

Other than that, you will see side quests; these quests also give a ton of rewards. 

Check Out The Dungeon Modes In Aura Kingdom 2

There are several dungeon modes in Aura Kingdom 2 where you can grind a lot of stuff. 

  • Story – equipment, EXP
  • Temptation of Temple – EXP 
  • Gold Dungeon – gold farming
  • Tournament – skill books
  • Temple of Eidolons – Eidolon gacha tickets, EXP dust
  • Seven Gods – Eidolon’s crystals; attack, defense, mana crystal 
  • Time-limited events – blue diamonds, rune, experience books, etc. 

Learn About Eidolons

To play certain events or dungeon modes, you will need Eidolons. In those missions, only Eidolons can participate. 

Eidolons are the characters in the Aura Kingdom 2 that you can add in your squad. Eidolons help you with their skills that increase the overall power. You can add up to five Eidolons in the squad. The total squad power will reflect the overall power of the main character. So if you equip the best and strongest Eidolons, you will get more power. 

Tap the menu button -> Eidolon -> Eidolons -> there you can check the list of all the Eidolons characters. Tap on any Eidolon and check his/her stats. You can level them up by fortifying; Eidolon EXP Dust. Gift them to raise affinity and gain stat bonuses. 

Getting Eidolons In Aura Kingdom 2

You can get Eidolons by using the Eidolon gacha ticket or diamonds. Go to the mall -> Eidolon -> Eidolon gacha -> there you can spend blue diamonds or chromatic diamonds to draw Eidolons. Keep in mind that it’s not guaranteed that you will get Eidolon. You might get their shards or Will. 

Get Stronger In Aura Kingdom 2

There are several ways to get powerful in Aura Kingdom 2: –

  • Level up – you can grind EXP in dungeon and event modes and level up fast
  • Skills – upgrade the main character’s skills
  • Talent – spend talent points on the talent tree
  • Fortify the gears
  • Equip and upgrade mount
  • Equip and upgrade wings
  • Get more Eidolons and complete 5-character squad
  • Level up Eidolons
  • Evolve them using their Will material item
  • Raise affinity with Eidolons by giving them gifts
  • Equip Eidolons gears

Check Out The Events

There are several event modes in the Aura Kingdom 2 game where you can farm weapons, armors, EXP, gold, blue diamonds, etc. Expand the top menu -> events -> there you will see a variety of game modes where you can farm a bunch of items –

  • Commission Quest – EXP and weapons
  • Bounty – gold and EXP
  • Event tower – blue diamonds, crystals, starstone, arcane stone, etc. 
  • Party Quest – gold
  • Arena – honor coins
  • Merc Quests – EXP and gold

Join An Active Guild ASAP

Joining an active guild has lots of perks; you get to sign in daily for free rewards, access to the guild quests for blue diamonds, access to guild war, territory war, guild base, guild store, etc. 

Get The Freebies In Aura Kingdom 2

  • Greet friends to get blue diamonds
  • From the gift menu, claim daily online rewards
  • Sign in in the guild to get free rewards 
  • Complete achievements

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So these are a few Aura Kingdom 2 tips & tricks for beginners featured with a walkthrough guide. If you have more tips to share, comment below. 

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  1. I’m stuck at chapter 2. After defeating the spider it should take me to the next area, instead… it says that I have to complete Oldtown Secrets (2) “Complete Power Gear I 0/1” ñ. When I click on it, the fortifying menu appears and I supposedly have to lvl up an item. I already did this many times, nothing works. It’s like if my mission progression is bugged. Can someone help?