Full Metal Monsters Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Full Metal Monsters is a brand new mobile game by Azur Games, published by AI Games FZ. Check out our Full Metal Monsters guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Full Metal Monsters is an online 5v5 multiplayer game for mobile. In the game, you play as a rider, control the dino, capture the flag points, and shoot down the enemy riders in an awesome battlefield map. The battle system is quite easy to understand. All you need to do is play as a team, capture the points(A, B, C, D), shoot down the enemy riders, and that’s it. If you have just started playing it, then our today’s Full Metal Monsters guide and Full Metal Monsters tips, cheats & strategies will help you win the matches.

Full Metal Monsters Guide

1.) Full Metal Monsters Dinos Guide

Full Metal MonstersIn the lobby, at the bottom, you can check all the dinosaurs featured in Full Metal Monsters game. Select any dino and its stats will appear on your screen. These stats highlight the pros and cons of a dino. Some dinosaurs have good damage stats while some have good speed stats. You can upgrade the stats of a dino using E-Cells. E-Cell is the in-game currency that you need often to power up the Dino team. You get these E-Cells by winning the battles, by watching a video ad or from the store.

Tap the upgrade button after selecting the dino and on the next screen, on the right side, at the bottom of the stats section, you can read the details of dino skills. Every dino has a unique skill. It’s always a good idea to know about the dinos’ skills. It will help you in using their skill wisely throughout the battle.

2.) Full Metal Monsters Equipment Guide

Full Metal MonstersA Dino can equip firearm equipment that will be used to fire the enemies in the battle. The equipment stats determine the damage, reload time, capacity, and range. You can upgrade the weapons and increase these stats; damage, capacity, range, reduce reload time, and more. The upgrade will cost you E-Cells. It’s better to choose the equipment wisely. Tap the (i) icon at the top-right corner of firearm block to get more details.

3.) Full Metal Monsters Battle Guide

Full Metal MonstersAt the top of the screen, you can check the battle duration. On the left and right side of the timer, you can check the team players and enemy players. It also indicated the overall HP stats. What you have to do is capture the flag points or defeat all the players to win the match. If you get down by someone, you will respawn on captured point or at home point(you can choose manually). How many times can you respawn? It depends on the number of Riders and Dinosaurs you have owned. For example; If you have (3) Dinosaurs, (3) Riders, you can spawn (3) times. If you have (4) Dinosaurs, (3) Raiders, you can spawn (3) times. Read our tips below to master the battles.

4.) In-Game Currency Guide

There are two in-game currencies; E-Cells and D-Crystals. You can earn both these currencies by winning battles. If you are low on any of these currencies, you always have the option to watch the video ads and get them instantly. At the top-right of the screen, tap the + icon next to the currency and there you get the video ad offer. E-Cells are used in upgrading Dinosaurs and Equipment. D-Crystals are used to buy dinosaurs.

5.) How To Level Up?

You can unlock a wide range of metal monsters/Dinos by raising the player level. To raise the player level(displayed at the upper-left corner), you need EXP. Win battles to earn EXP.

So this is the Full Metal Monsters guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our Full Metal Monsters tips, cheats & strategies!

Full Metal Monsters Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Lock The Target While Shooting

If your aim is not good, it’s a good idea to use this feature. At the bottom of the battle screen, below the fire button, tap the lock target option. This feature will automatically set a particular enemy as a target and your dino will always shoot with full accuracy/hit. You can switch to the next target by tapping the next target button. It would be better to use this feature often when you are in a moving state because it’s hard to aim manually while moving.

2.) Gear-Up To Win

As we mentioned above, firearm stats matter a lot. Some firearms offer low shot capacity, slow reloading, and other bad stats. You should pay attention to the firearm stats and equip the best one for your Dino. Additionally, when the Dino is reloading, you should keep yourself behind an object.

3.) Learn To Avoid Enemy Attacks

Well, because of the lock target feature, it’s nearly impossible to dodge the enemy attacks(even if you keep moving, they will attack you). But there are many ways to avoid enemy attacks even when they are using the lock target feature; use your dino skill(jump), move behind the objects(make use of environment object), attack from a range, run far away.

4.) The Team Battle

Instead of fighting solo, you should follow your team members. Don’t ever challenge a group of enemies alone.

5.) Get The Freebies

After the battle, you can watch the video ad for more rewards. In the store section, watch the video ads for in-game currency; E-Cells and D-Crystals.

So these are the top 5 basic Full Metal Monsters tips for the beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below!

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