Axolochi Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Axolochi is a brand new arcade casual game for Android and iOS by HyperBeard. Check out Axolochi guide, tips, cheats & strategies to master the game

HyperBeard, the creators behind Kleptocats and KleptoDogs, has just released another similar type game for Android and iOS. It is named as Axolochi. This time, you don’t have to take care of dogs, cats. A new creature named Axolotl is here. In real life, it’s known as Mexican walking fish. Axolotls come in different shapes, colors, and look. Your objective is to complete the collection of this aquatic species. Additionally, like other HyperBeard games, in Axolochi too, you will have to discover all the items(treasure) to complete the collection of decorations. If you are playing this type of game for the first time, then you should know some basic things which we have covered in this post: Axolochi guide and Axolochi tips, cheats & strategies.

Get Started – The Basics – Axolochi Game

Before you dive into the tips, cheats & strategy guide part, let’s take a look at the basics first. In Axolochi game, you first hatch the egg and then take care of Axolotl. As you take care of Axolotl, the aquatic creature will evolve and take a new look, shape, color. The game features dozens of Axolotls. Upon evolving, the player gets a free egg as the reward. You repeat the same process again; hatch, take care of it and repeat. Complete the collection as soon as possible. You can obtain new eggs from the egg market and discover all the Axolotls. Let’s not waste any time and head to the Axolochi tips, cheats & strategies.

Axolochi Guide To Everything:-

1.) Hats and Treasure Items Are For Decorations?

AxolochiHats and treasure items are extra features in Axolochi. You can discover new hats in the hat market by spending pearls. On the main screen, at the top-left corner, tap the Axolotls book and choose hats. Once bought, hold down and drag it to the slot above. And it’s only for decoration!

Treasure items: The aquatic creature Axolotl loves these items. Make sure to decorate its home with these items. You can buy these items in exchange for 50 coins, by tapping the treasure map icon at the bottom-left side. You can visit its home by tapping the treasure button on the main menu.

2.) Discover New Axolotls By Buying The New Eggs

To complete the collection of all types of Axolotls, you should pay attention to the egg market in the game’s menu. From there, the player can unlock a new egg and increase the chances of obtaining a unique character. You can buy these eggs in exchange for premium in-game currency pearls.

3.) What Are For Pearls? How You Can Earn?

AxolochiPearl is the premium in-game currency in Axolochi game. You can use it in buying eggs, hats, for coins. But how to earn? There are three ways to earn pearls: daily reward, sponsor offers, in exchange for coins. On the main screen, there is another aquatic creature tortoise. Tap it and claim the daily reward. Another option on that screen is exchanging the coins for pearls. And the last one is “Free Pearls”. Tapping it will send you to sponsor offer screens where you check out all the offers.

4.) Waste Some Time For Hearts And Coins

As you know, hearts are needed to fill up the evolve meter. By default, you get these stars by feeding, caressing, and cleaning the aquatic character on your screen. But once you are done, you will have to wait until it demands again. If you want to evolve fast, then make sure to watch the video ad for hearts. At the bottom-right side, tap the ad icon.

Like hearts, coins are also important. You can exchange them for pearls, new food items(After buying the food item, make sure to put it in the plate on the food market). You can earn more coins by watching the video ad. Tap the ad icon at the top-right side.

5.) Play More For Your Axolotl

If there is nothing to do, it’s better to play the add-on games. On the main screen, at the top, tap the gamepad icon -> the game features three add-on games; catch the items, remind the icons, and eat the blue bubbles. By playing these additional games, you can fill up your pocket with more coins.

6.) Try Out The Booster If You Can

You can speed-up the evolving process by spending a small number of coins on the booster. On the bottom-left side, tap the whistle icon to activate the booster. This booster activates the furry mode and your character gives you hearts and coins instantly.

7.) Do Your Main Job To Progress

Your main job is taking care of the Axolotl. Just above the XP/evolve bar, there are three buttons; you can check the Axolotl status by paying attention to these buttons. For example; you will see a drop in fish button’s gauge when the character is hungry. Always pay attention to these signs and you are good to go.

If you have codes to enter, then tap the menu -> gear icon(top-right corner of the menu) -> on the next screen, at the bottom-left, tap the speech bubble icon.

So that’s all about Axolochi game and its features. Also, see – HyperBeard’s Kleptodogs

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  1. Very good game but there should be a night mode where the axolotl sleeps because when I get sleep, the axolotl becomes less satisfied because I can’t play with it because I’m asleep.