Blade and Soul Revolution Equipment Guide For Beginners

In Blade and Soul Revolution, players can make their character stronger by equipping the equipment. Read on for Blade and Soul Revolution Equipment guide

Blade and Soul Revolution Equipment Guide

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You can drastically increase the attack power and defense power of your character by using the equipment. As a newbie, you might want to know how to get top-tier equipment, farm equipment materials, and sell the old equipment that you don’t use. We have covered all this info in this post on Blade and Soul Revolution Equipment guide. For starters, we recommend reading the beginner’s guide, crafting guide, best class info

Blade and Soul Revolution Equipment Guide⇓Blade and Soul Revolution Equipment Guide

Equipment Tier

There are four grades of equipment; legendary, heroic, superior, and refined. Among all these, legendary equipment is the best. Heroic Equipment is better than superior and refined. And, superior equipment is better than the refined gears. 

Types Of Equipment

In Blade and Soul Revolution, there are five types of equipment; weapon, earrings, necklace, ring, and bracelet. Other than these, you can have a soul shield equipped for more stats. Make sure to check the stats of equipment; different equipment gives different stats. For example; attack power, CRIT, HP, DEF, etc. 

How To Get Equipment In Blade and Soul Revolution⇓

  • Shop – go to the shop -> equipment -> there you can watch the video ads or spend crystals to buy the equipment chests. These equipment chests contain the equipment and equipment material items
  • Crafting – you can craft the equipment with equipment materials. Read the crafting guide here. 
  • Quests progress – sometimes, you get quality gears by doing the quests
  • Field Boss – fight and defeat field boss in adventure mode
  • Buy – you can buy equipment from the equipment merchant 

So these are the main ways to obtain gears or equipment in Blade and Soul Revolution. 

How To Sell Equipment⇓

If you have the unused equipment in the storage that you no longer use, you might want to get rid of them. You can either sell that equipment for silver coins or salvage it at the fire pit for materials. If you are willing to sell, you need to visit any town in any accessible location -> find the equipment merchant -> interact with him -> tap the trade icon -> go to the sell tab -> select the equipment that you want to sell for silver coins. 

How To Get Equipment Material Items

Equipment Materials are used in crafting the equipment. You can get the equipment materials from the equipment merchant, equipment chests, field boss, by defeating the monsters, or from the quests. While in the equipment crafting screen, tap the equipment that you want to craft -> on the right side, you will get the equipment material info -> tap on anyone and then tap on “how to obtain” button to check the source. 

Equip, Remove, Or Change Equipment

Tap the menu button in the top-right corner -> character -> my info -> this will open the character profile. Tap on the gear that you want to remove -> then tap the remove button. 

To equip the gear, tap the bag button on the top-right of the screen -> select the gear that you want to equip -> tap the equip button. 

Soul Shields In Blade and Soul Revolution

Soul Shields can improve the HP, DEF, Accuracy, and other main parameters of the character. You can get soul shields by defeating the monsters or from the soul shield chest available in the shop, or equipment merchant. 

Tap the bag button in the top-right menu -> tap the soul shield -> equip. Go to character -> my info -> soul shield tab to check the equipped soul shields. You can enhance soul shields at the fire pit. 

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So that’s all for now in this Blade and Soul Revolution Equipment guide for beginners. 

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