Bid Wars Storage Auctions Pawn Shop Game Tips, Cheats, Guide

bid wars storage auctions guide tips cheatsDescription – Bid Wars – Storage Auctions & Pawn Shop Game is an amazing strategy-based offline pawn shop game for Andriod by Tapps game. Here’s the guide for Bid Wars Storage Auctions and Bid Wars tips, tricks to bid like a pro

Bid Wars – Storage Auctions is an old pawn shop game for Android by Tapps games. The developer of the game has released a sequel to this game “Bid wars – Pawn Empire” in Google Play Store. The original game is very challenging in comparison to the sequel. However, strategies are a little bit same in both bid wars game. In this post, we are sharing the guide, tips, and tricks for Bid Wars – Storage Auctions game. You can check Bid wars – pawn empire tips, guide here.

Basic – Bid Wars – Storage Auctions & Pawn Shop Game

In the game, the goal of the player is to earn the maximum profit. The player goes to auctions, bid on items, outbid others, and earn the profit by selling items on the pawn shop. Your opponents always try to throw you out of the auction; by increasing the amount of bid. But you have to outbid your opponents, use your brain, bid only on useful units, and take over the auction.

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Get Started with Bid Wars – Storage Auctions game

In the beginning, you can not access the pawn shop. There is a restriction which can be removed by reaching the reputation level 8. There are some terms that you need to know: –

  1. Facility
  2. Units
  3. Items; common or rare
  4. Reputation level
  5. Auctions
  6. Pawn Shop
  7. Upgrade
  8. Energy


bid wars storage auctions guide tips cheatsAt each level, you get tasks that you have to complete. Tasks like defeat opponent two times, earn $1500, collect rare items, and much more. You have to complete these tasks to unlock next levels. It is necessary to achieve the goal. You can even complete the task in the first attempt or sometimes it may take 5-6 attempts.

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bid wars storage auctions guide tips cheatsUnits mean the collection of items. There is no fixed number of units. When the auction starts, the player can inspect the items or estimate the value of items. But within 5 seconds. Some useful add-ons –

bid wars storage auctions guide tips cheats

  • Kick out – Sometimes your opponents spend the high amount of money on items but you don’t want to miss. Kick out add-on help you to throw out that opponent out of the auction.
  • X-RAY Pack – Sometimes hidden boxes are packed with rare items. But you can not look inside these boxes. X-RAY add-on helps you look inside the boxes and you can know what’s inside these boxes. It may be garbage or might be the rare item.
  • Appraisal – This add-on tells you about the worth of unit.

Items; Common Rare

Value of items varies in each auction. Usually, common items worth low while rare items worth high. There is no fixed value. Go to catalog section and there you can see the estimated value of an item.

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Reputation Level

You need to increase your reputation level to access locked features like the pawn shop, upgrading, and more. Earn more profit and increase the reputation level in Bid Wars game. Tap on the progress bar at the top left and check the amount of profit required to reach the next level.

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bid wars storage auctions guide tips cheatsThe main part of the game. You need to be clever to outbid your opponents. You don’t need to purchase the unit if you think the bid is high and you can not make the profit from it. It’s not necessary that everytime you earn the profit. For example – I spend $500 for the first unit and $1000 for the second unit. Results – $300 profit from first unit and $400 loss from the second unit. So don’t spend blindly. If your opponents are spending more and more, it does not mean that you should spend more.

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Pawn Shop

bid wars storage auctions guide tips cheatsPawn Shop unlocks at level 8. Upgrade it to next level from a local shop. Sell your items to Pawnshop instead of selling instantly. Upgrade it to increase the number of shelves, decrease the order time.

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Energy reduces when you take part in the auctions. Energy restores automatically after a fixed time or can be recovered instantly by gold.

How To Level Up?

Earn more profit

How to get free gold?

Level Up.

How to get add-ons?

Go to the shop section – add-ons – get add-ons[required gold].

Some basic tips

bid wars storage auctions guide tips cheats

  • Don’t waste your energy – Complete the level goal as fast as you can.
  • Store the gold.
  • Take part in daily-weekly auctions where you could get a rare item.
  • Level up as fast as you can
  • Don’t spend high value on useless units
  • Optimize the 5 seconds time
  • Go to catalog and know the estimated value of an item
  • Save cash, don’t spend blindly
  • Use add-ons

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Closing words on Bid Wars Storage Auctions Pawn Shop Game Tips, Cheats, Guide

Bid Wars Storage Auctions is an amazing fun offline time killer game for Android and worth playing. You can check out the guide for its sequel “Bid Wars Pawn Empire“.

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  2. Seriously,
    You don’t point out the easily observable and calibrated bid guideline of simply bidding no more than twice the opening bid amount (or just a little higher ~$200 dollars more to win the bid near that mount if needed). This strategy has rarely failed me within a total bid round. Why the game lets one calibrate to the opening bid is beyond me. You would think that the opening bid should have more random aspects to it and not necessarily give away the unit value.