RO: Click H5 Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies For Beginners

RO: Click H5 or Ragnarok: Click H5 is a brand new Idle RPG for Android and iOS. Check out our RO: Click H5 guide, tips, cheats & strategies

RO: Click H5Much awaited Ragnarok: Click H5 game has just been released on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. In the game, you as a Valkyrie and Adventurers as comrades, together hunt the monsters in challenging levels/stages. You will be grinding the Zeny, upgrading adventurers, increasing DPS to fight those tough bosses in difficult levels. If you have just started playing Ragnarok: Click H5 game, then you are on the right page. This RO: Click H5 guide helps you understand all the basic concepts of the game in a beginner-friendly manner. Also, with the help of our RO: Click H5 tips, cheats & strategies, you will be able to slay down the powerful bosses. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

RO: Click H5 Guide: –

The game’s concept is pretty simple – make yourself and the adventurers stronger so that you can beat any boss at any stage. At the top-center of the screen, you can check the level or stage; as you reach the high-level stages or perform rebirth(rebirth unlocks when you reach the Valkyrie level 150 -> see: – rebirth guide), guild, transcend, cards, battle manuals, etc. gets unlocked. Also, as you progress, the difficulty level increases. At each level or stage, you fight the waves of enemies – below the level, you can check the number of waves left to reach the next stage in RO: Click H5.

Once you get successful in defeating all the waves of enemies, you will enter the next level or stage. And, after a certain number of levels or stages, you fight the boss. Unlike the normal levels or stages, boss stages are hard to clear because of the time challenge. To clear the boss level, you must defeat the boss within the given time. Read on and find out all the tips & tricks to beat down bosses.

In the upper-left corner of the screen, there is a shoe icon. Tap it to disable. With the shoe function disabled, you would not be able to enter the next stage automatically. If it’s enabled, you will enter the next stage automatically as soon as you clear the current stage. Use this function when you want to grind Zeny in Ragnarok: Click H5.

Now, you need to understand the DPS system.

RO: Click H5 Guide To DPS: –

There are two ways to inflict damage to the enemies; click to inflict damage or hire adventurers to inflict damage. In the upper-left corner, you can check the click damage and the DPS by all the adventurers. To increase the click damage, you need to level up Arcana the Novice(the first adventurer in the adventurer menu). And, to increase the DPS of adventurers, level them up or buy/unlock their skills.

Zeny & Upgrades: –

Hunting down the monsters reward you Zeny, which is the basic in-game currency in RO: Clicker H5. You can use it to upgrade adventurers. To grind Zeny, go Idle at the highest stage that you cleared – and, disable the shoe option in the upper-left corner. Keep gridning Zeny because you will need it a lot later in the game; the leveling cost increases as you progress through the game.


New skills get unlocked as you level up or clear the stages in RO: Clicker H5. Some skills need you to watch the video ad to get activated, while some can be activated without watching the video ad. The player is advised to read the skill details because each skill benefits in a different way. For example – at the time of the boss fight, activate the skills that help you inflict more damage.

How To Rebirth In RO: Click H5?

RO: Click H5 RebirthIn Ragnarok: Click H5, rebirth function gets unlocked when Valkyrie(name of the adventurer) reaches the level 150. At level 150, you will be able to unlock/buy the rebirth skill/function. You can hire Valkyrie by spending 24.0E Zeny. For more information, read this: –

What Is Rebirth?

At Valkyrie level 150 or higher, you can perform rebirth. Rebirth resets your game progress; stage history and gives you battle manuals that you can use for cards.Ragnarok: Click H5 Rebirth

Adventurers: –

Adventurers are the character who inflict damage to the monsters and help you clear the stages. You can hire the adventurers using Zeny or Emperium. Since Emperium is hard to get, you should use it wisely – and, for hiring purposes, use Zeny. As you level up the adventurers, their DPS gets increased – also, they get new skills after level 10.

Emperium: –

Emperium can be used to hire the adventurers or in the shop for valuable items such as battle manuals, Zeny, auto-clicker, etc. You can get Emperium as a time reward(play 2 hours a day to receive Emperium as a time reward), by watching the video ads, or from the treasure boxes that are dropped on the battlefield(occasionally). Also, by completing the daily missions, achievements, you can earn Emperium.

So this would be all in this RO: Click H5 guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our top RO: Click H5 tips, cheats & strategies!

RO: Click H5 Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

  • Watch out for the treasure boxes
  • Level Up Adventurers and Click DMG
  • Buy Adventurers’ skills
  • Use skills at the right time
  • Get Zeny and DMG boosters
  • Get the freebies from the shop
  • Join a guild in RO: Click H5
  • Complete the daily quest and achievements
  • Join the tournament
  • Transcend the adventurer
  • Summon the cards
  • Claim the login reward

Watch Out For The Treasure Boxes: –

When you defeat the monsters, they drop Zeny. But sometimes, along with the Zeny, the monster drops the treasure box on the battlefield. From this treasure box, you may get Emperium for free.RO: Click H5

Keep Increasing The DPS: –

If you are having trouble defeating the monster at a particular stage, then try increasing the DPS; click DMG as well as normal DPS.

  • Level up Novice
  • Level up Adventurers

Grind the Zeny by playing the past stages and level up adventurers, Novice.

Buy Adventurers’ Skills: –

At certain levels; 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, adventurer’s skills get unlocked. Make sure to buy these skills and increase the DPS. Head to the Adventurer menu -> tap the adventurer icon -> this will take you to the adventurer’s skill menu where you can make skill purchases.RO: Click H5

Use Skills At The Right Time: –

When fighting against the boss, activate the skills. Skills have a cooldown and during cooldown, you would not be able to cast them. So better to use at the right time.

Get The Boosters In RO: Click H5: –

In the upper-right corner, tap the golden piggy bank or golden sword for the Zeny and DMG boosters. DMG booster increases DPS. And, Zeny booster increases the amount of Zeny reward.

Get The Freebies: –

Head to the shop and scroll down to the bottom. There you will find the free shop section; watch the video ad for free Zeny and free Emperium.

Join A Guild: –

You can join a guild once you clear the 50th stage or reach the 50th level. Raid the boss and earn rewards. To inflict more damage to the boss, perform the rebirth and obtain battle manuals.

Complete The Daily Quests & Achievements In Ragnarok: Click H5

In the upper-right corner, tap the cone icon -> tap the scroll -> there you can check the quests and achievements. Complete them to earn Emperium, scrolls, and much more.

Join The Tournament: –

After you rebirth, you can apply for the tournament. From tournament mode, you can earn battle manuals and Emperium.

Transcend The Adventurer

Promote the adventurer by transcending so that they can unleash bonus damage. If you don’t know how to transcend, follow this guide: –

Summon The Cards

For bonus and buff effects, summon the cards.

Claim The Login Reward: –

In the top-right corner, tap the cone icon -> medal -> play the game for 5 minutes, 10M, 30, 1 Hour, 2 Hour. You can earn chests, battle manuals, Emperium for free. Also, see –

So these are some RO: Click H5 tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. If you have more tips, coupon codes, tricks, share in the comment section below to help other players.

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