Farmville 3 Tips & Tricks Guide For Beginners

Started playing Farmville 3? Read on for Farmville 3 tips & tricks guide for beginners; learn how to breed, exotic animals, cheats, and much more.

Farmville 3 Tips

Farmville 3 Tips & Tricks Guide⇓

Farmville 3 is a brand new game available for mobile on Android & iOS platforms. The game is packed with classic farm game mechanics where players plant, harvest and sell crops in the market to make money or use the crops to make animal feed and other products. There is a great collection of animals featured in Farmville 3. The following Farmville 3 tips, tricks, and guides are for beginners to help them progress fast. Please don’t forget to check the Farmville 3 Codes to get freebies without using any Farmville 3 cheats or cheat codes. Now, let’s not waste any time and get to the main content: – 

Farmville 3 Tips: Don’t Waste Gems⇓

Gem is the premium currency in the Farmville 3 game and must be spent wisely. Don’t use gems for temporary benefits like instant production, skip timer, buying common animals, exchanging for coins, etc. We would advise you to save gems and buy slots in production buildings such as Feed Marker, Dairy Factory, Workshop, etc. so that you produce more goods at a time. Or, if you want exotic animals, you can spend gems on the exotic animal chests. 

Farmville 3 Tips To Get Gems⇓

Below we have shared some Farmville 3 tips to get free gems without using Farmville 3 cheats; 

(1) You can get gems for free by watching the video ads – go to the shop by tapping the + icon button next to the gem icon at the top-left corner of the screen -> deals -> hot deals section -> there you get gems by watching the video ads. 

(2) Use the codes, players can use the redeem codes for freebies such as gems or other rewards. You can check Farmville 3 redeem codes here

(3) Other free ways to get gems are by leveling up, getting animals by completing deliveries, unlocking higher grade animals by breeding, completing quests, tasks, from the events, etc. 

Farmville 3 Tips For Progression⇓

If you have just started playing, then these are some Farmville 3 tips for fast progression; 

(1) Focus on completing orders(deliveries) to earn coins and get animals for free

(2) Keep planting crops on the field, use them to make goods in production buildings

(3) Produce animal feed and feed it to the animals so that they can produce items; chicken gives you egg, the cow gives you milk, the sheep gives you wool, and so on. 

(4) Expand; look around and you will find locked areas; tap there to know the requirements of unlocking it. 

(5) Build facilities; animal homes so that animals can stay there and breed for baby animals. Production buildings to produce goods. Exotic animals home for exotic animals. Trees and bushes for fruits and veggies. 

Farmville 3 Tips To Level Up Fast⇓

To level up in Farmville 3, you need experience points aka XP, which you can earn by getting the animals, using farmhands to cut down trees/bushes, completing the achievements, clearing rubble, and adding buildings on the farm. Each new level, you will unlock new animals, crops, items, stickers, and facilities. 

Also, as you level up, you will be able to expand further, play co-op, access country camping, fishing, and more exciting features of the game. 

Farmville 3 Tips: Complete Guide To Exotic Animals⇓

Players can send Exotic Animals on the exploration or exotic quests. Players can get exotic animals from the exotic chests available in the shop. First, you need to reach level 9 as at this level, you get to build an exotic animal home. Once built, head to the shop by tapping the coin or gem icon in the upper-left, next to level status -> go to exotics -> spend gems to get exotic chests and hope for rare and legendary exotic animals. 

Once you have got exotic animals, build Ranger Tower. Once built, tap the compass icon -> choose exotic animals that you want to send on exploration -> wait till they come back with rewards. Players can train exotic animals and raise their power. 

To train animals in Farmville 3, you will need Elixirs, which you can get by completing deliveries, animal quests, or by selling exotic animals. 

If you have elixirs, tap on the exotic animal, then info button, then again, the animal that you want to train or upgrade -> tap the train button -> use elixir to and coins to level up the exotic animal or train it for a power boost. When the exotic animal reaches max level, you can evolve it. 

Farmville 3 Animals List⇓

  • Chicken
  • Cow
  • Pig
  • Sheep
  • Birds
  • Woodland Animals
  • Goat
  • Horse
  • Buffalo

Farmville 3 Exotic Animals List⇓

  • Skunk,
  • Hog Badger,
  • Badger,
  • Bog Turtle,
  • Pearl Turtle,
  • Obsidian Turtle,
  • Raccoon,
  • Jackalope,
  • Red Fox

Farmville 3 Production Buildings List⇓

  • Feed Maker
  • Tinker Station
  • Ranger Tower
  • Dessert Stand
  • Fruit Factory
  • Mill
  • Dairy Factory
  • BBQ
  • Recycling Station
  • Frying Station
  • Paint Maker
  • Loom
  • Tailor Shop
  • Italian Kitchen
  • Jam Station
  • Asian Kitchen
  • Workshop
  • Lure Maker
  • Salad Stand
  • Leather Shop
  • Smelter

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Join A Co-Op⇓

We would highly recommend you to join an active Co-Op; allows you to chat, exchange goods, and win free rewards. You can read this Co-Op guide for more details. 

So this would be all in this post on Farmville 3 tips & tricks guide for beginners. 

Farmville 3 Cheats⇓

Currently, Farmville 3 cheats are not available. If you want freebies, please check out these Farmville 3 Codes.

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