Cosmic Wars : The Galactic Battle Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies For Beginners

Cosmic Wars : The Galactic Battle is a new game for mobile by UTPlus. Check out Cosmic Wars : The Galactic Battle Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

As a bounty hunter in the game, you will explore and travel through the world of Cosmic Wars. It is a space-strategy battle game for mobile where the player builds the ship and invade other ships, space monsters in the universe. Pretty cool, isn’t it? You design/build a strong space ship to invade space monsters and enemy space ships in the universe for the resources required for the command center and the ship parts’ upgrades. If you have just started playing the game, then this Cosmic Wars : The Galactic Battle guide will teach you all the fundamentals of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Cosmic Wars : The Galactic Battle tips, cheats & strategies to progress fast. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Cosmic Wars : The Galactic Battle Guide: –

Your goal in the game is to build a strong space ship. In the upper-left corner of the screen, it displays the ship attributes such as HP, SP, and DPS based on the current ship score. The higher the HP of a space ship, the more DPS it can absorb. And, the higher the DPS, the more damage can be dealt to the space monsters and enemy ships in the ship battles. Let’s learn how to build a strong ship in Cosmic Wars : The Galactic Battle game.Cosmic Wars The Galactic Battle Guide

Ship Build Guide: –

Your ship already has a command center, some attack parts, and some functional facilities to produce resources. Let’s go through everything. Command Center is the main part of the ship as it determines the power capacity of the ship. Functional facilities such as bakery, ironworks are used for producing the resources; food and iron. Other functional facilities include labs, factories, Hangar, etc. that you will need to manufacture other components of the ship. Tap on a part to check its details.

Attack type components are required for combat; different types of attack components work differently; for example – Vulcan-C attacks the enemy ships’ parts, Beambi attacks Interceptor. Their damage type could also be different; single, range. Defense type components help you protect some parts of the ship. Place them in an appropriate location to protect specific parts. Their barrier or shield helps you do so.

Go to the menu by tapping the menu button in the bottom-left corner, tap the construction service option from the menu list and then choose to construct. On the construction screen, you will see the functional facilities, attack and defense components that you can build if you have enough resources and power supply available. Each part could add HP, DPS, or specific production/manufacture facility to the ship.

Power Supply And Parts: –

The total power capacity of the ship determines the number of parts that can be added to the ship.

Each part requires power to work. Tap on any part of the ship and pay attention to the number next to the power symbol. It displays the power supply requirement. If you don’t have enough power available, then you would not be able to add any part to the ship. To check the total power capacity, tap the command center part of the ship and then at the bottom-center, tap the info button to check the power capacity.

Suppose, the total power capacity is 85 and all in use, then you would not be able to add any part to the ship.

Cosmic Wars : The Galactic Battle Resources Guide: –

There are many resources in Cosmic Wars : The Galactic Battle game, that you will need to build and upgrade the ship parts. These resources can be produced with the help of functional facilities or you can loot from the space monsters or enemy ships. These resources include Uranium(the green color in-game currency), Food, Iron, and Core. In the upper-right side of the game, you can check the amount of the resources that you have at a time.

Food and Iron are the most used resources; you can have a certain/max amount of these two resources. Once you reach this limit, you would not be able to collect more. So you will have to upgrade the storage to increase storage capacity. Upgrade the bakery to increases max food storage capacity. Upgrade the Ironworks functional facility to increase max iron storage capacity.

And, you can also increase the max cap of these resources by upgrading the command center.

Battle Guide: –

By defeating the space monsters or other enemy ships wandering in the Universe, you can loot valuable items along with the resources. Head to the Sector screen by tapping the adventure button in the bottom-right corner. On the Sector screen, look around your ship, you will find many enemy ships, space monsters. Tap on these foes and check their ship/attributes; HP, SP, DPS, etc. If your ship has more power or attributes, initiate the battle by tapping the attack button.Cosmic Wars The Galactic Battle

The battle system works automatically; all you need to do is assign the right type of attack and defense parts at their strength level location on the ship. On the Sector or Adventure screen, in the bottom-left corner, tap The Universe button to open Universe screen. From there you can teleport to other Sectors and raid foes for more resources and items. It will cost you food.

So this would be all in this Cosmic Wars : The Galactic Battle Guide for beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Cosmic Wars : The Galactic Battle cheats, tips & strategies to progress fast.

Cosmic Wars : The Galactic Battle Cheats, Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Find The Billboard Banner In The Space

Head to the adventure or sector screen and look around for the billboard banner space monster as shown in the picture below. Tap or touch the banner and watch the video ad for free rewards; you could earn Uranium, Core, Food, Iron. The game gives you a certain number of Ad offers a day – so make sure to complete all as soon as possible. Keep accepting the offer until you see the exhausted message.Cosmic Wars The Galactic Battle Free Rewards

2.) Build And Upgrade The Parts

To increase the HP, SP, DPS, Production, Storage Capacity, you must upgrade the ship parts. We would recommend you to balance all the upgrades; if you want more DPS, upgrade the attack parts. For more storage, upgrade the command center of functional facilities(resources). And for the defense/HP, install defense parts and upgrade other facilities.

3.) Check The Legendary Ships To Build The Best Ship

Head to the black market’s legendary ships tab from the menu list. There you will find the top 100 builds; the top-class ships in the Cosmic Wars : The Galactic Battle game. Tap on any ship and then tap on any of its parts to get all the info, It gives you an idea of how to assemble the parts in the right way.

4.) Repair The Ship Parts Often

As you take the ship into the battles, its parts will lose durability. So make sure to repair the parts to recover their durability. It costs you a certain amount of resources. Tap on a part and then tap the repair button.

5.) Save Uranium For Premium Upgrades

Uranium is the premium in-game currency in Cosmic Wars : The Galactic Battle game. And you should use it wisely; don’t spend it recklessly on instant upgrades. You will need it later in the game for premium upgrades like Construction Ship Service(menu -> construction ship service, tap the upgrade button in the bottom-right corner).

6.) Complete The Quests

On the right-center of the game, tap the menu button(four horizontal lines) to expand the quest menu. Complete the quest and get free rewards; Uranium, Items, Resources, etc.

7.) Check The Battle Log Often

Other players can also invade your space ship; make sure to be prepared. Head to the battle log section in the logbook to keep an eye on the battle records; defeat reduces the number of battles you own. The victory gives you medals – the more medals you get, the higher you climb up in the league. You can earn thousands of Uranium for free from the league ranking rewards.

So these are our top Cosmic Wars : The Galactic Battle cheats, tips, tricks for the beginners. Do you have more tips to share? Comment below!

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