Game Of Sultans Consorts And Heirs Cheat | Why You Need Them?

Consorts and Heirs are the two main aspects of Game Of Sultans game. Check out our Game Of Sultans Consorts and Heirs cheat – Why You Need Them?

In our old articles on Game Of Sultans, we explained everything in detail(check the beginner’s guide here) and in the last post on Game Of Sultans, we shared a detailed guide on PvP seals, Divination (check that post here). Today, In this post, we have explained everything you need to know about the heirs and consorts; why you need them? Which type of bonus do they provide? Why are they important? Let’s get started; Game Of Sultans Consorts and Heirs cheat: –

All Things Are Linked To Viziers and Resources Production

Game Of Sultans Consorts And HeirsFirst of all, go to the imperial parliament. Head to the levis section of the game. Did you see those three small icons next to these resources name; wealth, soldiers, and grain? Now, head back to the main screen and go to the Viziers menu. Tap on any vizier. Now take a look at the details tab; you will see those icons there. What are they? Game Of Sultans Consorts And Heirs

  1. Books Icon – Foresight
  2. Hand Shake Icon – Art Of Leadership
  3. Hearts Icon – Creative Training

If you upgrade the Viziers, their attributes; foresight, the art of leadership, native skills(attack icon), and creative training will increase. And when these attributes get increased; the production quantity of resources; wealth, soldiers, and grain also get increased. In short, if you want to boost the production or levy, you have to upgrade the attributes or Viziers. You can read about Viziers in our last post on Game Of Sultans.

But wait!! We were talking about the heirs and consorts! How they help us?

Uncover The Bonuses⇓

Go to the harem in Game Of Sultans and head to the Consorts menu. Tap on any married consort. After it, tap the skill button. After tapping the skill button, a pop-window will open; there you will see a Vizier name and icon. There you can check the skills of consorts; self-reliance, enthusiasm, entertaining, and more(depending on the consort).

Now hit the level-up button. This will increase the attributes of that Vizier. And as you know, when Vizier’s attributes get increased, you get more free resources; wealth, soldiers from the imperial parliament.

To unlock new skills, you will have to increase the intimacy points of that consort. Read our old post on Game Of Sultans to learn more.

To level up the skill, you need consort XP. You earn consort XP everytime you visit a consort in the harem.

How Heirs Help You In Game Of Sultans?

Like consorts, heirs also provide the bonus on the empire. How to check? Go to the harem in Game Of Sultans -> heirs -> select heir -> the bottom section is divided into two parts; attributes and specialty. Check the icon next to specialty. If it is: –

  • Books/Foresight – Increase In Wealth
  • Hearts/Creative Training – Increase In Soldiers Recruitment
  • Hand-Shake/Leadership – Increment in grain production

Game Of Sultans Consorts And HeirsWhen they get married, they provide the bonus. Don’t know about marriage feature in Game Of Sultans? Read our old post.

Consorts Are Also Responsible In Viziers Development!

Go to the Viziers menu -> tap on any Vizier. Head to the develop tab. There you will see all the talents. The player can upgrade these talents using enhanced badge and book XP. Book XP is a common item and you can easily obtain it by completing the main quests, side-quests. But to use it, go to the backpack -> tap on it -> use. And as per our details, you get badge pack from the campaign mode, events. And when you open it(go to the backpack menu) -> you get enhanced badge. You can also purchase this item from the shop; spend 400 diamonds.

If you have these items, you can level up the talents of Vizier. But when you use the enhanced badge to level up the talent, make sure to check the success rate. If the success rate is below or equal to 50%, then the chances are it will fail. To increase the success rate; upgrade the skills of consorts(keep in mind that consorts provide a bonus to specific Vizier, that’s why you need to marry more to develop more Viziers).

Go to the rewards tab and from there you can use books. Check the icon to know how it will help the empire.

So this is how Game Of Sultans consorts and heirs mechanics works! Here’s how to get consorts in Game Of Sultans: –

It’s Not Easy To Get Consorts In Game Of Sultans!

To get consorts in Game Of Sultans, head to the Masquerade facility. At the bottom-right corner, hit the masquerade button. Prior to it, check the fortune, if the fortune points are more than 100 or 150, the chances of interacting with a consort get increased. Tap the + icon next to fortune points. You can use an item; Amulet(complete the events, quests, or from store to get) to increase the fortune points. And each interaction costs you one energy point. Energy refills gradually.

Why It’s Not Easy?

To marry a consort, you have to interact with her through the masquerade feature. And in one interaction, it can not be possible. Just keep using the feature and when you interact with a consort multiple times, she becomes ready to marry you. But it takes time!

So this is the Game Of Sultans Consorts and Heirs article that explains to you how you get the benefit from them. Simply, understand the attribute mechanics(Books Icon, Hearts Icon, and More) and you are good to go. Also, see: –

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  1. Glad I found this site. I am not finding anything on what Canfeza relates to. She has a star, where other consorts have hearts, books or handshake. What attribute will the star attributes she has going to effect? Love the game!!

  2. You can buy it at feast store by using feast token. Feast token is obtained by attending feast and holding a feast.

  3. Vous pouvez donner les lives a vos viziers. Donc les viziers seront plus forts. Utilizez le backpack ou utilisez le Rewards tab pour donner les livres. Bon chance.

  4. Uh… The success rate of badges is NOT affected by the consort XP and use of said XP. You can level a consort all the way up and if it’s a 2* attribute it’s still going to be a 50% chance of success. It’s the ? that determines this. 1 ? is 100% 2 ? is 50% 3 ? is 33% 4 ? is 25% 5 ? is 20% and 6 ? is 17%….