Stellar Age MMO Strategy Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Stellar AgeStellar Age MMO Strategy is a brand new base-building game for Android in which you build your own planet and spaceships, and then send these spaceships to attack enemy planets for precious resources. Check out our Stellar Age guide, tips, cheats & strategy to progress fast.

Stellar Age is a new MMO strategy game for mobile devices by Candy Panda Apps. If you have ever played games like Primal Wars, Iron Throne, Mafia City, Dino War, then you can easily understand the mechanics of this game. If not, we are here to guide you and help you with our Stellar Age tips, cheats & strategy guide. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know; Stellar Age guide, tips, cheats & strategy to become more powerful.

Stellar Age – The Basic – Most Important

Before we move to the tips, cheats & strategy guide part, let’s learn the basic of Stellar Age game; In this game, your objective is to increase planet’s power by upgrading various buildings, improving the defense, and by producing powerful spaceships. You can attack enemy planets and steal their resources. Similarly, they can attack your planet and steal your planet’s resources.

To attack an enemy planet, you need a powerful group of spaceships. And to protect the resources from enemy attacks, you need to improve the defense of your planet.

What did we learn so far?

  • You have to increase your planet’s power; attack & defense
  • Why attack? -> To destroy enemy planets!
  • Why defense? -> To save or protect your planet from enemies
  • Resources are important; Both; you and enemy fight with each other for resources.

So, this is the basic guide for Stellar Age game. Now, let’s start the Stellar Age guide(Complete) and after it, check out the Stellar Age tips, cheats & strategy guide below.

Stellar Age Guide

Stellar AgeIn this part, we will learn how to set-up defense, how to attack, about upgrades, quests, about buildings, how to unlock spaceships, about resources, and much more.

  • Buildings Guide

Since it is a base-building MMO strategy game, you should know about the buildings. And in this part, we will learn everything about the buildings.

1.) Resources Buildings

There are three resources featured in this game;

  1. Metal
  2. Polymers
  3. Antimatter

These resources are required to build more buildings and upgrade existed buildings on your planet.

Metal -> Metal produced at the ore mine and stored at the metal depot. You can increase the production rate of metal by upgrading ore mine and increase the capacity to keep more metal by upgrading the metal depot.

Polymers -> Polymer produced at the Polymer farm and stored at Polymer Depot. You can increase the Polymer production rate by upgrading the Polymer farm. And increase the storage capacity by upgrading Polymer Depot.

Antimatter -> Antimatter is one of the main resources in Stellar Age game. This item produced at Antimatter Generator building and stored at Antimatter Depot. Upgrade these buildings to produce more Antimatter and store more Antimatter.

As stated above, these resources are required to upgrade other buildings or in constructing more buildings, so, it would be better to focus on these buildings.

2.) Mission Control Center

At this center, you can keep track of your fleets. Whenever you send your spaceships to attack enemy planets, you can track the progress here.

And as you know, you can not send an unlimited number of ships to attack enemy planets. There is a fixed limit. And to increase this limit or send more spaceships to attack enemy planets, upgrade this mission control center.

3.) Science Block

Science Block is one of the main buildings in Stellar Age game. Here you can research on new aspects and unlock boosters & items(defensive, attacking). Boosters; for instance, there is a laser weapon research; unlocking this or researching on this aspect increases the unit damage.

You just have to tap on Science Book building, then tap on technologies, and then choose an aspect; read the information(what will happen if I research on it), and start researching.

Researching requires resources; Polymers, Antimatters.

4.) Radar

Radar is another one of the main buildings in Stellar Age game. Radar alerts you about enemy attacks; for instance, if an enemy is approaching your planet, the radar will alert you. Since its coverage is limited, you will not get too benefit. Upgrade it to increase its coverage and get alert about enemy attacks.

5.) Space Port

Here you can produce spaceships. Just tap on the spaceport, choose produce, select a unit and produce. It costs you metal & polymer(depending on the unit type). Keep producing spaceships and send to attack enemy planets.

How to unlock new Spaceships?

It’s very easy. Just upgrade the spaceport.

6.) Warp Complex

When you send the spaceships on an attack, it is natural that their parts will be damaged. At this building, you can wrap and recover beacons and bay[Spaceships].

Tap on the warp complex; you will see two sections; warp beacons and repair bay. Just tap on the warp option to warp. Head to the repair bay tab, tap on a ship; choose the quantity and then tap on “recover” option.

So, these are main buildings in Stellar Age MMO Strategy game. Now, let’s learn how to set up the defense and how to attack an enemy planet.

How to set-up defense in Stellar Age game?

Just near the spaceport building, tap on the cyber plant and then choose production. At the cyber plant, you can produce defensive towers and protect your planet from enemy attacks.

Upgrade and research to unlock new defensive units in Stellar Age game.

Another way to set-up defense is by building a bunker; just near the cyber plant, you can find it there. The bunker protects the resources such as metal, antimatter, polymer, and more. Upgrade the bunker to increase the capacity and protect more resources.

How to attack?

At the top-right corner, tap on the map icon. After it, tap on an enemy planet and choose attack. Then select the spaceships you want to send and confirm.

When you tap on the enemy planet, you can check its power. If it is more than yours, then don’t go for the attack. Find and attack planets having low-power(as compared to yours). Go to the main screen, at the top-left, you can check your power.

You can even spy and get details about the enemy planet(defensive units, loot) before the attack. If you get successful in the attack, you will get resources as the reward.

So, this is the Stellar Age guide for the beginners. Now, let’s learn some quick Stellar Age game tips, cheats & strategy guide.

Stellar Age Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide –

  • At the beginning of the game, focus on the quests
  • Go to items tab, head to my items and claim newbie rewards; resources, speed-up boosters, and more
  • Upgrade the production buildings to increase the production rate+power
  • Upgrade your bunker and keep the resources safe & secure+power
  • Research[Science Book -> Tech] and unlock free boosters, items, units
  • Set-up defense by building the cyber plant
  • Before you attack enemy planet; spy and check its power
  • Upgrade spaceport and unlock new powerful spaceships
  • Upgrade mission control center and you will be able to send more spaceships for the attack
  • Warp & repair spaceships after the attack
  • Keep upgrading & keep improving

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So, these are some useful Stellar Age tips, cheats for the beginners. Also, see – Best strategy game for Android

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