Girls X Battle 2 Gift Codes 2020: List of Codes August 2020

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Started playing Girl X Battle 2 and wondering how to get and redeem the gift code? Read on for a list of Girls X Battle 2 Gift Codes 2020

Girls X Battle 2 Gift Codes - List of CodesGirls X Battle 2 is one of the popular idle games, published by Carolgames, on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. If you want some free goodies, then you can use the gift codes(2020) listed below. For starters, we recommend checking the guide and tier list to progress fast and wisely. Speaking of gift codes, these are not the cheat codes that you can discover by own or doing some tricks while playing the game. These gift codes are officially issued by the developers of the game on the game’s fan page. Girs X Battle 2 also has a FB fan page that you can follow for new active gift codes. 

Girls X Battle 2 Gift Codes 2020 – List of Codes –

Here’s the list of Girls X Battle 2 gift codes that we have discovered so far till August 2020: –

Code no. 1 is “25a99f5a“. With this Girls X Battle 2 gift code, you will get x100 gems and x40 shards of 4-star girl character. Later, you can fuse these shards in the bag and get the character. To redeem this code, you have to go to the menu -> tap the code button and enter the code “25a99f5a“. 


Code no. 2 is “fab1df79“. With this Girls X Battle 2 gift code, you can get around 188 gems and x50 character/girl shards. Head to the bag -> shards tab -> there you can fuse those shards and get a random character. 


As of now, these are the only active Girls X Battle 2 gift codes that we know. If you know any other active code working in 2020, please comment below. 

How To Get More Girl X Battle 2 Gift Codes?

As said above, these codes are not the cheat codes – these are the legit gift codes that you can acquire from the game’s fan pages. We recommend following this game’s FB page and join the fan community to keep an eye on working codes. The developers of the game often announced new gift codes on special events and occasions. If you are a long-time active player, you should join the FB group – not only for the codes, also to keep an eye on new updates, events, tips & tricks. 

How To Redeem The Gift Codes?

If you have a gift code, then you can redeem it by going to the menu. In the bottom-right corner, tap the menu button -> code -> there you have to enter the code. And, then tap the activate button. You will get the reward immediately as soon as you put the code. If it shows an error like this; this gift code does not exist – please verify or try again, then it means the code is invalid or expired. 

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So this would be all in this post on Girls X Battle 2 Gift Codes. If you know any more gift codes, comment below. We will update this post with more new codes as soon as they are announced. 

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