Idle Theme Park Tycoon Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks 2021

Idle Theme Park Tycoon is a brand new Idle game for mobile by Codigames. Let’s have a look at out Idle Theme Park Tycoon cheats, guide, tips & tricks 2021

Codigames, the publisher behind popular Idle games such as Idle Supermarket Tycoon, Idle Airport Tycoon, has just released another Idle game, named as Idle Theme Park Tycoon. In the game, you will manage your theme park tycoon and grow it by upgrading all the essential facilities such as food points, rides, office, parking, and more. Everything is auto, all you need to do is upgrade and grab all the freebies. If you have just started playing it, then our today’s Idle Theme Park Tycoon guide and Idle Theme Park Tycoon tips, cheats & strategies will help you master the game.

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Idle Theme Park Tycoon Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks 2021⇓Idle Theme Park Tycoon

The Basics – What’s Happening On Your Screen?

The very first thing that you need to know is how things work in the Idle Theme Park Tycoon game. Your objective is to make more money per minute. To earn more money, you need more visitors. Visitors visit the theme park through cars. To let more visitors visit your park, you need to upgrade the parking facility. On your screen, tap the parking area to open parking upgrades; there you will see the stats; cars entry, price, spaces, and occupied slots. Upgrade the parking lot to increase spaces, number of car entries per minute.

⇒In the next part, if there is a free parking slot available, the visitor will park the car and go to the entry point where he/she has to buy the entry ticket. Tap the entry area to open the entry upgrades; price ticket, entry booths, and visitors per minute. From this menu, you can buy more entry booths, upgrade the existing ones to serve more people per minute.

⇒After getting the tickets, visitors will enter the theme park and spend money in Theme Park rides, facilities, food points, and other things. So if you build more facilities in Idle Theme Park Tycoon, you will eventually make more money. To build more facilities in Idle Theme Park Tycoon, tap the office building in the theme park(just after the entry point). In the build menu, you can check the facilities that you can build. Earn, save, and invest in these facilities. These include shooting gallery, ferries wheel, roller coaster, jungle ride, and more.

⇒After building the facility, you can improve it further by spending on upgrades. All you need to do is tap the facility and it will show you the stats; price, seats, queue, duration, and more. If there are loads of visitors in the theme park, make sure to add seats, expand queue. Also, increase the price by upgrading the facility.

So this is the basic guide. Let’s learn about the tokens, epic upgrades, Island, manager, and more.

Idle Theme Park Tycoon General Manager⇓

General Manager is the premium function in the game. If you hire him(Cost real money), your theme park will work for longer while you are offline(By default, the park works only for 2 hours while you are offline). It’s not mandatory though!

Tokens and Epic Upgrades⇓

At the top-right corner of the game screen, you can check the tokens that you own. You can use these tokens to buy the vending machine or epic vending machine. From these vending machines, you get collectibles(toys). These collectibles provide a special effect to the player. For example; a reduction in upgrades, a boost in earnings from a specific facility, and a lot more. At the bottom-right corner, tap the star button to check all the collectibles. Tap on anyone to read its effect. If you get it again from the vending machine, it will be converted into fragments, which lets you raise the level of that item.

Idle Theme Park Tycoon Islands⇓

  1. Paradise Island
  2. Wild Island
  3. Horror Island
  4. Pirate Island
  5. Moon Island(250T)
  6. Frenetic Island
  7. Desert Island
  8. NEW PARKS: Fair Park, x2 New Rides in Water Park

Idle Theme Park TycoonYou start the game from Paradise Island, that’s your first theme park. Once you have enough money, the game will inform you about the prestige system. You move to a new Island where you can build more facilities and also get a big earning boost. From paradise Island -> Wild Island -> Horror Island -> and so on. At the top of the screen, tap the location mark button -> here you can find all the discovered Islands -> sell your current theme park and move to another. You will get a big earning boost on the new Island. Keep in mind that you can not go back.

Also, each new Island offers a new surface to build a new ride in Idle Theme Park Tycoon.

How to get the lunar surface in Idle Theme Park Tycoon?

Many players are asking us how to have a lunar surface on Island to build the space launch. And, as the game says; you need a lunar surface on your Island to build this ride. This hint has confused lots of players. All you need to do is buy the moon Island and you will be able to build Space Launch. The Moon Island comes with Lunar Surface.Idle Theme Park Tycoon

How to start over or Reset the progress?

Well, if you are playing on Android, then you should not connect the game to Google Play Games account if you want to start over. Same with the iOS game center. If you do this, every time you install the game, old progress will load. You can always log out if you have connected already, in the game settings. At the bottom-right side, tap the gear/settings icon -> trigger the green color button and choose to log out. For more information, you can contact their support team; [email protected] or go to settings -> support -> support -> email.

Idle Theme Park Tycoon Currency Confusion⇓

The currency in Idle theme park tycoon game is different from the real world and it confuses the new players. In the comments below, one of our readers has asked that he has enough amount but he is unable to buy the Island. This confusion occurs because of the currency, take a look at the currency symbols below and you will get the answer: –

  • Quadrillions – q
  • Quintillions – Q (1000q)
  • Sextillions – s
  • Septillions – S(1000s)
  • Decillions – d
  • Duodecillions – D(1000d)

Green Faces Or Red Faces⇓

You often see Green Faces or Red Faces emotes over the people. The green faces mean that there are not enough restrooms in the park. You need to upgrade the Restroom or WC or buy more toilets to get rid of these faces. On the other hand, red faces mean that people are leaving the park because of the long queue or not enough seats in the ride. Upgrade the rides; increase the queue, seats, etc. to get rid of these faces.

Hidden Island⇓

If you go to the map view, the game displays the list of Islands that you can visit or buy. However, all the Islands would not show up until you buy the Islands appear on your screen. The last Island would be marked as Hidden Island. To unlock it, you need to buy all the Islands on your screen/map view. For example – Buy the Wild Island to unlock Horror Island.

Upgrade Fast Slides⇓

In the latest update to Idle Theme Park Tycoon, Codigames has added a new scene to the game; a new location called the aqua park. As per our info, it unlocks when you reach the treasure island. After that, Investor Jhonson will guide you on how to travel to the aqua park; tap the location option at the top-right – there you select the aqua park slide -> boom! You are in the aqua park now. There you will find the fast slides. Tap and upgrade just like you do for other rides. For more information, head to this guide: –

So this is the Idle Theme Park Tycoon guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Idle Theme Park Tycoon tips, cheats & strategies!

Idle Theme Park Tycoon Tips & Tricks⇓

  • Grab the investor offers by watching the video ads
  • Balance the upgrades
  • Complete the missions for rewards
  • Start marketing for the theme park
  • Analyze the stats
  • Watch the video ads for free stuff
  • Upgrade the restroom

Grab The Investor Offers⇓

Idle Theme Park TycoonInside the theme park, there would be a helipad. Investors will often visit the park through helicopter. Tap the helicopter -> watch the video ad and grab loads of Idle cash or tokens.

Balance The Upgrades⇓

You should balance all kinds of upgrades; rides and parking. For example; What happens if you only focus on parking upgrades and attract the customers? – if there are not enough seats and there is a long queue on rides, then visitors will leave that place and get upset. So make sure that all the rides have enough seats, queue strength – based on the number of customers you are attracting to the theme park.

Complete The Missions⇓

At the top-right side, tap the missions button -> complete these missions to earn tokens. You can spend these tokens in the store for the vending machine and earn collectibles.

Start The Marketing Campaign⇓

Idle Theme Park TycoonAt the bottom-right side, tap the clipboard -> here you can select the marketing campaigns; newspaper, radio, TV, smartphone. These ad campaigns will help you in attracting more visitors. And, you will make more money!

Check The Stats⇓

At the top-right side, tap the analyze button -> here you can check overall stats or performance of facilities in the theme park. Pay attention to the red color marked departments and upgrade them. Also, scroll down and you will see less profitable facilities(if there is any). Upgrade these marked facilities to make them profitable.

Watch The Video Ads⇓

At the bottom of the game screen, tap the X2 video play button -> watch the video ad to earn more. On the top-right side, you will often get these video ads offers. Make sure to claim all these if you want to progress fast.

Upgrade The Restroom/Toilets⇓

If you see the visitors in inappropriate condition(green face), then it means, you have not upgraded the WC/restroom/toilet, which is at the left side of the roller coaster ride. One of our readers asked this question in the comment section below and we have answered it with a picture of WC(you can check in the comments below).

So these are some basic Idle Theme Park Tycoon tips, guide & tricks for beginners. No Idle Theme Park tycoon cheats or cheat codes are available at the moment. If you have more tips, feel free to comment below!

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  1. If you have an Android device with the Game Launcher app you can adjust the apps settings for the screen to time out and turn off if inactive. The good thing is the park keeps running while it’s off, the bad is it will eventually drain the battery so plug in. With this feature, depending on how much money you’re bringing in per minute, you can let your park run while you sleep at night and when you wake you’ll be Bruce Wayne rich.

  2. I have bought all aqua parks ( and maxed out everything in aqua, and have mostly maxed the last regular park. But it still won’t let me access/buy Hidden Island. Can someone please help me? Thank you

  3. Anyone else having problems getting Summer Race? It says it’s 900N, so assuming that’s the same capital N you they use for Nonillion, I should have enough to get it with my 18 Duodecilion but it’s still greyed out.

      • The math is broken in the aqua park, the cost to upgrade accelerates faster than the return. 900N would be impossible to get from the aqua park. Surely there’s a different way? The summer ride is in the main park, but in an earlier level it did say that they aqua park needs to make more money to unlock it….

    • Check the status of you’re original theme park because you need to have every island there (including ride islands and island improvements) and you buy the summer race IN THE NORMAL THEME PARK!!

  4. Aqua Park does not produce funds fast enough. I need those funds to upgrade to the next Theme Park island. It looks likes it will take months to get enough.

  5. Hi there ,
    In my missions it says upgrade your fast slides but im not sure what they are ?? The reward is aslo some weird looking money ?

    • The “Fast/fun slides” is the ride you start with in the aqua park which you unlock after getting the treasure island. The “fresh donuts” ride is the second island on the aqua park, otherwise known as the lazy river.

  6. Hi guys, so I’ve completed all the missions and upgraded everything fully, can’t buy the last island still though. Is there an update coming as getting rather boring now haha

  7. On pirate island when I upgrade the parking spaces to increase the size it does not increase and the prices stay the same.
    Another issue, is on the car park it says level 1382 when I am heading to level 20.

  8. In the new update, yes there is 2 islands after Desert Island. And on them are the two rides, Cretatous Park and Volkano.

  9. Green faces means ‘buy’ restrooms or toilets they are between Jungle ride and Pirate ride, I max this out before anything else.

  10. Hey guys so the little park visitors. I know what the Red face means inside the conversation bubble, but can anyone tell me what the green faces mean? Is it sickness?? I just don’t know what they’re getting sick from??

    • @Ray Focus on the top rides(Which makes you the most money) – always give priority to these rides’ upgrades. Boost the earnings through video ads.
      Save tokens and buy the epic toy-vending machine. If you are lucky, you may get a toy called Miniature Island. This special toy can reduce the purchase price of a new Island. So if you get it, it would be easy for you to buy desert Island. The desert Island purchase price is around 2Q. And, it unlocks Wild West ride.

    • @Anonymous Tap the (i) icon to check the ride upgrades(you get profit boost every milestone upgrade). Here’s the screenshot: –
      Idle Theme Park Tycoon

  11. Is there an island after Desert Island? I completed all quests and it says there’s a hidden island after but it has been like that for awhile…

  12. Anyone know why I can’t upgrade from Frenetic Island to Desert Island? The cost of Desert Island is 2.301Q, I have over 300.0Q, I have all the rides that I can get on my current Island.

    • @Stuart I guess, you have around 300.q not, 300Q. q = Quadrillion, Q = Quintillion. 1000q(quadrillion) = 1 Qunitillion. Hope this helps 🙂

    • @Sarah @Ingrid It’s the next hidden Island after pirate Island. Go there and you will be able to build space launch. (At the top of the screen, tap map/location button -> scroll down and purchase the new Island).

  13. I have upgraded all the way to Moon Island. Is there eventually anywhere to go after this? All my missions are complete, but my rides are not all the way upgraded yet. My park is a 5-star, though. So I just want to make sure there’s still more to come, basically.

  14. Every time I upgrade rides or add new ones, the visitors I get from the the Ferri get upset for some reason and leave. Is there a way to stop this?

    • @Shay maybe because of not enough seats, you may want to upgrade the ride(where the problem is). If there is a long queue, people will get upset. Just above the ride, you can check the progress bar(the round shape progress bar), pay attention to it and it will show you the duration of the ride. After the ride ends, you will see the visitors exiting.

    • In addition to adding seats to the rides, check that you have enough lines into your park, especially after going to the next island as it resets

    • @Andres Because of WC. At the left side of the roller coaster, tap the WC (Toilet/Bathroom). Upgrade the restrooms and buy more toilets. Then it would not happen again.
      Idle Theme Park Tycoon

  15. Make sure you’re connected to a secure Wifi. That’s the main reason why it won’t let me watch vids. Other than that I cant think of anything.

    • Ad/Content blockers can affect that, as well as proxies.. if you have changed any of your privacy settings there are certain settings that can get in the way of this too.