Hello Hero All Stars Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Hello Hero All Stars is a brand new Idle RPG for Android and iOS by Fincon Co., Ltd. Let’s have a look at our Hello Hero All Stars guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Fincon Co., Ltd, the publisher behind Hello Hero game series, has just released an Idle game, named as Hello Hero All Stars for mobile. It’s an online Idle RPG where you deploy the best heroes on the combat field and crush the enemies in loads of places; mushroom forest, cookie farm, mechanic kingdom, Armon city, storm desert, winter Island, army fortress, wood forest, eastern continent, and the Armon Kingdom. You will start wiping the enemy hordes from the mushroom forest and try to defeat all the bosses in the universe. In addition to that, there are over 160 heroes to collect. You can power-up them and defeat the powerful foes. If you have just started playing this game, then our today’s Hello Hero All Stars guide and Hello Hero All Stars tips, cheats & strategies will help you master the game!

Hello Hero All Stars GuideHello Hero All Stars

The Basics – How To Get Heroes In Hello Hero All Stars Game?

Well, if you are thinking summoning is the only way to get heroes, then you are wrong. Some heroes are dropped during the adventure mode battles. Also, as you cover a certain distance, you will rescue some heroes. For example; at 500KM, you rescue Dylan. And, you can bid for the heroes by completing the conquests(Unlocks when you cover 1511KM). You can earn the conquest keys from the research.

At last, In the store, spend the diamonds for the individual hero chest or 10X draw. The drop rate: –

  1. SS – 0.40%
  2. S – 4.00%
  3. A – 25%
  4. B – 70.60%

How Do I Get Diamonds?

  1. Login reward
  2. Ranking Reward
  3. Achievement Reward
  4. Complete the collections

Login Reward – Tap the menu button(yellow color button, right above the unit card) at the bottom-left corner -> daily reward.

Ranking Reward -> Menu -> rival -> galaxy boss(unlocks when you cover 2011KM) -> here you can see the rank. The top players get the diamonds as a reward.

Achievements – Menu -> achievement -> complete the missions to receive diamonds.

Diamond is the premium and rare in-game currency; you can buy it in the store in exchange for real money. That’s completely optional. F2P – As you progress through the game or grind to upgrade the B-grade heroes, you will be able to pass difficult areas. And, on the top of that, SS and A grade heroes drop rate is quite low. So most probably you will end up with a B-grade heroes team in the beginning.

Heroes Guide – Building The Team – Upgrading Heroes

Hello Hero All StarsThere are four different classes in the Hello Hero All Stars game; DPS, Tank, Healers, and Buffers. You can filter the heroes by class using the filter option in the team management screen. All you need to do is double tap the adventure button at the bottom of the screen.

  1. DPS – This class heroes deal massive damage to the enemies with their massive DPS skills
  2. Tank – This class heroes have good defensive stats and defensive skills, which protect other class heroes
  3. Healers – These heroes have the ability to heal the allies(recover HP)
  4. Buffers – These heroes buff the allies. For example; Their skills can increase the attack power to all the allies

Leveling Up The Heroes – Grinding EXP

As you progress through the adventure mode, you will face powerful beasts in the way and you will have to raise the stats of your best heroes. Leveling up the heroes is one of the ways to raise stats; attack, defense, and health. You can earn hero EXP from the quest mode(Mission -> quest -> receive. Complete the quests to earn honor points and raise the quest level. As the level rises, rewards from the quest will get better. The hero that you want to level up – add him/her in the quest team to grant EXP. You get the quests from the adventure mode.

-> You can reset the growth of a hero anytime and get back the 90% of the EXP that you spent on it. (Tap the hero -> menu -> reset growth).

Skill Enhance

All the characters have a unique skill. For example; healers have healing skill. You can increase the effect of that skill by enhancing the skill. It will cost gold coins, which you earn from the quest mode. Tap the adventure button two times -> tap the hero -> menu -> skill enhance -> increases skill power as well as elemental power.

Soul Up

You can earn souls from the research or as a rank reward in rival rankings. These souls are used in raising the stats of heroes by a massive amount. Enter the team management screen -> tap the hero -> menu -> soul up -> confirm.

Hello Heroes All Stars – Gears

You can obtain the gears in Hello Hero All Stars game by completing all the expeditions. Tap the mission button -> expedition -> here you can check all the available expeditions from where you can get weapons, accessory, and armor. You can also obtain gear cubes from here.

There is a maximum 5 attempts limit in this mode. You can reset it using the diamonds or wait for the next day to reset by default.

Now, go to the gears menu -> here you can equip the weapon, armor, and accessory to the heroes in the team. If you equip the same type of gear in all those three slots, a set effect will get activated. Tapping the empty gear slot allows you to pick the gear; choose the blinking ones to set bonus effect. Or you can experiment with the stats; before and after equipping the particular gear.

Once equipped, tap the gear -> level up -> spend the gear cubes.

Gear Cubes – You can dismantle gears to get gear cubes or play the expedition mode. Go to gears -> list -> dismantle -> confirm

Composing Gears -> You can combine two gears(same grade) and get a random one with different stats/set effect/type.

Level up, upgrade the gears, skills, and stats to increase the power of heroes and slay down the beasts.

So this is the Hello Hero All Stars guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Hello Hero All Stars tips, cheats & strategies!

Hello Hero All Stars Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Build A Balanced Team

You should have a balanced squad in the battle; include DPS, healers, tank, and buffers. You can use the DPS heroes skills to deal massive damage to the boss in the boss fight, heal the allies using the healer skill when low on HP, protect the DPS/Healers/Buffers using the tank type heroes skills, and buff all the allies using the buffer skills.

First, go to the heroes screen and read their skills -> compare with other heroes of the same role and focus on the best ones.

Editing the team – tap the adventure button -> drag & drop the hero from inventory to the deck slots.

2.) Make Use Of The Jump Feature

At the bottom-right corner of the game, above the squad widget, you can see the total power of the team. If you have enough power to face the next boss, then you can directly jump to the boss fight. To check or go, tap the condition/challenge button on the bottom-left side of the screen.

3.) Step Back And Grind EXP, Coins, Quests

Hello Hero All StarsIf you are having trouble completing a stage or you are stuck, step back to the previous checkpoint(defeat the bosses for souls) and (defeat the enemies to grind EXP/Gold coins/Quests) -> use them to develop(level up, enhance skills) the heroes, honor level and go back to that point again and slay down that horde where you got stuck.

To step back, tap the “my location” option on the left side of the screen -> tap on any previous warp points(example; 901KM) -> confirm. To move back, open the same location screen and choose the top point.

4.) Keep Doing The Quests

You will need a large amount of EXP and gold coins to develop the heroes as you progress further in high-difficulty areas. So it’s important to increase the honor level so that you can receive a large amount of EXP/gold coins over time. As the honor level rises up, rewards will get better.

5.) Play All The Game Modes

This is the farming guide ->

  • Adventure Mode – Farm EXP, gold
  • Research – Make combos and earn souls, conquest keys
  • Expedition – Earn gear cubes, gears
  • Conquest – Auctions/Chests
  • Galaxy Boss – Rank-up in this mode to earn diamonds

6.) Spend The Mileage Points

Hello Hero All StarsIn the research/expedition/conquest/galaxy-boss menu screen, at the top-right(near -i- icon) -> tap the house icon -> here you can spend the mileage points for gears. Play these modes to earn mileage points.

So these are some basic tips for Hello Hero All Stars game. If you have more tips & tricks, feel free to comment below!

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