Idle Aqua Park Cheats, Guide, Tips & Strategies

Idle Aqua Park is a brand new simple yet addictive Idle game for Android and iOS by Green Panda Games. Check out Idle Aqua Park cheats, guide, tips & strategy

In today’s Idle Aqua Park guide and Idle Aqua Park cheats, tips & strategies, you will learn all the basics as well as all the tactics to progress fast. Your objective in this game is to make money and unlock all the water park locations. The game challenges you to manage the water park – the managing activities include the growth of water park(in terms of customers), decorations, pricing, etc. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content of this post.

Idle Aqua Park Tycoon Guide

The very first thing that you need to know is how do you make money or earn coins and how much money you make every second? The water park business money-making process is quite simple – you attract the customers to the water park and they pay the ticket price for it. That’s your income source. So, you can increase the earnings if you attract more customers and increase the ticket price. To make all these investments, you need coins(the in-game currency). Since there is no tutorial for the beginners, it may difficult for them to figure out what things to do first – where to start, etc.

So let’s learn the upgrades concept. Earn the coins -> invest in the upgrades to make more money in less time. At the bottom of the screen, you have three upgrades; ticket level, speed, level, and the tube level.

Ticket Level – Increasing the ticket level will increase the ticket price and you will make more money from each customer.

Speed Level – Increasing the speed level will increase the game speed – customers speed, sliding speed, entrance, out, etc.

Idle Aqua ParkTube Level – In Idle Aqua Park, the first water park name is dolphin slide. Upgrade the tube level to upgrade the water park slides and get earnings boost. It means you will make more money by upgrading the water park/tube level/dolphin slide. The look of the water park will change when you make these upgrades.

How to check how much money you are making? Do you earn from the Ornaments In Idle Aqua Park Game?

Idle Aqua ParkYou make money from the decorations as well as the from the ticket. Pay attention to the pool and there you will see the number of coins you are getting from each customer. And, as we said above, you also make money from the ornaments. The ornaments or decorations include Icecream car, balloons, Vending machine, and hot air balloon – at dolphin slide. If you pay attention to these ornaments in the water park, you will notice that customers are buying or using the stuff. For example – Take a look at the Ice Cream Car – some customers buy Ice Cream before entering the queue. Pay attention to the ballons stall – the vendor sells balloons and you make money from it.

How to level up and why to level up in Idle Aqua Park Game?

Idle Aqua ParkBy raising the account level, you can unlock new water park locations, new ornaments. We have already discussed how ornaments help you in making money – In the above paragraph. These ornaments also provide buff; increase in the queue, ticket price, speed, etc.

At the top-right side, tap the balloon button to check the ornaments and spend coins to increase their level.

One more reason to increase the account level is that you can unlock or start new water parks and make more money. At the top-right corner, you can check the level bar – earn coins to fill its gauge and once it reaches the max point, you will see the level up button. Tap it and claim the coins as a level-up reward. Once you reach a certain level, you will unlock a new water park. For example – In Idle Auqa Park game, Octo Ramp slide unlocks at level 20.

When you reach level 20, the game will pop-out a the water slide banner on the left-center – tap the unlock button to open a new water park. In the new water park, you can make the same upgrades.

The Tower Upgrades

Idle Aqua ParkTap the green color arrow button on your screen or the center of the water park to open the tower upgrade. The tower upgrades include customer frequency, tower capacity, and queue capacity. Let’s learn about all these upgrades: –

Customer Frequency – To attract more customers in the aqua park, you will have to invest the coins in this upgrade. Increase its level to get more customers and sell more tickets.

Tower Capacity – On the tower, you can check the tower capacity. For example – If it’s 5, then only five customers at a time can enter the tower while the rest customers need to wait in the queue.

Queue Capacity – The number of customers who can wait in the queue to enter the tower. For example – If the queue capacity is 5, only five customers can wait to enter the tower. The rest ones will walk here and there until they find a free slot in the queue. To make all the process, fast, you will have to invest in these upgrades.

Idle Aqua Park Cheats, Tips & Tricks: –

1.) The Time Lapse Cheat

Well, we would not recommend you to use this if you don’t want to ruin the gaming experience. In the time-lapse cheat, you change the time settings in the mobile. All you have to do is change the time ahead of the current time – a few hours or a day. Turn off the internet connection and open the game to claim massive earnings in a few seconds. Again, don’t use this cheat if you don’t want to ruin the gaming experience.

2.) The Tap Speed Cheat

The game does not inform you that you can increase the game speed – customers in and out, sliding speed, walking speed, etc. by tapping the water tube. Tap the water tube and you will notice that the speed of the game has increased.

3.) Get The Free Boosters

You can get the free boosters by watching the video ad – at the top-left corner, you get the income boosters, at the upper-right corner, you get the XP booster. And, at last, you will often see the floating coconut with video icon display – tap it to get the free booster.

4.) Level Up To Unlock New Water Parks

This game is not limited to only one water park. As you level up, you can unlock new water parks and make more money. So focus on increasing the player level. You can claim the XP X2 Booster by watching the video ad to level up fast in Idle Aqua Park game.

5.) Make All The Upgrades

Don’t forget to focus on all the upgrades; the tower upgrades which include queue, customer frequency, tower capacity, the water park upgrades such as ticket level, speed level, tube level. Additionally, you can make more money by installing ornaments in the aqua park.

So that would be all in this Idle Aqua Park guide and Idle Aqua Park cheats, tips & strategies post!

If you know more cheats, cheat codes, tips, tricks, etc., feel free to share in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting us and reading the article. Have a nice day 🙂

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