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Started playing Fist of the North Star Legends ReVIVE? Check out this collection of Fist of the North Star Legends ReVIVE guide, tips to get stronger

In this post, we have shared the basic tips that you should use if you are having trouble winning the stage or learning the basics. You can also share your tips, guides or useful info in the comment section below. Before you do that, let’s take a look at our Fist of the North Star Legends ReVIVE guide and tips part.

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In this guide(follow the above link to read), we have explained the fighter types info, how to get them and how to make them stronger. As you progress through the game or chapter mode stages, you will face problem in completing all the missions on that stage or getting three-star. And, because of that, you would not be able to use the skip function. So make sure to read fighters guide and learn how to use them properly.

In this guide, we have explained how to level up quickly.

In this guide, we have explained how to get gems for free.

In this guide, you will learn about the shrine, Retsuden, and warehouse.

In this one, you will learn how to get free gems.

And, at last, the vault guide explains to you how to use vault vouchers and how to get vault keys.

Fist of the North Star Legends ReVIVE Tips, Cheats & Tricks: –

1.) Tap The Pigeon To Get Letters

Fist of the North Star Legends ReviveOn the main interface of the game, a pigeon often appears. Tap that pigeon – and, on the next screen, you will have to choose a letter. From these letters, you might get valuable rewards. So keep an eye on the lobby and pay attention to the pigeon.

2.) Have The Best Fighters In The Team

The higher the quality of a fighter, the more power he can obtain through leveling, equipment upgrade, skill upgrades, etc. We would recommend you to focus on SR or higher quality heroes because they will help you in the late game. Don’t focus on N or R – they would not help you for long – because their abilities level is not much higher than the SR and UR quality fighters.

The next thing that you have to keep in mind while building the best team of best fighters is that choosing the tank and attackers. We would recommend you to put life type fighters in the front row and power type fighters in the back row.

The key point is you have to put the tanky fighters in the front row – the fighters with high HP and defense stats – to soak damage of the enemies. And, the attackers in the back row – with high attack stats. Make sure to check our Fighters guide for more details.

3.) Get The Group Benefit

In Fist of the North Star Legends ReVIVE game, all the fighters belong to a group. A group of two or more fighters. And, the level of a group is determined by the number of fighters from that group owned by the player. For example – if the group is of 7 fighters and you have 4 out of 7, then the group level will be 4. At different group levels, you get a different amount of boost in the stats.

Go to the fighters menu and select a fighter to open his/her profile page -In the details tab, on the bottom-right section, you can check the groups belong to the selected fighter. Tap the list button to check the list of all groups. Tap on the group icon to see the fighters belong to the group. Get these fighters from Gacha or clash quests or by collecting shards to activate group stat boost.

4.) Perform The Combos In The Battle

To inflict more damage to the enemies, make sure to perform the combos. When a hero unleashes his/her special attack, a combo action will appear; Hokuto action, Ring Action, and Gauge Action. In the Hokuto section, you see seven stars on the screen – tap the screen at the right time to deal combo damage(when the gauge reaches the seven-star). If all goes successful, you will see an excellent message.

Ring action – tap the screen when the circle shrinks and ring(the center part) is at the same point. Gauge Action – tap the screen when the gauge reaches the endpoint of the line.

At the bottom-left corner of the combat screen, tap the pause button to change the action.

5.) Repeat or Skip The Stages

You can grind Juodollars, EXP, fighters EXP, and many more items by repeating the past stages or skipping the stages. So if you are stuck or if you have spent all the resources in powering up the fighters, step back and repeat the past stages -> grind EXP -> max out the fighters -> raise their equipment/skill/class level.

6.) Play All The Game Modes

There are lots of game modes to play in Fist of the North Star Legends ReVIVE game; play all these game modes daily to progress fast. From Collsseum’s Dojo mode, you can earn Dojo medals and spend in the shop for a bunch of items. In the trail of Nanto mode, you can earn Juodollars, fighter shards, trail medals. Spend trial medals in the shop for EXP bottles, fighter shards, EXP trophy, etc. In the daily events mode, you can farm Juodollars, EXP bottles, and food items.

7.) Join A Guild

Fist of the North Star Legends ReviveWhy should you join a guild? Because of these benefits: –

  • Daily free supplies; free Juodollars, gems, modding spanner
  • Fang Clan Chase – play mini-game to earn gems, shards, EXP bottles, etc.
  • Amiba’s Research – hit to earn rewards
  • Training Grounds – cheer to get rewards
  • Guild shop – spend guild coins earned from the guild activities
  • Donation – Donate to get guild coins

So these are some Fist of the North Star Legends ReVIVE tips, cheats & tricks for the beginners. If you are looking for the guides, follow the link mentioned above in the guides part or search Fist of the North Star Legends ReVIVE keyword in the search box below.

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