Idle Medieval Tycoon Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Idle Medieval TycoonIdle Medieval Tycoon is a brand new Idle game by GGDS. Let’s have a look at the Idle Medieval Tycoon guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Idle Medieval Tycoon is the latest game from GGDS that lets you build a medieval town and challenges you to grow it. The player develops the town by constructing basic facilities for the villagers. All the facilities will be the source of income. You can spend the money in upgrades, boosters, advisors to progress fast. The artwork/graphics are similar to Pocket Build game. And the gameplay is also similar to other Idle games. If you are new to this genre, let’s have a look at our Idle Medieval Tycoon guide and Idle Medieval Tycoon tips, cheats & strategies to learn everything!

Things You Need To Know In Idle Medevival Tycoon Game

1.) The Basics

⇒In the game, golden coin in the main in-game currency. You need these gold coins for building, upgrades, boosters, and the advisors. The main source of gold coins production is the facilities that you install in the town. In the tutorial, the game guides you to the building menu where you unlock the first facility; house and upgrade it. The facilities you install in town produce gold coins gradually and even when you are not playing the game. Here’s the list of buildings that you can unlock and upgrade: –

  • House
  • Market
  • Inn
  • Castle
  • Scout
  • Blacksmith
  • Field
  • Mill
  • Stables
  • Fishing House

⇒The gold production numbers vary. For example; Fishing house generates more gold than the stables, Mill, and all the earlier buildings. (Highest gold production rate buildings; descending order – bottom to the top).

⇒The gem is a premium in-game currency. Unlike gold coins, you can not earn gems from the facilities. In Idle Medieval Tycoon game, you earn gems upon reaching a certain milestone level(tap the trophy icon at the top-right corner to check the list of milestone levels), from the goblins, daily quests, video ads, duplicate technologies.

2.) Bonus Boosters

⇒At the bottom menu, tap the second tab button. Here you can buy the bonus boosters to increase the gold earnings from a particular facility. These bonus boosters cost a huge amount of gold coins. Make sure to spend on the high-profitable facility first. For example; Field, Mill, Stables, and the Fishing house are the top cash cows.

⇒As you progress further, special boosters will get unlocked; intel bonus, all buildings bonus, and more.

3.) Idle Medieval Technologies

⇒In Idle Medieval Tycoon game, you can unlock and upgrade technologies that you can install in the facilities to generate more gold, reduce the upgrade cost. To unlock, you need all the pieces required for a certain facility technology. You get these pieces from the chests.

⇒There are two types of chests; silver and gold. The silver chest can be obtained by watching the video ad; from the wizard, crystal ball-ad offer, and from the goblins. From the silver chest, you will get a technology piece, but it could be a duplicate piece. If you get the duplicate piece, the game will convert it into the blue gems.

From the gold chest, you will earn a new piece every time. Unlike the silver chest, you can not get this chest by watching video ads. For the golden chest, you will have to spend the 250 gems.

⇒Level up the technologies for further boosts and new technology slots.

4.) Advisors

⇒Advisors come in these grades; 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*, 5*, and 6*. Depending on the grade, the advisor will grant a special boost to the matching facility. For example; market advisor can boost the earnings from the market facility. But you can not place market advisor on other facilities; field, castle, fishing house, and more.

⇒The player can hire advisors using the gold coins and the gems. The golden draw will summon 1-3* grade advisors. From the gem draws, you can get 1-6* grade advisors. At the time of writing this post, Idle Medieval Tycoon features 100 advisors. All the advisors provide profit or level boost to a facility; you can deploy multiple advisors.

  • 1* Grade Advisors – Level + 6 Bonus
  • 2* Grade Advisors – Level +12 Bonus
  • 3* Grade Advisors – Level + 6 Bonus + 10X Profit
  • 4* Grade Advisors – Level +12 Bonus + 20X Profit
  • 5* Grade Advisors – Level +12 Bonus + 30X Profit
  • 6* Grade Advisors – Level +20 Bonus + 60X Profit

Level Bonus – For example; Fishing House level is 200. If you deploy a 6* grade advisor, fishing house level will increase to 220.

Profit Bonus – For example; You are earning 100T/sec from fishing house building. If you deploy a 6* advisor, the profit will increase by 60 times. That’s insane 6000!

5.) Intel and Land – Prestige In Idle Medieval Tycoon

⇒By migrating to a new land, you can earn intel. Intel permanently boosts the earnings. 1 intel provides a 2% bonus to the earnings. For example – 122 Intel will provide a 244% bonus to the earnings. That means +244% more income.

⇒On the right side of the screen, tap the map icon -> here you can see the world map and the lands you have unlocked so far. You can move to a new land once you reach the target intel numbers. After that, the new land button will get unlocked. Tap it and a pop-up confirmation window will appear on the screen where you can see the bonus(all profit bonus, on the basis of intel collection).

⇒You can move to the next land for free or spend 300 gems. The free one resets all the temporary instances; buildings, upgrades, and the coins. If you spend 300 gems, you will keep all these temporary things. We would recommend you to go for the free one and save gems. The game will start from the beginning, but the income from all the sources will increase(depends on the amount of intel you have collected).

⇒Earn gold coins to gather intel. Go to the world map -> at the bottom, you can check the amount of intel you have gathered so far.

So this would be all for now as Idle Medieval Tycoon guide. Let’s have a look at our top Idle Medieval Tycoon tips, cheats & strategies!

Idle Medieval Tycoon Tips & Tricks!

1.) Don’t Buy The Silver Chest, Save Gems

As we mentioned above, there are two types of chests from where you can get the technology pieces. We would strongly recommend you not to spend the gems on the silver chest, because you can get it by watching the video ads. Additionally, there is no guarantee of getting a new technology piece. So spending 50 gems on this chest does not worth. Save gems and spend on advisors or golden chest.

2.) Focus On The Cash Cow Facility

The initial facilities such as the house, market, Inn, castle, scout are low profitable. On the other hand, profit from the facilities such as Fishing House, Stables, Mill, Field, and the Blacksmith is quite good as compared to the initial facilities. We would recommend you to focus on the cash cow facilities once you reach a certain milestone level on the initial level buildings. In short, don’t spend too much on the low profitable facilities’ upgrades. Instead, focus on cash cow facilities’ upgrades.

3.) Complete The Daily Quests

On the right side of the screen, tap the quest icon and find out the daily tasks to complete for the precious rewards such as free gems, skip tickets, and the profit booster. Complete these tasks asap.

4.) Tap The Goblins

Idle Medieval TycoonEvery now and then, goblins appear on the screen(highlighted with a light beam). Tap these goblins for the gold, free gems.

5.) Claim The Freebies

Every two minutes, you will see a wizard on the screen. Tap it -> start. Keep tapping the wizard lab screen to generate instant gold. The amount of gold depends on progress. You can increase it by upgrading the facilities. Additionally, before you start tapping the game, you can watch the video ad to earn the 5X profit.

⇒Watch Ads from crystal bar -> On the left side of the screen, tap the X2 offer -> watch the video ad to get X2 profit bonus for 4 hours. It appears if the wizard is not there. You can send the Wizard back to the town(tap the wizard -> at the top-left of the pop-up window, tap the button; In 2 Min.).

So these are the top Idle Medieval Tycoon tips for the beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below!

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  1. Okay, I started playing Medieval Idle Tycoon yesterday morning. I am now ready to move on to land number 4. When I go to the map it tells me that I have got enough Intel to move to my next area but no way for me to do so. How do I get to lands 4 and 5, please? The game is not telling me how to do so.