Idle Police Tycoon Symbols Guide: Meaning!

Read on for Idle Police Tycoon symbols guide that help you understand all sorts of crimes info reported by citizens to the police departmentIdle Police Tycoon Symbols

Idle Police Tycoon Symbols Guide⇓

This article explains the crime symbols in Idle Police Tycoon. Let’s not waste any time and get straight to the main content: – 

The Semaphore Symbol

This symbol indicates the traffic violation crime. Build the Detective Division and police officers’ department to catch these criminals. 

The Spray Can Symbol

The Spray Can symbol in Idle Police Tycoon indicates the vandalism crime. Build detective division, major crimes, and police officers’ department to catch these criminals. Also, upgrade them to quickly solve these crimes and catch those criminals. 

Injection Symbol

The injection symbol is related to drug crimes. Build a crime lab, hire scientists to investigate these cases. Build a tactical unit to catch these criminals. 

Credit Card Symbols

The credit Card symbol is related to fraud or forgery crimes. Build a fraud division and hire record clerks to investigate these cases. Also, build police officers’ departments to arrest these criminals. 

Mask Symbol

Mask Symbol is related to theft or scam-related crimes. All the research facilities can investigate these cases. Build the tactical unit department and hire armed units to arrest these criminals. 

You get all sorts of criminals by expanding the coverage; expand the city coverage! 

So that’s all we got in this post on the Idle Police Tycoon symbols guide. If you have more information or question regarding this, comment below. Also, see – Idle Police Tycoon cheats and tips for beginners. 

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