Ragnarok: Click H5 Transcend Guide For Beginners

Wondering how to use the transcend function properly in RO: Click H5? Read on and find out everything you need to know about Ragnarok: Click H5 Transcend

Ragnarok: Click H5 TranscendThe transcend function unlocks after performing the rebirth in the game. With this function, the player can promote or demote the adventurers. Promoted adventurers inflict bonus damage to the monsters on the boss stage as well as the normal stages. To promote the adventurers, you must have enough battle manuals. In this Ragnarok: Click H5 Transcend Guide, we have explained how to transcend the adventurer wisely. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

Ragnarok: Click H5 Transcend Guide: –

  • Unlock the transcend function by performing rebirth once in the game
  • Tap the transcend button to open the transcend menu
  • Tap the promote button and spend battle manuals
  • Promote the adventurers so that they can inflict bonus damage

Who To Transcend First? What Are The Best Adventurers In RO: Click H5?

Since battle manuals are hard to get, you should be using them wisely. And, one of the best ways to use them is for transcending adventurers. Now, the question is who to transcend first and what are the best adventurers. We would recommend you to not promote the adventures at the initial-ranks. Start from bottom to top. Because every next/another adventurer is the best than all those that you unlocked earlier. For more information, check this: –

Tap the transcend button to open the list of adventurers that you can promote with battle manuals. This list will show you the adventurers that you have unlocked so far in the game – including the ones that you lost because of rebirth.

Now, scroll down to the bottom and promote the last unlocked hero. This will benefit you later in the game when you unlock him/her again after rebirth.

Tap the promote button – confirm spending the battle manuals.

After that, tap the hero icon in the adventurer menu if you have unlocked him/her -> it will show you the transcend bonus.

Demoting: –

You can demote the promoted hero by spending battle manuals. This action will give you a random transcended adventurer.

If you don’t know about how to rebirth, obtain battle manuals for free, please check out our Ragnarok: Click H5 game coverage: –

So this would be all about Ragnarok: Click H5 Transcend guide.

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