Dragon Ball Legends Soul Boost, Class Up, Medals Guide, Tips, Cheats

Dragon Ball Legends Class Up Soul GuideRaise your novice character to the fighter in Dragon Ball Legends fast and increase its power. Check out our Dragon Ball Legends soul boost, class-up, and medals guide, tips, cheats; level-up characters fast

In previous posts, we discussed how to use rising rush, main ability, special skill, special move in Dragon Ball Legends game. Now, today, in this post, we will learn how to class-up or raise a novice character to the fighter(from tier 1 to tier 2, tier 2 to tier 3, and so on), about souls(special souls, 1-star soul, 2-star soul, and more), medals(how to get medals, use medals), and how to level-up your character fast[Tips, cheats] in Dragon Ball Legends.

Dragon Ball Legends Class Up Guide⇓

In this Dragon Ball Legends Class Up guide part, you will get to know about the class up function and how to class up: –

Dragon Ball Legends Class Up Soul GuideIn DB Legends, you can class up a character when he reaches level 300, 600, and so on. For the first time, you have to unlock 10 boost panels. Next time, you have to unlock 20 boost panels.

Go to menu -> characters -> soul boost -> choose a character -> confirm. There you can unlock boost panels such as health, strike attack, strike defense, blast attack, blast defense, and more. Unlock 10 boost panels(just tap on it and confirm, it costs you, souls and Zeni). Once unlocked, you can use the “class-up” feature and raise your novice character to the fighter(tier II).

You can unlock 61 boost panels at each tier. What’s the benefit?

  • It increases the maximum level of a character
  • It allows you to access higher class boost panels(+61)
  • Unlock new equipment slots
  • Increases the power

Soul Boost Guide; how to obtain super souls, 2-star souls, 3-star souls⇓

Dragon Ball Legends Class Up Soul GuideDragon Ball Legends Soul Boost Guide ->

Souls are used to increase the ability power of a character. For instance, you want to improve the strike attack and blast attack of a character. Then go to the menu -> characters -> soul boost -> choose the character -> confirm. Tap on the “strike attack” boost panel and follow the on-screen instruction to improve strike attack using souls and Zeni.

Souls are of two types: –

  • Rising Soul( Red, Yellow, Purple, Green, Blue)(1-star, 2-star, 3-star)
  • Super Soul(Red, Yellow, Purple, Green, Blue)(1-star, 2-star)

Rising souls used to unlock boost panels and in class-up. Super souls used to raise a character to the next tier(class-up).

How to obtain rising souls?

  • You can obtain rising souls by completing chapters in the story mode

If you want more souls, just repeat the chapters. To obtain high-star souls, unlock and play “The Saiyan’s Teacher” story(Book 4, all chapters or higher).

How to obtain super souls?

  • Complete Book 3(Raditz’s Revenge) in story mode. Start Book 4, you will get super souls as a reward for completing this book’s chapters.

To get more super souls, just repeat chapters.

You can also use your “rare medals” to obtain rising souls, super souls(all stars), Z power, training material, and much more.

Dragon Ball Legends Rare Medals Guide⇓

Rare Medal, an item used as an exchange material to acquire other precious items such as souls, Z-Power, training material, Zeni, and adventure slot key.

In case, you are out of Zeni, souls, you can use your rare medals and get these items. But, how to obtain rare medals?

There are two ways to obtain rare medals in Dragon Ball Legends game: –

  • Complete all the challenges of a chapter in the story mode
  • Play PvP Mode and improve your ranking by getting victories in the rating matches

PvP Mode Season Rewards: –

Dragon Ball Legends Class Up Soul Guide

  1. Play PvP Mode
  2. Get Victories
  3. Improve Rank
  4. Claim rare medals at the end of a season(your PvP rank determines the amount of reward)

How to use rare medals?

Dragon Ball Legends Class Up Soul GuideOn the main screen -> tap on PvP -> Exchange Shop. There you can exchange your rare medals for your desired item.

How to level-up characters fast in Dragon Ball Legends game?

Leveling up a character is one of the important tasks in the DB Legends game. Here are some tips to level-up a character fast in this game: –

  • Training

There are two types of training; EXP Training and Limited-Time of Training. When you train a character, he gets EXP[Experience Points]. And EXP is required to level-up.

Go to the menu -> train -> choose a training type -> select the character you want to level up and begin training.

You need training material to train a character; to obtain the training material; send your low-quality characters on the adventure(menu -> adventure -> choose a character -> send). Or you can use your rare medals to obtain training material.

  • Repeat chapters(but only the best ones)

It’s a simple way to acquire lots of EXP. All you need to do is repeat the chapters(but only best ones). For instance, In the story mode, if I complete chapter 1 of book 1, I get 8 EXP.

On the other hand, if I complete chapter 9 of Book 4, I get 1,667 EXP. Now, which one you will repeat? Obviously, chapter 9 of book 4[It’s an example].

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