Idle Zombies Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

Idle Zombies is the latest Idle title from Lion Studios. In this game, you will fight zombies and their boss. Let’s read Idle Zombies guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Lion Studios, the well-known publisher behind many successful games such as Cash Inc, Hooked Inc, etc., has just published a brand new Idle game, called Idle Zombies. In the game, the player’s goal is to kill the zombies and their bosses. You will be fighting the hordes of zombies with increasing difficulty in a variety of locations; San Fransisco, Landon, and more. The game features a simple concept; all you need to do is tap the zombies to inflict damage and use the weapons to pulverize them. In today’s post, we have shared a complete Idle Zombies guide and Idle Zombies tips, cheats & strategies to progress fast.

Idle Zombies Guide

The Basics – Money, Zombies, Defense, Weapons, Upgrades, Dog House, Offline Income

Idle ZombiesYou earn money by killing the zombies. The zombies’ waves get stronger level by level. There are two ways to attack the zombies and kill them before they surpass the city defense; use the tap damage or weapons. In the early game, you will have to use the tap damage function to earn some money. Then you invest the money in normal weapons. These weapons attack the zombies automatically and you don’t need to tap the screen. However, you can still use tap damage when fighting against a powerful elite zombie boss. All you need to do is kill the zombies -> earn money(claim the money) -> unlock & upgrade the weapons -> defeat powerful waves.

DPS, Level, Boss

At the top of the game screen, you can check the total DPS from all the weapons, current level, the progress status to the next level. As you kill the zombies, you will earn XP and the level progress bar will fill and eventually, you will level up. The higher the level, the higher the power of zombies. Once you clear a certain number of waves, a zombie boss will approach. You will need to defeat him in the given time if you want to progress further. If you fail, you will see the Boss Coming message at the top of the screen – In replace of the level bar. Tap that message to summon boss and fight again.Idle Zombies

Idle Zombies – Weapons; Normal Weapons, B-Weapons, S-Weapons

You have a variety of weapons to deal with the massive number of zombies; the normal weapons – you can buy and upgrade these weapons using the money, earned by killing the zombies. These weapons attack the zombies, their boss automatically. You can see these weapons on the battlefield at a certain point. It’s like the tower-defense game’s scene. You can modify these weapons to unleash their true power.

The S-Weapons in Idle Zombies game – At the bottom menu, navigate to the S-Weapon tab – there you can see all the S-weapons. To unlock these weapons, you must meet the level/money requirement. Unlike the normal weapons, S-Weapons(Super-weapons) are permanent and much powerful. When you use the rebuild function to increase the revenue, S-Weapons would not be removed. Keep in mind that you will begin from the start if you buy these weapons. Since they are permanent, you should try to unlock all asap.

B-Weapons – These are the most powerful weapons in Idle Zombies game. You can access these weapons in the boss fight. When the boss appears, the middle button at the bottom menu replaced with the B-Weapons. At that time, you can upgrade these weapons and use these weapons. Keep in mind that you can use it for free only once. After that, wait until it reloads automatically or spends the gold.

So this is the Idle Zombies weapons guide for the beginners. Keep upgrading these weapons to increase DPS.

Idle Zombies Dog House

Idle ZombiesIn the Dog House Interface, you can unlock and upgrade the dogs. Tap the whistle button to set them on the work. You can level up these dogs to unlock more rewards. From these dogs, you can get money, metals. You need these metals to modify normal weapons.

Once the round completes, they will stop working. You will need to tap the whistle button again to set them on work or use the auto-work function if you don’t want to command every now and then.

Offline Income

While you are offline in the game, you can still make money. But there is a limit; for example – only 2-hours offline will count – after 2-hours, no income will be count. You can increase the offline time limit and offline revenue by increasing the offline level.


At the upper-left corner, tap the globe button -> here you can see all the cities. You can start a new game in each city and earn money, which can be used in any city. Level up in all these cities to unlock new locations and boost the earnings. Later, invest in weapons upgrades.

So that would be all in our Idle Zombies guide for the rookies. Let’s have a look at our Idle Zombies tips, cheats & strategies!

Idle Zombies Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

1.) Don’t Make Unnecessary Transactions

Well, one of the worst things in this game is the real money transactions. Every now and then, you will see the in-app purchases pop-ups. It’s a free game, but there are so many things that you can purchase with real money and progress fast. We would recommend you to don’t make unnecessary transactions. If you want to support the developers, you can do it by buying the city pass(it really worths). But spending on temporary buffs, gifts, items would not help you much. At last, It’s up to you. It’s not mandatory to buy anything.

2.) Modify And Upgrade The Weapons

Idle ZombiesFrom the dog houses, air-drops, you can obtain the metals. Use these metals to modify the normal weapons. Navigate to the weapons tab -> tap the ⇑ icon at the upper-right corner of the weapon -> here you can modify the weapons to unlock SPD/DAM buffs.

Upgrades – Upgrade the weapons to increase the damage. On the weapons icon, you can check the DPS amount; for example – 40K. We would recommend you to upgrade the weapons with the most DPS first. Start the upgrades from the end-point of the weapon line.

Upgrade all the weapons – normal, B-Weapons(for boss fights), S-Weapons(permanent).

3.) Catch The Air-Drops

Idle ZombiesEvery now and then, an airdrop will appear on your screen. Make sure to catch it -> tap it -> watch the video ad -> claim the rewards; metals or money.

4.) Spend The Gold Wisely

You earn the gold from the free city pass – at certain levels. Make sure to spend it wisely -> you can use it on the dogs to make them work automatically or spend on the crazy mode levels for more XP(to level up fast).

5.) Claim The Free City Buffs

At the bottom-right corner, above the money claim button, tap the vault button -> there you can claim two free boosters by watching the video ad.

So these are the basic Idle Zombies tips for the beginners. Feel free to share your tips in the comment section below!

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